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Found 9 results

  1. I've always had a spot in my heart for Tyranids, even back when I used to play 40k regularly. They just didn't have anywhere near as many sculpts, and most were metal, so oh boy were they expensive. Sure, the initial plastic kits were starting to come out, but then I moved, and other things happened. Anyways, I've been on a kick with painting some Termagaunts in oils, and after contemplating a few different things I found out Canada got a second print run of Leviathan (or maybe my local stores finally got their copies, who knows). After a bit of thinking that had already been going on, I said screw it, let's get a proper force going! Will this be an army that sees actual play? Who knows. All I know is I love painting them, and that's the biggest thing that counts in my eyes. Okay, hubby also said he was interested in the Space Wolves, a faction I've wanted to paint for almost thirty years, so that weighed in a bit, doubly so with him gaining a possible interest in the game. Courteously, Games Workshop included some snacks of different types in the box. Said snacks call themselves Space Marines, but we know they're really just snacks, crunchy snacks (Terminators), and spicy snacks (Infernal Marines, or whatever they're called). As one can guess, this will be a WIP thread mainly focused on the Tyranids, but will also include the Space Wolves since they're in the box. ^Some of the initial test scheme I had started. It was mainly a case of trying to work out higher contrast blends with oils, with the red being Hansa Yellow Light to Napthol Scarlet to Quinacridone Magenta and the green being Hansa Yellow Light to Sap Green to Payne's Grey... I like both, but I really like how the green is looking, doubly so just how vibrant I could make it. Naturally more work will be done as I like both, but I'm sure I can find a way of incorporating orange (especially Pyrrole Orange) into things... ^The obligatory box shot. No photos of all the sprues, got too interested in actually building to do such. ^Where things lie after this past weekend's build the things frenzy. Still a fair bit to build (there's 47 figures for the Tyranids and 25 for the Space Marines) So! What's the plan? Build Tyranids and their snacks, and have some fun painting naturally! As for colours, I'm thinking some sort of combination of greens, oranges, and reds for the Tyranids, and for the Space Wolves? Well, we've playfully gone with "Space Wolves, but purple" because hubby LOVES purple. And hey, purple is tasty for this fox who's favourite colour is orange, so it pans out!
  2. Here are my Tyranids from the Games Workshop board game Lost Patrol.
  3. Late last year I bought a copy of the Lost Patrol game by Games Workshop. In my rush to play the game with my sons we used bones models as proxies. Over Christmas I had some time to look at getting the models together. I must confess the plastic models GW produce are really clean with few mold lines. I managed to get a batch built up ready for painting. These models were then given an undercoat of grey and then I selected the infestation markers to paint my chosen colour scheme. I decided in a fairly traditional colour scheme as this would tie in with the Genestealers. From the original base coat of purple I went dry brushed up to a cream colour. Finally I added a glaze of purple to tone it down and then added detail for the teeth. These now require a coat of varnish and they are done. I have decided to use a gloss varnish to give them a wet looking sheen. As always comments welcome.
  4. I got three of these to stand if for Venomthropes in my tyranid army. Going to do the base to match the others when I've got them all done.:
  5. Finished the last model in my Tyranid army for now. All hail the King and Queen. :)
  6. Did this Hive Tyrant yesterday/today. He is magnetized to be able to switch between legs and wings. The 'not alien' head is from Epoch Studioz. Overall, I am really happy with this one. Edit: Updating the post with the based miniature. It has some drool, now, too! Alternate version, with all magnetized parts switched out:
  7. a friend wanted to play warhammer 40k this weekend and wanted to try his luck against my tyranid army. as luck would have it I havent painted that one yet. so I decided to see what i could do in a week. these are the results. total actual paint time is 12 hours 35 min over the course of 6 days. They started assembled but completely unpainted. They are by no means my best effort but given the time limitations I think they came out pretty well. I am also beginning to play with my new camera i got for my birthday. Let me know what you think!
  8. These will be used as Hybrid Genestealers in the Genestealer Cults. Really nice miniatures all around. :)
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