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Found 83 results

  1. I just finished up two Reaper Bones Mountain Trolls (SKU 77333) at tabletop level to play with at our D&D table. They are fitted on 2 secret weapon resin bases I got out of one of my bags of crap. Anyhow, C&C are always welcomed and appreciated, thanks for looking!
  2. Trying out Froggy's ink+sealer method on these. Not worrying about mold lines. Basing on Secret Weapon skulls bases. Going to use at the game table.
  3. This is 10052 - Glacia the Winter Witch from Bombshell Miniatures. I'm doing this figure not as a winter witch, but rather as an Islander pirate shapeshifter sorceress for a friend as a thank you for doing me a huge personal favor. First off I've added a skull to her belt instead of the snowflake that was there previously. Then I added some green stuff to fill out the belt itself and give it more bulk as well as fill the gaps between the skull and the metal. The base is the uneven planks happy seppuku stamp in sculpey. Inspiration picture- Going to try to get this done over the next few days.
  4. Real quick speed paint using inks. Just to get them on the table. Some slimes I picked up at the LVO earlier this year.
  5. I just finished this figure up over the weekend as a commission piece. Did some freehand and a weapon swap for his offhand that went from a dagger to a longsword. I was asked to do an autumn color palette with a dungeon base. Anyhow, here are the WIP pics. I'll post up final show-off pics in a couple days when my client gets it in their hands!
  6. This is The Amphisbaena, which I originally painted up the other night to go along with Draco the Barbarian, but I reversed course when I remembered that the main contest that I'm going to enter Draco into at Reapercon (for Ares Mythologic) needs to have their figures and not mainly have other manufacturers in any diorama/vignette that I build. So I'll go ahead and add this to an already created base and another Conan barbarian that I have. This was part of the most recent Temple of Set IGG campaign and what is even cooler about this snake is that it was sculpted by Andy (TaleSpinner)! Anyhow, here's the 2-headed snake in all his slithery glory! Of course C&C are welcomed and encouraged!
  7. Opening up a thread for this big bad barbarian. I started on him last night, but forgot to take pics some WIP pics. Firstly, I coated all the skin in black primer and then used white primer to pull out the details and pre-highlight. Next I took Reaper HD Stained Olive and coated all of his skin in it, then took Reaper HD Ruddy Brown and coated over that. These are the pics I forgot to take, but I'll snap them when I get home tonight and add to this thread as I go along. ETA: I almost forgot, I also did his eyes already and then used brown liner to darken some spots, line where the skin meets leather, and give him a more brooding look.
  8. This is the WIP for Lenore, The Enchantress of Evermore from Hasslefree Miniatures (HFMASTER H110 Resin Master - Dynamic Lenore). Anyhow, I was looking at Lenore this weekend and even pulled her out of my collection and set her aside on my desk. I knew I wanted to paint her, but wasn't sure HOW to paint her up. Then today, I am browsing Facebook and this epic picture pops up of what I assume to be a really good cosplayer and BOOM! I know exacly how I want to paint up this figure. Dynamic Lenore Figure: Inspiration Pic: Now I'm not sure if I'm going to attempt to paint this in the white dress as the inspiration picture shows, but I'm definitely going to do the blue hair and white/blue skin tones as those are what got me most excited about this project. I will do a winter/snow themed scenic base for sure, but I'm not yet sure if I'll add more figures to the scene to make it a vignette or diorama. Thanks for looking and joining me on this journey, I hope to get your feedback, comments, critiques, ideas, and advice as I go along!
  9. Here's a really quick (took me 4-5 hours) tabletop level commission piece I painted up for one of my D&D buddies, he's the party's paladin that goes by the name of Koncaron. Figure: Logrim, Dwarf Captain Manufacturer: Reaper Miniatures SKU: 14304 Sculptor: Bobby Jackson Material: Metal WIP Thread Thanks for looking, C&C are welcomed and appreciated!
  10. Doing a quick WIP for a PC (Koncaron) that I'm painting up as a small commission for one of my D&D gaming buddies. He wanted a Dwarf Paladin, I had Logrim, Dwarf Captain (Reaper SKU 14304) on hand and he gave me an inspiration picture to work off of with some tweaks to the color choices. Inspiration picture Tweaks - wants black beard and instead of brass/gold, he wants steel/silver. I've started out with giving the dwarf a Reaper Clear Blue basecoat after priming it, but instead of just Reaper Clear Blue, I added some Reaper Gloss Sealer and Water to the mix. I also wanted to do a cool little base for him. The base is resin, it's from one of Dragon Forge's kickstarters and the designs are actually from the first Etched-Brass IGG (kickstarter). The middle is a shield design I thought looked cool and dwarvish.
  11. I whipped up a couple of really quick TableTop figures to represent my new Ranger PC (Leif) and his Wolf Companion (Daelas or Shadow Leaf in Elvish). Took me about 5 hours total for both figures and their bases. Bases are stamped with the new Happy Seppuku grasslands stamps and then I used some grass tufts to add more texture. Figures: The Ranger is from DGS Games - SKU: 101008 Forester of Falkaar, Material: Pewter The Wolf is the "Hunting Wolf" from Dark Sword Miniatures SKU: DSM7410, Sculptor: Jeff Grace, Material: Pewter I've painted up a few of my DGS figures so far that I got at ReaperCon last year and from one of their recent kickstarters, am really liking the line, very nicely cast, few mold lines and great details to work with! Of course, I'm also a huge fan of DSM and have also painted up quite a few of their figures.
  12. END OF THE HUNT She stood overlooking the battlefield below her, finally reaching her objective... the ancient burial site of the most legendary of barbarians... Her scythe gleamed in the sunlight and blood dropped off its keen edge, her mask that she wore to strike even more fear into the hearts of her enemies hid her predatory smile, once the site was excavated she'd be nearly invincible and her enemies would fall before her like wheat... This figure is a commission piece I did for a good friend and client, I was given a lot of leeway on how to paint her up. Really only wanted me to take my artistic liberty and paint it with a feeling of all and a battle that had just happened. So I went to work and got inspired by the skulls I had and that would fit into the scene. I used mostly the same color palette throughout the base and the figure herself. My client was very happy to receive the piece today and I'm leaving it up to them if they want to say who they are. Figure: Mistress of the Hunt Manufacturer: Norsgard Scale: 32mm heroic Material: Metal WIP: None - you can check out my artist page for full WIP pics if you'd like, the link is in my .sig C&C are more than welcomed and greatly appreciated! Thanks for looking!!
  13. DAMNED DESOLATION She stood before the undead, calm as a frozen winter lake... the zombies and skeleton advanced, their hungry eyes boring into her own, yet she stood still, her Staff of the Twin Suns raised and a prayer upon her lips... The lead zombie took one more step upon the magical rune and suddenly it and its companions were blown back, the earth erupted and the small canal of sewage rose in response to the divine power that was unleashed by Velicia Torynn, cleric. She shoved them all back against the wall to end their undeath once and for all... She couldn't stop now, she had others to help and other Damned to Desolate... -------------------------------------------- Here we go, I loved the cleric figure so much that I decided to go ahead and build a diorama around her as the star of it. The premise came into my head that she uses Divine Magical Runes of protection and destruction to desolate the undead. Figures: Lady Faelwen Nightsinger (her own show-off for more pics of her is here) Adepticon 2015 Exclusive Sculpted by Patrick Keith of Bombshell Miniatures Zombies are Reaper Bones Zombies Skeleton is Reaper Bones Skeleton Rat is Reaper Rat that I got from the boneyard, so I can't link it now. Crate and Barrel are resin pieces from Oathsworn Miniatures WIP for the figure (and the vignette) C&C are welcomed and greatly appreciated! Thanks for looking
  14. This figure is Lady Faelwen Nightsinger, sculpted by Patrick Keith (of Bombshell Miniatures) for the 2015 Adepticon. I picked her up on the second hand market (evilbay) so that I could paint her up. I knew when I saw her that I HAD to have her in my collection. I'm painting her up as my D&D 5E Cleric of Light named Velicia Torynn. She follows the Twin Suns (dual god/goddess) in my DM's own world. So I am doing some freehand for her and I have a portrait that I'm using as inspiration. Inspiration picture
  15. Sitting on my shelf of umm.. "opportunity" has been this really cool Bear from DGS games that I picked up at Reapercon 2015 at their vendor booth. Anyhow, we have a druid in my D&D group who likes to change into different large animals and creatures, hence why I put him on a large 2x2 inch base. I'll be doing some tabletop figures of each of these if for nothing else than to have some animals painted up for myself, but he can use them at the table to truly represent his character changing forms. Figure: Bear Form - Urdaggar: Tribes of Valor DGS Games SKU: 114013 C&C welcomed and appreciated, thanks for looking!
  16. Just finished this Warg (Reaper SKU 77202) to be used by our party druid when he shape changes into a Dire Wolf, I modded on the spikes with copper wire as studs and then used ProCreate to sculpt them on. For me, this is just a quick Tabletop+ figure that I enjoyed doing and it'll allow us to have another large wolf miniature at the table when we need it. WIP found here. Anyhow, C&C are welcomed and appreciated, thanks for looking!
  17. Today, I'm working on another animal form for the Druid PC in my D&D group. I pulled out the bones Warg (77202) from my collection and added some spikes to his back in order to get him to look like a Dire Wolf. Anyhow, here's the progress so far today, I'll add more pics as I continue one. Not as many as I usually do for my WIP as I'm trying to zip through it. I do have a fun little thing to add to the base towards the end.
  18. Here are the final pics for Velicia Torynn, my D&D 5E Cleric. I worked on her and found the sculpt so interesting that I'm going to build a small vignette around her, which will stay in my WIP for this figure. Figure: Lady Faelwen Nightsinger Adepticon 2015 Exclusive Sculpted by Patrick Keith of Bombshell Miniatures WIP for the figure (and the vignette) C&C are welcomed and appreciated. Thanks for looking and following along!
  19. Here's the super quick speed paint I did for my D&D buddy tonight, about 3 hours start to finish. For the purposes of our D&D game, this is Belatos the Aasimar Druid. Figure: Tolan, Male Druid - Reaper SKU #02692 Sculptor: Sandra Garrity C&C welcomed and appreciated! Thanks for looking
  20. Started a new barbarian (of course), this is the one I got from Catacombs. He made his way towards the front of the queue pretty quickly after I received him. His name is Torgils the Black Wolf More pics later!
  21. For the Secret Sophie Exchange, my partner this year was Corporea. She asked for something fun and colorful (specifically blue, purple, and green). So it took me a while to come up with this idea, but one night in bed while I was mulling it over, the idea struck me that I'd use the surfer dude I had and the coral mermaid I had on hand. With him on a beach and her on a sandbar, a modern meets fantasy type of scene. I purposely left the figures shiny as they were (or are) in the water. Used iridescent medium on the mermaid's scales to give them a glittering/shimmering look. All the marine life is sculpted by me except for the turtle, which was sculpted by Mad Jack and I took from the box of goodwill to paint up like a sea turtle. Anyhow without further ado... I present the SFW pics of this piece with links to NSFW pics (since the mermaid is topless). Figures: Surfer Dude - Reaper SKU # 50099 Coral Mermaid - Reaper SKU # 03554 C&C are welcomed and appreciated! NSFW Pics - [image] [image] [image] [image] [image] [image] [image] [image] [image] [image] [image]
  22. Brock Battlebow (Wren) - Reaper SKU #03371, sculpted by Tom Mason Gungor (Torg), Half-Orc Monk - Reaper SKU #02926, Sculpted by James van Schaik Halfling Rogue with Daggers (Sapheryn TeaLeaf) - DSM SKU #DSM7309, Sculpted by Derek Schubert Here are the 3 figures I painted up this week for my D&D group to give away as xmas gifts inside the D&D Dice/Miniature Chests I modified. First off we have the party's Dwarf Crossbowman Fighter, Wren. I was asked to give him a green/brown color scheme with a hilly base (as he's a hill dwarf). The basing is made using sculpey, the tree is a resin bit I had from a previous Secret Weapon Miniatures order. Next, we have Torg, the half-orc barbarian who is multi-classing into monk. I was asked to do a orange and white color scheme with a mountainous base. Used cork board and a bit of bark to do the basing. Sorry for the bad pics, the player wanted to take him home to show to his friends and family and display for a while rather than leave with me. I didn't have time to take pics other than at the gaming mat today. Finally, we have the party's rogue, a red-headed halfling who goes by the name Sapheryn TeaLeaf. I was asked to follow a color scheme based on a character portrait given to me on a rooftop base. The base is hand-made by me using plasticard and thick paper. I painted all of these up to my Tabletop + standard, which takes me about 4-6 hours to do. Very fun projects, happy I was able to get them done in time for today's game!
  23. So I got my Reaper Order a couple of days ago and inside was a "treat" from Reaper for their Ghoulie Bag. The treat consisted of a Giant Spider and a Sword/Board Skeleton. I figured, I needed a break from serious work for a few hours and decided that the skeleton was a perfect size to fit on the spider, so I went to work sculpting a saddle/seat for the skeleton to be placed on the spider so that he was mounted. I then thought to myself this is for grins and giggles, so that's their names! I present to you a very quick (for me) tabletop (didn't worry about mold lines) modification of a spider riding skeleton! Figures: Skeleton 77242 and Giant Spider 77025 Manufacturer: Reaper of course Materials: Bones Sculptors: Gene Van Horne for the spider and unsure for the skeleton as it's not tagged. A quick WIP spoiler here as I don't feel like doing a whole WIP thread for this, but if people have questions I can answer them: C&C are welcomed and greatly appreciated, thanks for looking!
  24. So something a little bit different, it's not miniatures, but miniature and gaming related. I went to the Ren Faire this past October and picked up enough of these cool little chests (for like $5 each) for each of my D&D group members. The reason being I wanted to create a little miniature storage and dice storage chest for each of my friends with a set of dice in each one and a painted miniature. Used blister pack foam and hot glue to create little compartments in each of them to protect their sacred dice and PC miniatures. So here's one of them (they all look the same).
  25. Here is the show-off thread for Torgils "The Black Wolf," he's from the Catacombs ulule (French Kickstarter) that I got a few months ago. I've finished him up to enter into the contest ran by Catacombs, but he's also part of a much larger Diorama, so the diorama WIP thread will stay open until I'm done with the rest of the build and figures. I decided earlier today to go ahead and modify his shield to give him a black wolf insignia upon it on a field of red. Was a really fun project, I love this barbarian. Figure: Torgils Sombre Loup (Torgils "The Black Wolf") Manufacturer: Catacombes Le Règne Sombre (FaceBook link) Sculptor: Fancagne Didier Scale: 32mm Material: Resin WIP Thread Here's the link to the Facebook Contest up on Catacombs' page so if you like him and want to vote for me, I'd be appreciative. https://www.facebook.com/catacombes.leregnesombre/posts/756765611112973 C&C are always welcomed and greatly encouraged!
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