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Found 377 results

  1. For your amusement. These guys used to come two to a blister, but only come in ten-packs now. Thing 1 Thing 2 As always, c&c welcome! (You know, the more I use that smiley, the more smug it looks. I like it.)
  2. For your enjoyment. As always, c&c welcome!
  3. So, I had to repaint this after ruining it with the wrong sealer (turned it snow white). Strippid it down with pine sol . While painting the grey base...I dropped it onto the concrete...right on its left eyelid ... I'm convinced he is cursed....
  4. Knocked this one out while I did the caryatid. Sometimes it's good to just get some minis painted, you know? Pretty quick and nasty, wargaming-style paint job (i.e. liberal use of quickshade ink). When I get a few more dudes finished I'll give them all some snow on their bases to go with the Ice Troll. Frostgrave here we come! Better start painting some adventurers...
  5. A couple of months ago I ordered a bunch of "Fir Bolg" Skeletons from Brigade Models, originally produced and still sold for the "Celtos" skirmish miniatures wargame. Roughly two weeks later, which translates to two months ago now, they arrived and I reviewed them. As I've said in the past, I've got a real soft spot for one-piece metal skeletons. There are some other lovely models out there, but many of them are very fragile - and I prefer more sturdy models for wargaming, especially with some of my Ham-Handed friends. Now, I've finished painting the first unit of them - or the first 12 out of the 59 models I purchased, at least. The colour scheme is pretty simple and in keeping with the rest of the army - Red and Black, Iron and Brass, Rust and Verdigris, Cadmium-Red wood - and Bone. The tabards and cloth have simply been quartered with the cloth colours to keep it simple. One each of the three sculpts for your perusal. I purchased four of each in order to set up 12 on a 100mm x 80mm base which will represent a Regiment in Kings of War. The group shot showing all of the 12 I bought. Since we're just talking about duplicate models, I thought it more interesting to skip showcasing each individual duplicated sculpt. With a recent game of KoW against Marouda's Undead showing how effective Horde-sized units are, I'm tempted to buy another set of these guys for her - and some of the other Regiment-sized groups as well! Based like this, the models work very nicely as a KoW regiment - Tournament-approved as well as I've checked with a key member of the Rules Committee. Beyond that they're very easily popped off the regiment base for use in Role-playing or any other tabletop or board game. Maybe even Celtos! More poses would be ideal, but these will still work nicely enough on the table. Overall, I think these are great models - very much fit for purpose, and I'm very happy with them.
  6. The bodak from FD's Kickstarter. Paul Muller at the top of his game.
  7. So I am super excited about the graveyard expansion for Bones 3 and it has inspired me to expand my undead horde. I'm looking for more interesting miniatures to paint and display. I currently own a small Vampire Counts army for Warhammer Fantasy Battle but I really don't play games with them and prefer collecting and painting. I have about 40 skeletons, 20 zombies, 10 grave guard, some zombie wolves, a corpse cart, a couple vampires, a varghulf, and Nagash. (Nagash requires assembly and painting but I have him anyway!) I want to assemble a graveyard scene where an undead army is massing for impending undeathly mischief. I am interested in adding more skeletons, armored skeletons (both regiments and characters like death knights), necromancers, and interesting undead monstrosities. A smattering of more incorporeal undead would be great too but I mostly want to focus on a core of skeletons with some larger undead beasties. My current miniatures have a predominatly Gothic theme, though some of those Egyptian undead do really tempt me. If I could find a way to visually unify the gothic and egyptian elements... Some of the Reaper Minis I intend to add are Ghoul Queen, Malek the Necromancer, Nethyrmaul, some of the Barrow Wights, and Captain Razig and some of his cronies and undead crab! I would love hear any suggestions on other models you guys would recommend to add to my horde. I love bones and things covered in bones but I'm a little picky when it comes to anatomy. For example: GW Vampire Counts Skeletons are great but GW Tomb King Skeletons are wonky. Also I would be interested in suggestions for mounts that might work well with some of the characters. For example: The Ghoul Queen deserves mount worthy of her royal status, maybe something along the lines of an ornate palanquin carried by armed skeletal minions. Maybe I'll just buy her a Coven Throne. Thanks!
  8. Painted this one a while ago, but I've been waiting for my basing stamps (so I could make a fancier cobblestone base than my own mediocre skills could manage). I used a wash on his clothes to catch all the holes and rips in them, which resulted in him being a bit messier than I would like, but overall I think he looks fairly good. Any comments and criticisms are, as always, most appreciated.
  9. Frostgrave Warband, includes the following minis from Reaper In order top to bottom. 77159,77175, 77024, 61011,89017,61025, 77066,03255 . One miniature of unknown origin as well, the blue feathered cloak mini in last place. Please feel free to comment if you know what it is :) ! Fun game, and great in that any minis will work for it!
  10. Here is an early Citadel mini "Necromancer" from their "Fantasy Adventurers" range. I enjoyed painting him, it's always nice to visit the dark side! This guy has a wonderfully malevolent expression on his face & I love the way his staff is carved into the shape of a "diving" skeleton. Thanks for looking!
  11. I painted up a few of the Bones 2 skeletons. Simple paint jobs. Group Shot: The Spearman: The Swordsman: The Archer: The Axeman:
  12. I didn't have a good weekend with the paints. Everything I tried to do seemed to not work. I finally ended up throwing in the towel on this guy, and glopping some paint on him. I will go back and base later when I'm not fed up with paint. C&C welcome.
  13. Hi! My recent bones for friend. He was made in the image of dr doom:). I hope you like him.
  14. The Draugr from Red Box Games. I absolutely love these figures! I used this tutorial for the skin and I can't help to be somewhat befuddled with how many different hues I still managed... I'm really pleased with the result. If I was to change anything it would be to stain the clothing.
  15. Not to long ago I found my various board games from the 80s and 90s and sadly some of the cardboard stuff was to damaged to continue. DragonStrike from TSR was one such game. VHS VIDEO INSIDE! LMAO! But I still have the plastic miniatures. And recently I grabbed EVERY skeleton I own to paint up. This included the Death Knights in the board game. There are three included with each board game and this is #2 of them. 1 and 3 are nearly completed and will be posted as well. They are painted the same way as this one with a couple of color exceptions. Reaper: Walnut Brown Spattered Gore Garnet Red Honed Steel Pure Black Vallejo: Panzer Aces Stencil Amarantha Red Dark Sand Bronze Neutral Grey Chocolate Brown Privateer P3: Cryx Bane Base Here's the photos: I didn't clean up the mold lines. These are all for gaming. The effort in painting the skeletons will vary as I work to add them to my gaming box. I painted the whole thing with Pure Black as a primer/basecoat. Then started in on the Stencil color for the bone color. Hitting the right side and the face as exposed bone. The mini has "sagging" bits of flesh or cloth or bandages so I decided to treat them as a former uniform and made the ribs of the figure the same color, originally Amarantha Red. I didn't realize it was a glossy paint when I acquired it so I mixed in some dark sand to lighten it and kill the gloss. The leather across his chest is Dark Sand, the shoulder pad is Cryx Bane Base. The helmet is bronze as is his gauntlet and left knee pad. The "skirt" is Spattered Gore. The scythe is Chocolate Brown for the handle, Cryx Bane Base for the blade with Honed Steel highlights. Spattered Gore was used on the spike on the helmet. Selective washing and glazing of Walnut Brown dirtied him up and shaded various spots. The base is a 1-inch plastic square with the integral base surrounded by toothpick pieces to make it flush to the edges and look like other bits of stone. While I like the paint job, I wanted to keep the base pretty simple. C&C welcome.
  16. This Citadel figure comes from their very old "fantasy tribe cavalry" range & is pretty creepy. I'm not totally sure if the red on the horse's body works but from what my old eyes can tell these areas are either muscle or (top) skin so, I guess it's ok?
  17. Here is another one of my vintage minis. I was going for a simplistic "Scooby-Doo" villain style glowing white ghost for this mini & rather than paint the lantern as an actual object, I wanted to make it part of the spirit of the ghost.
  18. Okay, last post of the night for me. I actually painted these guys up a while back when my home D&D game featured a necropolis, but I didn't post them up then and am just now getting around to it. My roommate got in on the Bones II Kickstarter, and these guys are all phenomenal. They're in previews right now, so I'm hoping they hit the retail store soon so I can nab some more for myself. Plus it appears they're coming in sprues of 3! So I'll have a bunch of undead nasties next time I need some. Much excite.
  19. I finally finished off my bones 1. Ok I was dreaming a little bit there. In reality I finally finished off my Bones 1 Skeletons. Several were test pieces for trying rust. Another was a failed attempt at bluish white. Its taken me a while but here they are. My Bones 1 Skeleton Horde [Ok Not a horde so much as gang] If you want to see any closer shots let me know. Thanks for looking and any C&C your feel inspired to give. Edit: Woot I made 1000 Post!
  20. I've hit abit of a painting slump lately and a even deeper "posting pics of what I've painted" slump. Now I plan to make a mends for at least one of those short commings in the shape of a few bones (II). All are speed paints (the zombie took a little bit longer). Ogre Zombie (I used this tutorial as a base for the skin) Skeletons Bone Demon
  21. Today we have just a few models. All three were painted recently, though the standard was completed last (week!), since I was a little uninspired by the cloaky nature of the sculpt and struggled to find a way to finish it to my satisfaction. In the end I decided that there wasn't a lot I could do without getting unnecessarily ornate with the cloak which is really just supposed to be a darkened rag-cloak and that the head(skull!) and banner itself would serve suitably as the focal points These Skeletons are from at least 1989, and I believe that all three of these were sculpted by Aly Morrison. I've kept to Marouda's overall Undead army colours of Black, Red, old Brass and Steel (and bone!) Shields can be a bit of a challenge, in that I like to keep to smaller ones that don't overpower/hide the rest of the model too much, but want to make them interesting in their own rights. I went with an era-appropriate smaller shield and gave it a half-skullface design, with a bit of an attempted depth painted onto it. The unit they will lead does not yet exist, so rather than hold them back I decided to show them off now. The Standard bearer could potentially end up as one of the ASBs in the bigger undead army, but we'll have to wait and see after the new KoW rules come out in a week or so. Of course, I can always use them in AoS in the meantime.
  22. This weekend I completed the Mummy Lich from the Bones I "Who's Your Mummy" set. This wraps up that set for me, and next week I will be starting on the Heroes set. For the full painting step-by-step, see my Bones Painting blog: http://allbonesabout.blogspot.com/2015/06/mummy-lich-figure-158-of-265.html
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