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Found 377 results

  1. Two more of the horde, These were made by the now deceased Harlequin company. Again the snake and purple / red colours. Swamp based, water effects are Vallejo Still Water. Enjoy.
  2. Here is the Vampire Queen herself. She has a Magic Sword guarded by her Crow familiar. Her faithful undead servant lights the way. I tried a bit of OSL on the servant, my first try. I don't think it worked out that well, but you gotta try right? The familiar and sword are from Reaper, pack X. The Vampire and Servant are from the Freebooter range, sculpted by Werner Klocke. Sorry about the quality of some pics, still struggling with the camera.
  3. So I finished the Undead Regiment. Background story.. the Vampire Queen lost a big battle, fled to a swamp/jungle area. Subdued the swampfolk and now faces a rebellion. Some swamp creatures follow her, others oppose her. Here is the full regiment. Mixed Manufacturers. Mixed types of Undead. I will post them separatly or in smaller groups for better pics of them all. I will try not to flood the forum, so today the regiment and the first solo/smaller groups. The rest will follow shortly. The Vampire Queens heraldry is red and purple so all the Undead have this colours somewhere. Also as a sign she is mistress of the swamp, her heraldry has a snake in it, variations are found on the shields and banner. Now the horde:
  4. I wanted to share this mini. It's among my top ten favorite miniatures that I have gotten. Just so morbid and horrible. In the style of the Braindead movie. :) Linked offsite due to a nipple showing. See it here.
  5. Well, I finished my first Bones 2 mini. He's pretty cool, and fun to paint, but not a particularly tidy paintjob which I think is largely due to inactivity on my part (plus some sub-par lighting, but it's a poor workman who blames his tools). Got to get a lot more practice in for the ReaperCon open! I'd really like to see more variants of undead gunslingers, too. A whole gang of these guys could be a lot of fun for a "Weird West" skirmish game!
  6. "And it's so easy when you're evil This is the life, you see The Devil tips his hat to me I do it all because I'm evil And I do it all for free Your tears are all the pay I'll ever need." -Voltaire (the modern mucian, not the 17th Century writer) "When You're Evil." So there was something about Gauntfield that really attracted me. It wasn't just that he looked evil, but that he looked so damn happy about it. There was something very joyful about the sculpt - that and the lines of action on it really made me want to paint it. So I did. In particular I wanted to do him up in very "autumn" colors - a lot of varying browns, a lot of red, and a bit of orange. I took a number of pictures from a few different angles: Incidentally, the spots on the underside of his hat in picture 2 was a bit of the metallic that got there. I covered it after the pictures, but it wasn't worth taking a new one, I think. Questions, comments, and criticisms welcome!
  7. Okay, this is dumb, but I'm gonna do it anyway. 1. When I am working on something "important," that is, "something worth taking time to make it artful, as opposed to tabletop quality," I like to warm up first. I take a little time to paint up something to tabletop quality, or slap a coat of paint on a plastic army man, something like that. Work out the finger joints, get the eyes tuned up. 2. My beloved is crazy about bead shops. The way I am about used bookstores? She is about little independent bead stores. And sometimes I find some things I like, too. In this case, it was little sugar skull beads, Calaveras, symbols of the Mexican Dia de los Muertes, the Day of the Dead. And an idea began to gel in my mind... Each skeleton is equipped with a bead for shield or prop, and a poorly made putty hat. This originally started as a silly little thing... I have WAY too many Bones, and originally, I was just warming up and doing simple things, like paintin' Skellies. And naturally, it got out of hand... ...but durned if I don't kinda LIKE 'em. They're far from my best work, but that's kind of one of the reasons I DO like 'em... they remind me of my childhood, wandering in the mercados de calle in Mexico, looking over all the bizarre handmade merchandise for sale to the gringos. It makes me feel like I'm looking into some kind of parallel universe where D&D was invented twenty years earlier, and the Mexican markets were catering to an entirely different brand of customer... the miniatures freak. Don't judge. Forty years ago, you could find this exact same sort of thing, except instead of 28mm plastic skeletons, it was 1:1 taxidermized frogs playing little musical instruments. For all I know, those frogs still wait for purchasers... Now I kinda wanna do a proxy army, if I can come up with enough Mexican flavored inspiration to do a whole series of individual figures. Lord knows I have enough skellies..... and yes, that's semigloss clear coat. Still waiting for it to quit snowing so I can put the flat coat on...
  8. So, remember this? I was going to throw up a bunch of monster pictures. I kind of got derailed a bit by real life, but since I've recently painted some undead, I thought I'd show another branch of the Evil Army. :) I think I'll post a mini and a link until I've got the current lot, then do a group shot. First, some real old ones. Here's a mini I painted way back when in the 90s. Not a terrible job, I think, this is the "Ghoul Warrior." Now lets link one of the first ones I've done in my recent come back to the hobby, the Ghost King. Oh, look, it doesn't have a product # tag. I'll add that. ;) More to come!
  9. aku-chan

    The Hanged

    Just a couple of creepy minis I've been working on between other things (Rope guy was painted up a couple of months ago, Wire guy last week). Didn't put too much time or effort into either of them, but I think they turned out really good. Comments and criticisms are, as always, most appreciated.
  10. And this is my regiment of Undead I'm working on. This is the Vampire Queen ( or maybe just her sister I haven't decided yet). She conquered a swamp, so she got an army of Undead and all kinds of swamp creatures. Right now she has to deal with an uprising of some of the swamp dwellers. Here she ( or sis) leads her regiment of mixed undead warriors to battle. All in her heraldry of reds and purples, with the snake symbol to show she owns the swamp.
  11. I painted this one up as a Nightmare from Magic the Gathering.. Well..somewhat. Part of my Undead collection, substitute for a Fell Bat. These are older pics, don't show the shadows that well...
  12. This was one of my earlier Necromancers. I love this model. A great sculpt from Rob Ridolfi.
  13. And here is the Cyclops belonging to the same Swamp Based Undead Army. I will not post all minis at once. Since I got accidently banned I'll have to repost all I painted.. Oh well.
  14. Well You might think I saw this before?? My account got accidently banned, All my topics, likes, posts...gone. Fortunately the good people from Reaper made me raise from the dead. They gave me a nice voucher to buy more minis with too. So I will have to post all my work again, which I will. Hope I don't overflow you with it. Here is my latest work: Grenadier Zombie Horseman. Part of my Swamp based Undead. ( Evil vampire Queen conquered a swamp, so her army consists of Undead, Trolls, Fishmen, Lizardmen etc. Also she has to deal with an uprising from the lizards and serpents)
  15. This is one of my favorite sculpts - I bought one of these back in the 90s and painted him then (if you like, I'll post that one later for comparison,) year before last I added this guy to my order to pad it out for free shipping. In the process of painting him - specifically deciding what to do with that blank shield, I came up with a little bit of folklore for this being, I hope you don't mind a brief story: "Bertrand bore the white cross of a crusader and the red cross of a Templar - but he was a man given to indulging in his baser cravings. Sadly, the chaos of the Third Crusade allowed him free reign to indulge himself. Though outwardly he was a pious man, whatever he wanted - whether it be a woman, gold, or a life, he took and used the Cross to justify his desires. So it was when Jaffa fell to the Saracens in 1192, he was ambushed and killed by a number of Saladin's warriors - he was so wrapped up in his vices that he had no time to prepare when the enemy came. Now he stalks the night and annoints his white shield with the blood of those who use the church to terrorize, abuse, and kill others. As the blood dries, it cracks off his shield, leaving the white behind. It is said that if his shield is ever fully white again, the demons will drag his soul to hell. As yet he has never lacked for victims to claim." Sorry about the focus on this one Here's a side view, showing off the skulls Bonus points for anyone who can spot something subtle and supremely ironic... :)
  16. Yeah, I know, I should actually finish some of my WIP threads before starting more, but this guy was just too cool! Plus, I wanted to know if Enigma minis are fun to paint, so I can buy some more. I give you Primus Death:- No major assembly issues, the cover for his tummy furnace didn't fit too well but think I did an okay job filling the gaps. He's also supposed to have a chain attaching his wrist to his axe, but I don't think the figure loses anything in its absence (I could glue it to my fingers, but not to the mini). At the moment he is just undercoated and washed in brown (I've managed to get out of the habit of doing this to all my minis, but I really wanted to read the inscription on his tombstone).
  17. These are a couple of miniatures that I meant to finish quickly but wound up spending a bit more time on. Orc Berserker. Most just quickshading but some extra attention paid to the skin. Quite happy with the result and will try to do the same with the the other bones orcs. Grave Wraith. Not much more than black + dry brush. I tried to do some OSL but I failed. It just wasn't to be this time. Labella Dermonay, Banshee. I really like this figure and I tried the "prime white and add lots of washes" technique I read about on these forums. I'm really happy with the result. Night Spectre. Same "trick" as Labella, except with green instead of blue. Didn't work out as well but in the end it resulted in a finished mini.
  18. This is used as a spirit host in my warhammer army, or as a filler for the skeleton unit when not. Everything on this base, except the zombie, is from reaper, but I can only find the tombstone using the figure finder. There are quite a few reaper minis in my block of 50 skeletons:
  19. This fellow will get a new weapon from somewhere most likely, but the model itself is really great. :) Wight hero for Warhammer.
  20. The latest off the Bones piles are, well, animated bones! First of the Undead Horde we have the Shambling Dead.
  21. I'm procrastinating from the bigger minis to paint these two mascots from the Kickstarters. They are fun.
  22. I was on a roll so I managed to finish another one. Nothing fancy, brown/grey + quickshade for the hull and some more attention directed to the eye and teeth. Easy paintjob with a pleasing result :) And the Beholder Lich as a bonus (I finished this two weeks ago)!
  23. For Christmas I received the new revamped plastic Nagash kit! Originally, the plan was to assemble him and then finish off a few outstanding projects (like my poor forgotten Storm Knight) before I started painting him, unfortunately:- He was a lot bigger than I expected, and there's nowhere I can safely store his parts, so he has bullied his way to the front of my painting queue. A couple of days work and:- His fancy cape thingy is finally undercoated. Not using my my usual White Primer because it doesn't like hard plastic too much and there is a lot of hard plastic to cover here. A couple more days and:- I'm making progress on the basecoats. The Hexed Lichen section is done, but I think the Royal Blue section needs another coat. I still have the Andrea Blue and Pure White sections to good though and then (hopefully) the sections can be blended together.
  24. anvil

    Anvil's Kaladrax

    Here's my Kaladrax. I wanted her to be a blue dragon with a fondness for cold mountain tops. Fill in you're own story for the treasure chest and giant skulls.
  25. I decided to participate in "The Ghoul, The Bad, and The Ugly -- Reaper BONES Horror Pageant Challenge" at the end of October. Spent about a week cleaning him up and he was a joy to paint. There are a few more things I wanted to do---but deadlines and no paint time Base was from Secret Weapon's Bag 'O Crap. I added a plaster bottle in the gutter with label and used Secret Weapon water in the gutter as well. The colors are outlined in my WIP. C&C Welcome. If you are interested this is where I started working on him in my WIP: http://www.coolminiornot.com/forums/showthread.php?50056-KruleBear-s-WIP-WIP&p=753810&viewfull=1#post753810 http://www.coolminiornot.com/369428
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