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  1. ****So fool that he is, the minion has released me to stalk the upper worlds for prey....**** Yes that does mean he is finished.... So I did some last minute touch ups, and worked on his base, and finally got him all together. High Angle B&W And I was told, in no uncertain terms, that His real Minions deserved their own pics... Whatever colors that I thought would look ok on the sewage to make it not so mono colored.. Secret Weapon Stone Wash with GW 'Ardcoat for the sewage covering for the color and shine... Fine Earth Flock, and a mix of Fine Earth and Light Green Flocks for moss / algae / scum... The flocks were especially important around his feet, as they helped conceal the join under his feet and his little minions.... (The little specks on the base are motes of flock that have since been blown off with my air compressor...) (Hey, next time I do this guy, I am going to paint the rats YELLOW! ) This is, IMHO, one of those cases where the synergy between the figure and the base really lifts the whole above the 2 separate components.... Moral of that story, Base your minis! Critiques and comments welcome! George WiP Here ***Which way to the surface?????***
  2. So I am calling him done after finishing up his metallics.... Could have pushed the high lights more, but it is time to move on.... Pics: High Angle: B&W: He is still a little flat, but not as bad as he was.... WiP Here Critiques welcome! George
  3. --->Since I didn't have enough stuff going on<--- And Halloween is right around the corner, I needed to paint something in that theme... Since in 30+ years of painting minis, I have never painted a Vampire, I decided it was time when I found these 2 guys in the pile of blister packs... People commented that the Duergar I painted a while back had nice creepy looking flesh tones, and I agree. So I am going to take these 2 one step further up the layering chain of colors that I used there. Then we will see if I start adding White to the mix.... Maybe the Reaper Spectral White, with that hint of Blue in it? Eyes were done with GW Scorched Brown, then Reaper Spectral White. Matthias I started with Scale 75 Brown Grey, then Rainy Grey: Sorry about the blurry pics, to late now to re take them though! Camera focusing on wrong parts, and operator not checking the pics... Then a layer of Thar Brown Next will be Thar Brown with Mojave White. Then lots of glazes of that mix to smooth things out. Comments, Thoughts, Ideas all welcome! 8) George Edit-->Ivan was moved to his own WIP Thread Edit--->added sku to tag
  4. So here is my new work in progress thread for Ivan, as I had to give him a soak in Simple green after destroying all the work I had done on his face.... All paints Scale 75 unless otherwise noted... New Pics: Basically re doing what I had done before, starting with P3 white Primer Eclipse Grey in the eye sockets, followed by Reaper Spectral White, and Eclipse Grey Pupil. They are a little off set, but the 'cowl makes it hard to get things straight.... Brown Grey base coat, and 1st layer with Rainy Grey Comments and Critiques welcome! George
  5. In the category of "Better late than never", here are a couple of pictures of the miniature I painted for the Winter Secret Sophie exchange. Since I was running late, I only snapped a few pictures before boxing her and shipping her off to Jasper the 2nd. He may be able to supply a few more shots of the details. (There are also a few WIP pictures on my blog here: http://blindmetalminis.blogspot.com/2016/02/enough-terrain-paint-figure.html) Jasper specifically asked for examples of NMM, and female skin tones, so I tried to pick a mini that offered lots of opportunities for both. I'll admit that Monique might not be the greatest example of the latter, since I made her extremely pale, and gave her a slightly bluish pallor, since she's , y'know, dead and all. The brown/black armor NMM was an experiment for me, but I'm pretty happy with how it came out.I may try playing around with similar colors on future figures. I welcome your comments and suggestions!
  6. Finished these tonight. I think I've posted the vampire before, but I based her, so that's new. Now I am just missing three dregs, and the warband is ready to play:
  7. "You are too late. My blood now flows through her veins. She will live through the centuries to come, as I have lived......." I painted this wonderfully sculpted Sandra Garrity Reaper mini a few months ago but have been waiting until Halloween to show it off. I'm really pleased with how it turned out. Happy Halloween everyone!
  8. My second attempt at doing NMM. Hope you all like it. Please give as honest a criticism as possible for me to improve. Dont worry it is not possible to hurt my feelings, so fire away. Thankyou!
  9. So I am super excited about the graveyard expansion for Bones 3 and it has inspired me to expand my undead horde. I'm looking for more interesting miniatures to paint and display. I currently own a small Vampire Counts army for Warhammer Fantasy Battle but I really don't play games with them and prefer collecting and painting. I have about 40 skeletons, 20 zombies, 10 grave guard, some zombie wolves, a corpse cart, a couple vampires, a varghulf, and Nagash. (Nagash requires assembly and painting but I have him anyway!) I want to assemble a graveyard scene where an undead army is massing for impending undeathly mischief. I am interested in adding more skeletons, armored skeletons (both regiments and characters like death knights), necromancers, and interesting undead monstrosities. A smattering of more incorporeal undead would be great too but I mostly want to focus on a core of skeletons with some larger undead beasties. My current miniatures have a predominatly Gothic theme, though some of those Egyptian undead do really tempt me. If I could find a way to visually unify the gothic and egyptian elements... Some of the Reaper Minis I intend to add are Ghoul Queen, Malek the Necromancer, Nethyrmaul, some of the Barrow Wights, and Captain Razig and some of his cronies and undead crab! I would love hear any suggestions on other models you guys would recommend to add to my horde. I love bones and things covered in bones but I'm a little picky when it comes to anatomy. For example: GW Vampire Counts Skeletons are great but GW Tomb King Skeletons are wonky. Also I would be interested in suggestions for mounts that might work well with some of the characters. For example: The Ghoul Queen deserves mount worthy of her royal status, maybe something along the lines of an ornate palanquin carried by armed skeletal minions. Maybe I'll just buy her a Coven Throne. Thanks!
  10. Finally finished this gorgeous model. Been a very long time since I've painted anything over 28mm scale, and I thoroughly enjoyed the change Overall, really pleased with how she came out :D Base details. Kept the extra detailing like the leaves to a minimum to avoid overwhelming her Went with a purpleish skin tone to emphasize her not being human
  11. I've had this figure sitting in her box for the better part of a fortnight, and I've been eyeing her on the site for many months more, so I'm glad I've finally had the chance to start her I've not done much yet, but I'd thought I'd start this thread early to keep me focused on doing the best job I can with her So yes, she's been sat like this for a while Spent a little while cleaning her up with a knife and some fine grain paper, and glued the sub sections together Then I undercoated her with white spray, and couldn't resist test fitting her together Next up is hiding the mold line in her hair, which is going to be... interesting As I said, not done much yet, but I'll keep this updated as I go ^^;
  12. I tried to draw Isabella Von Carstein ( GW Vampire Counts). Just a try,
  13. Ghostly summons, 77095 Crypt of the Vampiress, 02990 Altar of Evil, 77139 Female: Victim, (P02580C) GW Garden of Morr Scenery and skeletons. Large stuff. Some of this has been posted in separate threads before, this is when the thing is combined. Going to be an entire undead army, and pride of the shelf in a while. Edit: Now with pics. :D
  14. So I am painting my first 54mm I am using the "vampire skin" triad with maggot white as a hightlight and nightmare black as a shadow. I feel like there should be another colors in the shadows but I don't know what. This is just a quick sketch of what color is going where and I am not 100% on the color yet. I also lost a bunch of the shadows that should be on the lowet legs so they need to be added in. The base will be brown with aged yellowish skulls.
  15. Also uses the base of the Ghostly summons, 77095. Put this one together from the bits of two different throne sitting minis which I found with the figure finder. Spent ages on this one. Was very difficult for me. Thought I'd have to strip it of paint and start over again, but I can't be bothered. She's got paint in her face the thickness of my thumb soon, as I could not get the eyes and skin tone right. Given up on her now. :P
  16. Started my project for "City of the Spider Queen" today. Starting to paint in order of appearance. First up is a vampire and his two spawn. Now, I messed up the vampire's sword using clippers to remove slag, I clipped the blade. I have some liquid green stuff that I am going to use to smooth out the blade. I only did the skin so far and wanted to do all three at once so the colors were matching. I checked the forums for vampric skin and found a formula that I tried to emulate, given my color selection. I started with Vallejo Shadow Grey base and added a bit of MSP moldy flesh to it after that to give it the "shadow coat", I then added two more rounds, adding more moldy flesh as I went up to the main color. For Highlights I added Vallejo Model Color white grey three times up to a final extreme highlight of pure white grey. There were a total of 7 coats from shadow to extreme highlight. Any suggestions as far as making old rotting cloth? Also, Should I do anything else with the skin portion? Thanks.
  17. So, this is a rather big project for me. been in the planning stage for a long time now. Almost afraid to start.. I am not much fan of the egyptian parts of the warhammer undead armies, and decided I want to try having a more gothic undead army, which means creating my own stuff to proxy. I got a little carried away, and decided to make all of this into a little diorama. Ordered a ton of bits and pieces, and had to pay through the nose in government custom fees.. but what can you do? :D Anyway, here is a little test of how things will be: So far it consists of: 2xNightspectres, 77099 Ghostly summons, 77095 Dragoth the Defiler, 30010 Crypt of the Vampiress, 02990 Altar of Evil, 77139 Female: Victim, (P02580C) Shannon (body), (P02083A) Back of Throne (P02068B). .. and some jewlerybead skulls..
  18. This is what I'll be using as a casket of souls in my warhammer undead army. Finally it will be a part of a greater diorama, so it has a place to rest in the shelf. This was a lot of fun to paint. Miniatures used: Crypt of the vampiress; 02990 Ghostly Summons; 77095 (Bones) Victim, from Altar of Evil + Victim; 02580 (Unable to locate just the victim when I tried to find it again) Altar of Evil; 77139 (Bones) Base from Warhammer graveyard set Skull beads (eBay) Q-Tips :P Nudity1 Nudity2 Nudity3 Close-up of altar: Added closeup of vampire:
  19. Had this fellow finished for some time. Hard to take decent photos of it since it's so big: I used this blue and purple snake as my inspiration for the color scheme:
  20. Here is the Vampire Queen herself. She has a Magic Sword guarded by her Crow familiar. Her faithful undead servant lights the way. I tried a bit of OSL on the servant, my first try. I don't think it worked out that well, but you gotta try right? The familiar and sword are from Reaper, pack X. The Vampire and Servant are from the Freebooter range, sculpted by Werner Klocke. Sorry about the quality of some pics, still struggling with the camera.
  21. And this is my regiment of Undead I'm working on. This is the Vampire Queen ( or maybe just her sister I haven't decided yet). She conquered a swamp, so she got an army of Undead and all kinds of swamp creatures. Right now she has to deal with an uprising of some of the swamp dwellers. Here she ( or sis) leads her regiment of mixed undead warriors to battle. All in her heraldry of reds and purples, with the snake symbol to show she owns the swamp.
  22. Last year I saw my daughters watching Twilight. Sparkling vampires, Of course I had to show them where that came from. So I showed them Buffy and Angel series, The oldest one was hooked. So I made her this: She loved it, she keeps it in her room now.
  23. Hello again, everyone! A good number of you have already seen this mini in my WIP over in the neighboring sub-forum, but (now that he has finished competing for me at Genghis Con this past weekend), I wanted to show him off to everyone else! This was the ReaperCon 2014 Artist's Banquet Mini (an awesome Bobby Jackson sculpt), so, unfortunately, I'm not sure if he's still available for purchase anywhere. However, there is a very similar female vampire also sculpted by Bobby Jackson that Reaper recently released (with an inspiring paint job by the excellent Tish Wolter!) if this mini catches your eye. I added the wings (off of an older ReaperCon Sophie) and added some serrations to his sword, but otherwise he is a stock mini. So, without further ado, here is the mini that I am calling the Knight of the Blood Moon: And, I was super happy to find that he contended most valiantly in the Genghis Con XXXVI painting competition and even managed to come home with this incredibly cool Hildi Trophy for Best Reaper Entry! Also, the sculptor of the trophy, the awesome Gene Van Horne, was even kind enough to sign my Hildi for me, though you can't see the ink very well at this angle! As always, I have to thank all of you for your encouragement and advice while I fought through painting him, so thanks; you guys are the best forum painting companions out there!
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