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Found 4 results

  1. Reaper's Visbaronetess Delour Aulamaxa, painted as a Vampire. WIP Here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/79298-children-of-the-night-by-glitterwolf/page/18/ ******************** The town was in awe, tonight the famous opera singer Visbaronetess Delour Aulamaxa would perform in the theater. She was able to sing notes so high glasses would burst. Coming from a long line of famous singers, her mother, her grandmother and her great grandmother all performed as singers, and Delour kept the tradition going. Some found it a bit eerie how she looked exactly like her mother who in turn looked exactly like Delour's grandmother. One might even think they were the same person, which was ridicilous of course. Tonight the whole town would be there. The Visbaronetess had a quirk, she would only perform at night, she felt it was the best time for her voice to be heard. A few mothers were a bit concerned about their sons. It was rumoured that sometimes young men got so enthralled by Delour's singing that they never returned from a show, it was thought that they gave everything up to follow the Visbaronetess to all her shows. Evil tongues told a different story, accusing the poor star of being a vampire who killed some of her fans to drink their blood staying young forever. Probably just jealous talk, something famous people will always have to deal with. The Visbaronetess appeared on stage enthralling everyone with her voice. A marvellous performance. The next day she was gone, having left town.heading for another performance elsewhere. And again, two young men had vanished, again she had made fans for life who had given up everything to follow her. Or did she?
  2. Sangrariah - Vampire Ringleader from Raging Heroes Dark Carneval Set. 3D Printed on Elegoo Mars with Elegoo Grey Resin. WIP : https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/79298-children-of-the-night-by-glitterwolf/ When his wife passed away, Baron von Leeresgehirn tried to raise his son by himself as good as he could. The young boy did well. Both villagers and nobles liked young Alaric, they had pity on his father though, the poor man could never forget his late wife, never remarried and never even longed for any woman. Years went by and Alaric was about to come of age. To celebrate, a huge feast was prepared and Alaric himself decided to take some friends with him on a hunting trip to provide meat for the feast. They rode into the woods, further and further, the Sun went down and they made camp. Sitting around the fire the friends drank, ate and made jokes, when suddenly a a loud scream was heard. Alarmed the men took up their swords and ran towards the direction the scream came from, another scream was heard and then nothing... They found an old abandoned hunter's hut, carefully they walked to the door, one of the men kicked it open. Holding a torch Alaric entered the hut, the scene before him sent a cold chill down his spine. A beautiful young woman sat on the floor, her back leaning against the wall, she was covered in blood, two dead men laid beside her, also drenched in blood. The poor girl looked at Alaric and whispered "help me" before she fainted. Alaric and his men took the girl to his father's Castle, no doubt those men were bandits ready to ravage her, surely they had gotten into a fight who got first turn and when the one killed the other the poor girl had taken her chance and plunged a dagger in the other bandit's throat. So brave and yet so fragile and beautiful, Alaric thought. For a few days the young woman rested in a spare room, Alaric had been visiting her every evening to see how she was doing and it seemed they liked each other. Alaric's father was proud of his son, and he figured the girl must be of noble birth given her dress she was found in. He hoped she would recover soon enough, he was a tad worried about Alaric, though, the boy seemed to look paler every day and he didn't even eat and drink anymore. Every night he was at the girl's side, oh to be young and in love again, the Baron thought. He had learned her name, Sangrariah, she would make a nice bride for Alaric if things went on as they seemed, the Baron thought. It would be nice to have a woman around the house again. That night the Baron was woken up by a sound, he looked up and saw Alaric and Sangrariah standing besides his bed. Oh, good! He said, you seem to be better! But ehh, why are you in my room? Sangrariah insisted to thank you for your hospitality Father, Alaric spoke in a trembling voice, the boy looked paler than ever and had he cut himself shaving? The Baron sat upright now in his bed when the young woman approached him, please My Lord, let me thank you with a kiss. Before he could resist the young woman embraced him, he felt a sharp pain in his neck, the poor inexperienced girl must have bitten him, where his last thoughts as a mortal man. From that night on, the Barony was ruled in a different way.
  3. Hello all, this is the last mini I've painted, Adrasteia the Vampiress. I'm pretty busy at work ATM so have very little time to paint minis, the progress on this one was pretty slow, I had hard time cause of the details on the face, maybe I'm getting too old and I need some glasses , or better a magnifier! Anyway I'm happy with the final result Hope you all will like it too! Thank you for reading :)
  4. I painted up another trio of Talisman minis, this time from the Highland expansion. The first one is the Valkyrie. I chose her first because I have always liked Valkyries, and she had some nice art: She didn't turn out great, though she does look pretty good at table level. I'm pretty happy with the hair and cloak at least. Next is the Vampiress. I picked her because a player really wanted to use a vampire. I did not have high hopes, because even though it is some nice concept art, the colours looked like they would be hard to capture. I wasn't wrong: She looks terrible up close. However, she does look good on the board, so she gets the job done. You can tell I was disappointed in them, since I forgot to add my typical grass markings to the base. After a couple lousy paint jobs I wanted to move on to the next mini as a palate cleanse. Unfortunately, I broke my glasses the next day. So I had a forced break of a couple weeks while I got my eyes examined and a new pair of glasses. On the plus side, i did get a new phone, so I have a better camera. Yesterday I started the Highlander: He was looking half decent, so I actually stopped short of trying to paint the tartan and took some photos just in case it turned out terrible. However, the pattern turned out okay. It's the best freehand I've ever done, so I'm very happy with him. The face isn't great, but that's partially the mini and partially the size. I need to get more practice with the new camera. Even though the quality is clearly better, the phone focuses on the base, so that the head is a little out of focus. Also, the pics are way too bright, you can't even see the khaki in his shirt. I took a shot with him and the Stonehaven Dwarf I painted up recently, he looks tiny next to the Dwarf.
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