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Found 6 results

  1. Looks like the recorded classes from the RVE have started to be posted to Reaper Youtube channel for those who may have missed any of it. Looks like they are being posted alphabetically by title. So they don't get buried on the channel as more videos get posted to their channel over time, or for anyone who visits the forums, I'm starting an index here and will update as I see more videos posted. Painting-Based Classes A Beginner's Guide to Metallic Paints - Lauren "OneBoot" Cowles A Beginning Miniature Painter's Toolkit - Ron Vutpakdi Additives, Mediums, and Texture Pastes Oh My! - Rhonda "Wren" Bender Airbrush Care and Feeding - Dan Holmes Airbrush Usage 101 - Dan Holmes Beginner Blending - Brice Cocanour Buttery Blends - Blending through Layering and Feathering - Ian Markon Chromatic Shine - Exploring Colored Metallics - Lauren "OneBoot" Cowles Chibi Dynamics and Chibi Eyes - Captain MaDDlove Dirty and Distressed - Gregory Zuniga Everything I Wish I Knew When I Started Painting - Brice Cocanour Fun Faces - Ian Markon Fun and Easy Effects - Lyn Stahl Fun with Shiny Paint! - Lauren "OneBoot" Cowles Heavy Metal Bootcamp Introduction to Non-Metallic Metal - Ian Markon Hey There Shaky Shaky, Beginner Freehand - Brice Cocanour How to Paint Hair - Geoff Davis It's All About the Wood - Dale Jardine It's Full of Stars! Painting a Galaxy - Kevin Holderny Off the Page and On the Table - Comic Style Painting - Mike Cousins Painting a Cloak with Effects/Freehand - David Gustaf-Janson Painting Eyes is Secretly Easy - Geoff Davis Painting Faces and Eyes for Miniatures and Models - Lyn Stahl Painting Scales - Rhonda "Wren" Bender Planning and Painting a Tartan - Geoff Davis Realistic Horror, All the Gory Details - David Cecil Rockin' Crystals - Erin Hartwell SENMM Sky Earth Non-Metallic Metal - Ian Markon Skin Deep Monster Edition - Erin Hartwell The Dreaded Black and White - Erin Hartwell Underpainting Approach to OSL - Geoff Davis Weathering 101 - Justin McCoy Weathering Effects - David Cecil Photography Classes Advanced Concepts in Miniature Photography - Joanie Bass Panels/Discussion-style Classes Miniatures and Game Aids for TTRPGs - Joe and Paul Oakes Rangers of Shadow Deep - Solo Gaming on the Tabletop - Joseph McCullough Reaper Minis on the Tabletop - Joe Oakes Stargrave Getting Started in the Ravaged Galaxy - Joseph McCullough Starting a Hobby Podcast - Jonathan Sugiyama Miscellaneous Classes Casting with Dental Plaster - Dale Jardine Ground Effect Basing for Beginners pt 2 - Joe Oakes Paper Plants and Brass Etch Details - Greg Zuniga Resin 3D Printing Basics - Andrew "Talespinner" Pieper
  2. So, my eldest, who had such fun making the funny and erudite "Shakespeare Summarized" videos in high school, is now in college, and while time is short, has still managed to tackle the Greek classics that she is studying. I am obviously biased, but I think they are fun and educational. , is the longest, at 11 minutes, and is completely hand-drawn owing to there being no suitable available movie footage. *** The "Shakespeare Summarized" series remains on Youtube to educate and amuse.
  3. Well, I've gone and done it. I got a YouTube channel and have started making a series of videos on matters of paint and painting. Okay, I say "series of videos" all grandly, but at the moment it's one video and a planned syllabus. But I have more planned! This is pretty much my first video ever. I was helped a great deal by my family members who have more experience in this. The first video is a paint comparison, looking at one of the new Liquitex Acrylic Gouache paints (Quinacridone Magenta, PR122) and considering its suitability for miniatures painting. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwonRqv0Xgk
  4. I'm looking for some decent cheap or free video editing software for Windows 10. Husband is working on a project for school about D&D but we need to do some video interviews and aren't really sure where to begin as far as editing goes.
  5. I am going to start this by plugging Throwing the Gun - a podcast by a group of writers in the superhero genre. Lots of fun, and somewhat informative - interviews have included the writers of the first superhero RPG, Villains and Vigilantes. I mentioned it, in passing, on the Batman vs. Superman Spoiler thread - but I feel that it is well worth mentioning in its own right. (I also feel that Zack Snyder would have benefited by listening to it.) One of those same people also has a podcast titled Authors & Dragons, 'where a group of comedic fantasy authors attempt to play a game of Pathfinder without accidentally dying'. Less informative than Throwing the Gun, but lots of fun. Others? The Auld Grump
  6. I think it would be awesome if I could buy an HD video from Reaper that was an advanced start to finish painting of one or more of their miniatures. Like the learn to paint bones kit, probably without the paint, but with a detailed video on a Master Series Miniature or two from start to finish with the colors of paint and everything. This would be for an intermediate painter or advanced. I know there are the dark sword videos, but i would like to essentially "follow along" a master painter and have a painted miniature in the end. Just a thought, but that was be awesome! If that already exists in some form, let me know and I will hang my head in shame for being in the dark.
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