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Found 4 results

  1. This posting (question) on this thread came about due to a (PM) message that I replied to a little while back!...I was wondering if there are other members/modelers out there who might suffer from this same malady (problem)...if so; how do/did you handle it? Miniature figures...Over my many long years, I have seen a given miniature figure and loved it...the moment I saw it...had many visions/ideas as to a single figure, vignette or diorama usage and purchased it...placing it into my figure holding drawer (thus forgetting about it due to other current projects that I was involved in at the time)!...The months pass and when do my figure holding drawer survey (about once every 3 or 4 months)...I find the given figure!...I look at it, study it (but all the original love and enthusiasm are completely gone...as are the great visions/ideas of a single figure, vignette or diorama piece usage!...I just sit there with a stupid look on my face and ask myself..." why the h**l did I buy this piece "??? The figure is thrown into what I call my scrap box!...Over the years; I estimate that I have given away over 1000+ figures from this scrap box (people, creatures, dragons, etc...of all scales from 6mm to 54mm)!...I noted members talking about their backed up " work bench and/or their shelve of shame "...in regard to pieces that they have started and not yet finished...I also have such a backed up " work box "...but I limit it to (6) projects maximum...that I intend to finish!...If over months, these do not get my attention...they go straight into the scrap box (awaiting their final end/demise)! I fear that I differ from many of the members on this great site and their love for painting miniature figures...in the sense that I love painting a miniature figure...only if it has a purpose!...For me to just sit down and paint a figure (with no given reason or purpose) gives me no pleasure, enjoyment and/or satisfaction!...It just seems to be a robotic exercise of splashing color on to a piece of metal!...The (purpose) of a figure and the painting of it is what gives me the pleasure, enjoyment and/or satisfaction...it is the story...the mystic...the visions...of that given piece that drive and motivate me! Miniature buildings/terrain...Over the years...I have also built over a 100 pieces of buildings and terrain...with the intent of using them on the table top for gaming but about 90%+ have never once seen a gaming table...again winding up in another scrap box...Understand that these are not detailed vignette or diorama pieces; but quickly built table top game play items!...I usually wind up giving them to local shops, clubs or individuals...or just throwing them in the trash! So I am asking the members...how many of you out there suffer from this same type of malady and how do/did you cope with the matter? Paul (Catdancer)
  2. PROJECTS FOR 2015...I don't paint anywhere as many miniature figures as 95% of you other members do...but I want to finish painting the above pictured miniatures in 2015...Pictured are; Photo 1...The vampire/monster hunting party of the town of Covasna, Transylvania. Photo 2...Two-headed ogre with female victim...will be done on a (KING KONG) type of rock face plateau setting. Photo 3...My (Bruise Brothers) ogre pair. Photo 4...Finish my Black Orc hunter/killer war band. Other projects... 1. Tavern front vignette with strumpet and gentleman. 2. French bordello balcony front vignette with girl in window. 3. Small bayou/glade diorama with the house/home of Marie Laveau. 4. Small interior section diorama of a scribe at his desk.
  3. Looking forward to 2014 and have the following projects lined up for the 1st half of the year (January-June)...Will start after all the college and pro football games have finished for the season...and there will be a 2 week lull in my projects for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. My projects are listed by their current working titles (on my sketch boards)... 1. Slick Devlan (54mm/Games Workshop)...Completed & posted on Show Off (1/14/2014) 2. Amazon # 8 (Reaper # 03303 w/spear)...Completed & posted on Show Off (1/26/2014) 3. Amazon # 9 (Reaper # 03303 w/club)...Figure scratched...did not like the casting ridge down the face...(2/18/2014) 4. Amazon # 10 (Dragonblood # DBM011/Princess of the Evening Star 5. Amazon # 11 (Elmore # DSM-1169/Amazon with two-handed sword) 6. Hole in the Fence...(Carry over from Oct. 2013 list) 7. No Swimming...(Carry over from Oct 2013 list) 8. Outlaw Biker...(Carry over from Oct 2013 list) PLUS...I want to start work on a major project that has the title of (Bayou Fishing Pier)...this will be a major diorama project...but I have to determine the scale as based upon the figures that I can find to create what I see in my minds eye. Happy New Year...everyone! Paul
  4. Having decided to construct my farmers market & renaissance fair open air booths as vignette gaming pieces; listed below is my (new) projects check list...each to be built as a standoff vignette piece...This should keep me busy for most of this summer. I will post these as they are completed. 1. Sign (Livestock Pens)... 2. Sign (Privies)... 3. Sign (Gypsy Camp)... 4. Entrance arch & billboard... 5. Beer & Sausage booth... 6. Rugs & Fabrics booth... 7. Potions, Lotions, Herbs & Candles booth... 8. Curio Shop booth... 9. Produce Market booth... 10. Weapons booth... 11. Kissing booth... 12. Puppet Show booth... 13. Scribe booth... 14. Small Dancer stage... 15. Eve's Garden booth... 16. Small Art Gallery Display booth... 17. Guard Shack... 18. Bread, Cheese, Turkey Legs & Ribs booth...w/lg side table... 19. Exotic Birds booth... 20. 2 Door Privy... 21. Livestock Pens...
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