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Found 152 results

  1. Female dwarves are hard to find. Especially in the good quality that Reaper has made. This is my female and male version of the Hero Quest dwarf:
  2. This fellow will get a new weapon from somewhere most likely, but the model itself is really great. :) Wight hero for Warhammer.
  3. Great miniature for my undead army.
  4. Some fellows finally acquired in trades. The crossbowman happened to be part of a lot, but I'd been searching for Thulgrim the Gloater and Corbit Shortstuff for quite some time, and managed to get them both within a day of each other.
  5. Of course, I had to continue on the Fantasy Gladiators project. First we have some converted Orcs, using Warhammer bits with Eastern Front Studio heads. The Scizore style fellow (inspired by Warcraft's Kargath Bladefist) uses a Pathfinder Bones Goblin spear or sword I had lying around, that fit perfectly. The teeny fellow is a Mantic Orcling who just seemed to fit in the armor style...and you know what they say about Goblins. The littler, the nastier.
  6. Three Bowmen and a Bow Lizard These guys have been sitting around primed for years. They got grabbed up on Saturday the 31st for a quick speed paint to qualify for the Resolutionary Painting Challenge. This morning they were all white primer. Here are a pair of pictures: All of these archer models were included in the 5th edition boxed set for Warhammer Fantasy. I probably got these specific models on sale or with an wBay auction. I did not prime them—somebody beat me to it. The little guy is a Skink. The smallest type of lizard in the Lizardmen army. The three identical archers are one of two poses of Bretonnian archers that came with the set. If I had been clever I could have made a list of colors used. Comments and suggestions are in order.
  7. This post is a follow-up to A Pair of Very Old Dwarfs and a Very Old Gnome. The best I could come up with for a size comparison was a work-in-progress conversion of a current GW plastic Dwarf warrior model. As you can see, they are pretty similar in size, but the overly-muscled design of the newer dwarfs makes the King look quite the shrimp! I've also included a picture including the newly-finished Queen Asabelle Dragonsmiter, and a group shot of the completed Court-to-date. Thanks for looking!
  8. Some filthy rotten blighters I finally based.
  9. I'm more than a little bit pleased about my latest acquisition, a box of Perry Miniatures War of the Roses Infantry. These guys are true 28mm scale, but will fit right in with most other 28mm model, even the big-head/big-hand Games Workshop "heroics." I've only had time to assemble and paint two of them. Let me know what you think! Questions and comments are always welcome. Thanks for looking (I was going to do a traditional smile face, but this one was too cool to pass up).
  10. Finished a model for another contest. I've seen my competition, and I'm pretty sure I'm not gonna win. Still pretty happy with how it turned out, though. The large plants are all from aquarium furniture, given a little drybrushing, and glued in.
  11. Disclaimer: I'm not trying to coordinate selling my army through this message board. I'm only trying to weigh pros and cons. I'm not playing Warhammer 40K anymore and I have well over 10K points of models. What I'm trying to figure out is if I should turn in all my GW metal minis for store credit at ReaperCon or sell it as an army? I have 150-200 metal Grey Knight minis, almost all of which are OOP. I was reading in the ReaperCon subforum thread on metal exchange and it was stated that the exchange rate was $5 store credit per ounce. Is that correct? And is there a limit to the store credit/exchange I can turn-in? I'm trying to figure out my best economic strategy.
  12. To kick things off, some various Half-Orcs. One of these days I'll get home in time to take photos outside in natural light.
  13. Here is a mini that I painted a little while ago to go with a dinosaur riding eldar force. She's simply a Wood Elf sorceress with an Eldar weapon in her hand. Here she is:
  14. A miniature from my past (repainted now though). It was found together with a bunch of other miniatures dating back to when I started painting, before I took a long hiatus from the hobby. I should have had the presence of mind to take a picture before I stripped the old paint job to compare, but the old paint job wasn't really worth it :)
  15. A WFRP game I'm running has been going pretty well, but the PCs might be running across a lost city of the lizardmen and I'd like to know if anybody knows of any good maps of the inside layouts of Central America style pyramids. I'm not having much luck finding maps of RL or RPG step pyramids so I figured I'd ask here if anyone knows of any decent ones. It will be Tlax-City of ghosts, so while the PCs will likely run screaming into the jungle eventually, they are really good at will power tests so they may have time to get some sight seeing in.
  16. Recently my better half was inspired to dig out his Shackled City Adventure Path book, do some minor setting conversions and start up a Friday evening campaign. I decided to roll up a female paladin of Thor, which was fun because I haven't rolled up a new character in a while. It took me a few days to remember that I needed to paint a miniature for her. Whoops! Looking through the Reaper catalog didn't produce a large number of female humans wielding war hammers. Especially if wearing normal clothing was also a requirement. Eventually I concluded that it was time to face my fear of conversions and do a simple weapon switch. Because the Trista sculpt was both so perfect for a paladin and in the box full of minis already in my house, she was the chosen candidate. Halbarand conveniently had a war hammer to donate to the cause. I figured if I was going to do a Bones conversion, I should do a WIP for the whole project to balance out how much time I spend just reading the forums. I used OneBoot's sewing pin method of creating a hole to pin the war hammer on, because my quest to buy a pin vise at my FLGS ended up causing more problems that I haven't sorted out yet. Plus a heated safety pin was a very easy way to poke a hole in her small fist as well as the handle of the hammer. I used a random jewelry making piece of wire that I already had, it was the right thickness and easy to cut. The only problem ended up being that some soot from my hot pin made the glue not stick to her hand right away. After a few tries I did succeed and now I'm the proud owner of a female paladin with a big, bad war hammer. The shield isn't actually attached, I pried it off originally to make painting her easier. I'll glue it back later. Next I just need to paint her, which will be a learning experience for me. My attempt to paint Sir Forscale in Bones ended up obscuring a lot of detail, so I need to develop a lighter touch with the paint. Suggestions are welcome...
  17. We have a Kickstarter! Basing Pads - for 1000's of unique bases of any size & shape!! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2023606288/bake-your-own-basius-base-pads-for-wargames-and-mi?ref=live PLEASE have a look as soon as you can and let us know your thoughts about it all. Our THICK resin Basing Pads are easy to use, easy to look after and easy to store. in fact - we think we may have covered every need that a gamer needs from a product such as this - if we havent then let us know that too OH and i forgot to mention another thing... They are 20% to 41% Off the MSRP - and have free UK and seriously subsidized International shipping on them all too Thanks - and we hope you really like our idea! Dave & Sally Baker - WargamesBakery www.wargamesbakery.co.uk www.wargamesbakery.com
  18. Whilst I procrastiante over current painting, here's something I prepared earlier... About 2 years earlier but I've only just got around to photographing it. The Screaming Bell is probably my favourite warmachine from Warhammer. Pushed across the battlefield by a unit of Skaven, it's ringing driving all the Skaven around it into a frenzy building energy that can burn those in front of it, split the earth, collapse buildings, or ultimately break reality, destroying itself and hurting everything within 4D6 inches, which if you roll high is one hell of a way to go out. If damaged by something big it can even ring out in the opponents turn and get an additional move or allowing all Skaven units within 24" to re-roll leadership tests, and when you've got an army of cowards cunning survivalists, that's a real boon.
  19. Took about 5 to 6 hours including conversion time. Not my best but I really enjoyed doing this.
  20. This was painted a while back for a comp.
  21. Hey all, just finished up my first Bones figure! Here he is, Mr Troll: Pretty rough paint job all things considered, could spend more time on it but I'm calling him done. Good enough to game with. I thought I'd also put up a few other bits and pieces I've completed over the years (it's a pretty rare occurrence). Here's a Warhammer Dwarf Lord: Felix does the best Dwarf sculpts IMHO, GW shouldn't have let him go. Actually, better that they did, he's doing great work with Avatars of War. Some old-school GW, Man O War Dwarf Nautiluses (Nautili?): These were the ones I had difficulty removing the mould lines from due to some slippage of the moulds in the casting process. Can't just phone up for a replacement these days, though. And finally some Militia from Urban War/Void: Really need to finish the bases on these guys, but I'm not sure what I want. Might give them some resin ones at some point (cause I'm a bit lazy like that). I actually painted these guys using only the colours that came in a Vallejo starter set, it was a fun little challenge, particularly getting the denim colour right. Well, that's it for now, comments and thrown pottery welcome as always.
  22. Hi all, Trying to get my current backlog I brought with me to NY painted down so that I am ready for the Bones stuff incoming sometime in June I expect. First up Barrow Wights! Manufacturer: Games-Workshop System: Lord of the Rings Scale: 25mm
  23. This is (1 of 5) Inquisitor figures I have in this series. When I have a " dullness " in my fantasy painting/creation ideas, I turn to one of these figures to paint as a change of pace. I do not consider these figures to be in the same category as my dislike for painting space marines.
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