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Found 48 results

  1. HI ! This is m'y recent commission work. The mini's is really tiny ! Oo
  2. Hiiiii :) This is my last Warcaster in tabletop paint :
  3. In preparation for the arrival of my Khador All-in-One Army Box, I decided to hit up my FLGS and see if they had anything worth grabbing ahead of time. In particular, I wanted to grab a non-Sorscha warcaster, since I’ve heard that changing up the warcaster can make the same army play very differently. Zerkova was on sale, so I picked her up. I want her to look reasonably nice, so she is getting a real paint job (most of that Army Box will be getting airbrushed with only a few details picked out – so I can actually play). But I also don’t want her to languish in half-finished land (like Dana, Kitty, Wild West Missionary, Suspect #7 #3, Miyuki and Natsumi (and that’s not even including the drawer of shame), so I’m trying something new… paint each section to completion before moving on. Detailing is my least favorite part of painting, so the theory is that spreading that out will cause the mini to finish sooner. So, starting with her face and hands (they may become gloves… not sure), I basecoated in MSP HD Caucasian Flesh, washed with MSP Flesh Wash, reclaimed the basecoat then highlighted with MSP Fair Skin. Just a touch of MSP Old West Rose for the lips. The art shows her with a slight brown/yellow tint to her lips, but I couldn’t figure out to make this work. The eyes are MSP Walnut Brown lining, MSP Linen White sclera and MSP Aqua Blue iris. The art for Zerkova shows her as a platinum blonde, so I walked up MSP HD Woodland Brown, MSP Blond Shadow, MSP Blond Hair, MSP Blond Highlight, MSP Pure White. The next section was her cloak, with I basecoated in VMC Basalt Grey, which I picked because it’s pretty similar P3 Greatcoat Grey. I used a thicker paint consistency that normal, which worked very well. The basecoat covered fully in two coats, as opposed to my previous 3-4. I shaded with VMC German Grey (also the inside of the cloak), then highlighted up to MSP Rainy Grey. I lined the fur with MSP Grey Liner. The fur (including the hat) is basecoated in MSP Rainy Grey, then drybrushed with MSP Pure White. I experimented with washing Pure White with Rainy Grey or Basalt Grey, but the former was barely noticably and the latter was too dark. There are a few ugly looking brushstrokes on the cloak, but overall I am very pleased. Thicker paint, wicking more off my brush and using more intermediate colors was the trick to getting it to look better and also not take forever. Thoughts, suggestions, comments? Now for super-closeup mugshot of making-my-painting-look horrible. It looks fine with the 3″ rule, but I do see a few spots I’ll fix. The left side of the mouth, some unevenness in the eye lower lining and extending the right eyebrow. Also, apparently she has a bleeding eye or something, but I cut off the “bleeding†and painted it normally.
  4. The last of the minis I expect to finish for the January RPChallenge . The Butcher Unleashed unit painted for the start of my husbands Khador army. He wanted me to stay close to the studio scheme, at first I was unhappy as Bright Red is not something I am very good at. But thanks to DSmiles for posting how to paint Khador red I think I managed it. And thank you to NomadZeke for starting the challenge as so far it is helping to keep me painting. Here is a not so great photo of all three together(my apologizes) Now some better individual ones. First the main man himself The Butcher.. And his pups Comments and critiques are welcomed as every one helps me get better.
  5. Here is the first mini I painted for 2015. I assembled and primed him on New Years Day and finished him that weekend. A simple paint job to match my studio theme Convergence army. I love painting Convergence as they are simple and quick to paint, and look great together on the battlefield.
  6. Recently I was hired to paint another ten Circle Orboros Griffon models for a gentleman from Las Vegas. He already owns two that I painted last year, but he wanted to be able to field a veritable army of birdmen in his AD&D game. Here is the first of the batch.
  7. Well, I've got my work cut out for me this time. I recently received my order from 6 Squared Studios so that I could base this big guy. Speaking of which, I started with the base: Then went on to assemble the dock, though I haven't added the twine yet: After which I went to work on his legs: Then finished them: Next, it was on to his arms (which were deceptively simple): And on to his upper body: He'll be done in blues, like the rest of my Privateer warjacks, and I've picked up the Weathered Blues triad for it. There will be a good bit of steel, and a lot of brass. And here's a picture of a cute little crab, to hold you over until I get more done:
  8. So I picked up a second faction for Warmahordes...so in addition to my dragons I now have started developing an army of Angry Anime Elves in the form of Retribution of Scyrah. I got the holiday alternate battlegroup plus the Discordia character jack upgrade to start. My concept for this army is very anime in nature. The myrmidons (fancy elf warjacks) will be mostly black, with shimmery bits in purples and greens, and the infantry will be mostly in greys, also with purple and green bits. I plan to make most bladed weapons some kind of crystal or energy thing, and I want the rank and file to be pretty much stormtrooper-level indistinguishable from each other. The warcasters, though, I plan to be pretty brightly colored. Starting with Ravyn, here. This is about four hours of work, and I'm not satisfied with the red armor...I want it to be very plastic-future in nature, so I tried with just some bright reflective lines, but I need to do...something with it. Points if you know the anime character this is based on before clicking the spoiler tag below. Based on the art, I'm trying to beat my style into something very different than my usual. Any tips y'all have would be welcome. I do have plans for the other pilots from that series, but I don't own those warcasters yet...and I'm not really trying to match them to the fluff PrivPress has provided, but it'll be a fun group once I have it all together.
  9. OK...I have some time today so I'll start this up. Won't actually get to start seriously painting again until September or so, but at least this inital post will be taken care of. So I play Warmahordes, specifically Legion of Everblight (title of the thread kind a gives it away, I know). And I have a sizable force, most of which is still bare primer or only partially basecoated. I'd like to field painted armies, since dice roll better for those (that's how it works, right?), and I feel like it's a good idea to get more painted before I start buying more (who am I kidding). So, since this thread has to start somewhere, a catalogue: Painted now...These have been posted elsewhere, for the most part, but it's cool to see it all in one place. The big dude in the back is a Carnivean. Clockwise, there's a Beast Mistress and four Shredders, two Stingers, a Shepherd, a Feralgeist and pLylyth is in the center. Not shown (was in a display case when I set this up) is a Strider Deathstalker. This represents one warlock and 28 points worth of army. Now...unpainted. First up, the 'Locks, beasts and solos:clockwise from top center: Angelius, Proteus, Annyssa Ryvaal, Forsaken, pVayl, pAbsylonia, two Raeks, Afflictor, Scythean. In the center is a Sorceress on Hellion, a magnetized Carnivean/Ravagore and two Harriers. This is another 65 (or 66) points and two warlocks. Unpainted units:clockwise from top left: two min units of Blighted Nyss Archers and one unit attachment, a complement of five Incubi, a unit of Striders and UA, a full Spawning Vessel and a min unit of Raptors. This is 35 points. And I have a Throne of Everblight and an Archangel. The Throne is the one that actually seems assembled (it isn't, really), and the AA is the pieces around the perimeter of the photo. This is another 29 points. So, all told, that's three warlocks (pAbsy, pLyl and pVayl) and 157 points of Legion, of which one 'lock and 28 points are painted. That's just about 18%, so I need to get cracking. Annyssa Ryvaal is likely the next piece I'll finish; she's almost done as it is. The Harriers are also really close; I'll likely complete all the basecoating on the other wingading beasties while I finish out the Harriers.
  10. Here's my rendition of Kaelly the Nether Strider. For the concept, I decided to make her a Nyss, and based her color scheme off of Cylena Raefyll of Warmachine fame.
  11. This is a mini that I painted up for a charity event a little while ago. She makes me want to paint more Khadorans in this color scheme (maybe I'll do one of the Butchers for the P3 grandmasters sometime). Here are some images. \
  12. Here's our party of Iron Kingdoms adventurers that I've converted. FIrst off- this is our Ogrun Artillerist/Alchemist. The main body of him was made from a Reaper Bones Orc, and the cannon is made from a GW missile. This is Lug- our Mighty Gobber Man-at-arms/Duelist. It is pretty nice having a little gobber for our tank. He was made from a Bones female dwarf- sword hand is from Mordheim, and the head and breastplate are just green stuff. This last one is our Priest of Cyrris/Arcanist. He also dabbles in alchemy. Also a bones mini with less sculpting than the other two- I altered his ears and hair to make him look more human, then gave him a cool tuning kit instead of the dagger he had in his hand originally.
  13. This is a Khador Berserker from Warmachine (33028). This is the metal version (I'm not sure if there's actually a plastic version of this guy). He'd been sitting at 95% done for months now, so I decided to finish him up (reward for finishing guys is being allowed to start new ones). I tried to do two-brush blending on him without brush-licking before I took Meg Maples class at ReaperCon. The main colors used are Khador Red Base, HD Crimson Red, Brown Liner, Polished Steel, and Clockwork Brass.
  14. Well, since the general consensus seems to be "one WIP, many SOs," here's what I've finished recently. You'll have to excuse the picture quality, I've had to use a makeshift light box (consisting of my desk lamp and an envelope as a backdrop). Gun Mage Captain Adept Solo As always, C&C welcome!
  15. So, these are my first two completed BONES minis. The Fire Giant queen and an Orc that was too big to fit on a 30mm base, so he became an Ogre instead. Sorry for the bad photos, the Fire Giant queen was varnished with her first coat of gloss before I remembered to take any (and my photography skills leave a lot to be desired). C&C welcome.
  16. From my WIP, and now in show off, is a Cygnaran Hammersmith (all the way from Page One!). Two 4-hour painting sessions and I was done! I'm not as happy with the furnace as I could be, but I'm glad to say he's table ready. Army painter strong tone over the "brass" metallics is amazing. It speeds up my shading process. It even works for "oil stains" around the knee joints (see the forward knee). I'm pleased with it, and intentionally kept the basing simple, as he's going to see quite a bit of table time, given my play style. Almost forgot: C&C is welcome!
  17. not sure if this is the correct location but I thought this may be useful for some peoples basing & terrain: Basing Pads - for 1000's of unique bases of any size & shape!! http://www.kickstart...and-mi?ref=live PLEASE have a look as soon as you can and let us know your thoughts about it all. Our THICK resin Basing Pads are easy to use, easy to look after and easy to store. in fact - we think we may have covered every need that a gamer needs from a product such as this - if we havent then let us know that too OH and i forgot to mention another thing... They are 20% to 41% Off the MSRP - and have free UK and seriously subsidized International shipping on them all too Thanks - and we hope you really like our idea! Dave & Sally Baker - WargamesBakery www.wargamesbakery.co.uk www.wargamesbakery.com
  18. Colonel Kane requested that I put up my CAV stuff up ASAP so it's going first. (From left to right:) Dictator-B, Vanquisher, Tiamat, Weasel, and Ronin Attempting to do some rusting on the Ronin. Need to do the detail and touch up the rest. Weasel next to some Infinity terrain I'm painting for The Covenant FLGS. Yes I realize I inadvertently made Iron Man with my paint scheme. Vaquisher hunting prey. I normally won't play with partially painted figs (encourages me to not stall) but I had some itch left from ReaperCon. Wyvern down! Linkinatutu made the mistake of running his wyvern ahead of support fire and it got wreaked by missile salvos. We house ruled that since the model could fit on the catwalk it was legal terrain but it was rough due to the extra effort to keep it from toppling off.
  19. Continuing on with painting things from the shelf of shame this guy has been primed and the base partially done for at least 16 months. The cannon is from Mantic (it's part of a Dwarf cannon) and the figure is Privateer Press. The water was done by painting two sea greens in the base (one for darker and one for lighter areas which were only around the cannon) then I poured in several layers of woodland scenic realistic water that were slightly tinted blue. After that I used Woodland Scenic Water effect to do waves and then dry brushed on a light sea green then straight white.
  20. http://www.amazon.com/Privateer-Press-PIP33050-Warmachine-Conquest/dp/B008O6WID4 http://www.secretweaponminiatures.com/images/BFBTW01.gif what im going to work on now.
  21. OK, just so everyone knows, this is the Harbinger... I didn't paint this or assemble it. I just like the picture so everyone can have an idea of what I have to work with and what the miniature is intended to look like. Also, this is in the 26mm scale. Here's my idea for the conversion. I'm going to lose the banner and banner pole, the sword, and probably the shoulder pads as well. I want the figure to have her arms raised high, both hands on a sword held above her head, with the point straight up to the heavens. That's not the hard part though. The hard part I need help with is this: I want to use a piece of crystal, glass or plastic for the sword. I want to run a small fiber optic cable from the hilt of the sword to and LED, and I want to connect that LED to a batter so that I can make the sword glow FOR REAL! Additionally, where should I go to purchase these sorts of paraphenelia? This will be my first time playing with this kind of thing and I was hoping that all the people here could help me out. Ahead of time let me say, "Thanks for the help, I'm gonna need it!"
  22. Finally finished the battlebox I got a few months ago. Not much motivation to paint lately. Plan to get my first game in soon, after my buddy at work stops being sick. There are some other photos of a recent Klingon Armada game and new 15mm sci-fi toys at my blog. (link in sig)
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