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Found 16 results

  1. Well, this is it. This is my best one so far. Feeling pretty proud of how he came out. I give big kudos to Vince Venurella for the YouTube video he put up on basing with a sewer theme. Have me huge inspiration and i took many elements from his video. Thanks to @Hibouand @billeecats for the push in the right direction (and the rest of the paint club, too). Here he is, my finished wererat. Top down Early stage of drying about 1/2 way complete
  2. Oh man! What a HUGE jump forward for me. I NAILED CONTRAST! BATTLE REPORT! Taking another one out of the bin from Bones 4 to prepare myself for the unyielding amount of Bones 5 that I'm hoping will be coming soon, I pulled this guy out. Looking at the body type, details and such, I had a relatively close idea in my mind of flesh tone vs. gray fur. This guy came out way better than I expected. Wins: * Starting again with the dry brushing and going with a particular order of operations: Skin, Tail, Fur, Face, Accessories, and Eyes. It worked spectacularly. I often find I'm overlapping another area when I'm painting and end up having to fix something. This dry brush technique allowed for good overlap and less mistakes (or less I could spot). * The Skin color of Burnt Red to Buff to Flat Flesh was a solid combo. I will use this one again. * I then did the fur from Neutral Gray up to Sky Gray and even using a little of the white mixed in to lighten it up near the face and crest of the back. * I learned a new trick thank to Eons of Battle on YouTube about using matte medium to blend in. HOLY COW! WORKS LIKE A CHARM! LOVE this method. * Finding the highlights with the drybrush applied and seeing which spots lightened each time helped me identify even better than if I zenithal primed it. This is wonderful for me as it's been a major challenge. * Lastly, the metallics. I've been making the mistake of laying a full on metallic layer down, then trying to darken it with wash or another color, but again it was dry brush to the win. Use it to make the transition subtle and then go for brightening it up. The chain area and pieces on his belt really highlight this effect well. I've been struggling with dry brushing for a long time, but for some reason all the sudden it just clicked! Misses: * The color on his nails isn't my favorite. I was going for a "I've been in the sewer for a while" look, but I'm not sure that brown/orange works? * Eyes could have been something more. I just went with black and white dot for gleam, but again, maybe something more yellow and menacing. They are insanely small and wouldn't have been easy anyway. * The fur color needs something else. I was thinking to dirty it up (kind of like how I did the rear-end area), but then again I felt if I did it may have taken away from the work rather than added to it. * The highlights and contrast are still a new thing for me and in a few spots these are SUPER bold. I took my time with them, really went slowly and placed them well, but there's still some spots I couldn't gone lighter in. * I may have lost my concentration for a second and overdid the drybrush on the chain at his hip. Now he's got sparkly fur in a spot, but I went back to hide it. I'm hoping it stays hidden. I would hate for the other warerats to go, "Bob, you uh putting on glitter again?" * lastly - the mouth. I am using this brown/purple/pink combo that I like, but the recesses are really, really dark. I may need to find a lighter color I can bring that tone up with a bit. All in all, this is another really big win for me. Adjusting to a new means of painting, starting with drybrushing and not leaning on washes is a really big deal. I had been looking for a pick-me-up in my painting and the Griffon I did last week really launched me in this direction. Hooray!
  3. I have been away and had alot to do at work ever since, so no painting has gotten done for some time now. I did however manage to make some time today, and have painted up the Rat Ogre from the Bones 4 Core set. Oh, sorry "Giant Wererat". Massive, overstated, muscle bound torso and comparatively short legs, giant apelike arms...This is definately a Skaven Rat Ogre. Just another simple paint job to get something done. I put him on a 50mm base. #12, Giant Wererat Bones 4 Core set, 2019 Reaper Miniatures unknown sculptor Made in Bonesium PVC 50mm base should be available from reapermini.com some time in the future in Bones.
  4. And another figure from my pretty productive weekend, a were-rat, I think also sculpted by Dennis Mize, though not too sure, this might have been some of the Citadel Import figures that he redesigned. Anyhow, once again a very simple figure, a naked were-rat running around with a sword, pretty simple and straight forward! I always seem to end up painting rats grey, maybe in the future, I'll go brown or white....
  5. I was told we needed all these lycanthropes for our home brew D&D game... Weve been using the mouslings as wererats. This project has spanned about five or six months. There are a couple more but because they’re ladies whose clothes fell off in transformation- they aren’t pictured. So here they are:
  6. This is the Wererat Leader from the Grenadier Action Art Monsters Box Set. The original sword was lost, so I used a friend’s spare parts bin to find a replacement. Enjoy!
  7. I posted some of these WIPS the other night, finally got around to finishing them up...ready for the game table.
  8. My time has been limited as of late, so when I get to paint I tend to overwhelm myself a bit. Lots of progress but nothing finished!
  9. Hi Guys, This is my first time posting. I've always been itching to post but I was never confident enough with my paint jobs. Just decided to take the plunge. I painted the Bones Giant Wererat using a small brush for initial base coat followed by a layer of rough detailing to get some tones. Finished up with highlighting and a wash. This was for a dungeon encounter of a future game. Let me know what you think or if you have some tips for me to improve. - Level1painter
  10. Despite life being awry, Number One Son and I made it up to ReaperCon for a few hours. One of his favorite features of it is the Paint and Take table - he's really beginning to get into mini painting, and tries to finish at least one while we're there. As I am a social wreck who's very set in his ways, I generally hate to paint away from my comfy setup at home (even though it's been a while since that setup has been used). However, as NOS was asking for some tips, I figured I'd need to lead by example and eventually painted...this... He's pretty rough, but hey - he's a ratman, innit? Fairly fun, simple sculpt - easy enough to do even with unfamiliar brushes and less than optimal lighting. AND I actually managed to paint something! Think I'll add him to my "dungeon crawl critters" box. Time to get back to thinking up excuses why I haven't worked on my Chariot of Fear in the "Works in Progress" forum :D
  11. An old large lead rat-person in armor and a leather skirt. I know nothing of its origins. I probably shot these photos too soon. You can see areas where the matte varnish is still wet. (title edited to show correct identity)
  12. Below are three Wererats and a rat swarm I painted up for a session I am running this weekend. These little guys are tormenting a shop owner in a local dock district. (I still need to paint up the Barrow Rats as dire rats) All in, I think I have about 4-5 hours in the whole set. These are going to be used on the table, and I just wanted something to adequately represent the trouble the PCs will be facing. I'm happy with how they came out. The only real flare I put in them was on the assassin. His dagger is coated in a paralytic toxin, so I added some green and yellow wash to give it that sickly poisoned look. As always, C&C welcomed! Group Photo Wererat Stalker Wererat Berseker Wererat Assassin Thanks for looking! CAH
  13. This guy is nuts. Am I right people? (If you know what I mean)
  14. Still rolling along, though mostly stripping paint, last few days. First up, Iron Fist: I am super in-love with the green wash on blue thing. And then, I was SUPER happy with how the washes went on this. His basecoat was a lightish gray. Hit him with Reaper's brown wash, and bam. Loved what it did to the fur, but also the bandage-like leg cloths and all, and ESPECIALLY the skulls. I'm not scared and indeed am excited to try some skeletons, now, seeing how these skulls turned out. But then also, I used Reaper's flesh-tone wash on his mouth, as per a suggestion I got from buglips in that question thread I made. Or, well, he didn't specifically say for these kind of monster-mouths, but I thought it worked here. I also used that wash on the tail to redden/pinken it up (with some highlighting later), and I thought I got it a pretty good tone (I was worried about getting too pink). Had a lot of fun with this one, especially when I was geeting to see things work out. At least in part. Feedback and suggestions and tips and so on still hugely appreciated. Thanks for looking.
  15. Finished up another mini. This one was a bit better. It helped that it involved a lot of fur. I still suck at shading and highlighting, but it's easier with fur. This is actually one part of a multi-part set. He also has a human form, and several rat companions. Also, I have five more sets of him. Yeah, I'll be coming back to this again sometime. He came with an integral base, so I just gave that a nice, thin coat of chestnut over the gray primer, used some Citadel camoshade over that, and added a little bit of greenery to represent moss. The moss didn't come out exactly like I wanted. I was hoping to get it into the cracks, so it would look a bit more natural, but it didn't want to cooperate. Alas. I know what you're thinking. "Jack," you're thinking, "that is the worst looking rat's tail I have ever seen. And I have seen a lot of rat's tails over the years." To be fair, the tail is entirely smooth. In hindsight, I probably should have tried scoring it a bit to give it some texture. Maybe next time. That doesn't excuse the piss-poor job of shading. You probably can't even tell that shading occurred, and it took me several coats of repair to get it that far. You should've seen it when I first tried shading it. I cannot blend for beans. Here you can see the soles of his feet. I gave 'em a nice flesh color to show he was still part human, and then made 'em dirty as heck. He looks a bit like a sasquatch, I think. Here you can see how I tried to go for some blood dripping from his sword and teeth. Here's a close-up of Gannu's face. Ugly cuss, isn't he?
  16. 02761, Skrattle the Giant Ratman Sculpted by Ben Siens.
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