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Found 86 results

  1. I speed-painted these over two afternoons to be a party of NPC adventurers for an eclectic mash-up of Exalted and the World of Darkness. They are 77322, Kassandra of the Blade (sculpted by Werner Klocke); 77405, Aeris, Female Elf Ranger (sculpted by Julie Guthrie); as-yet unnumbered Mythos figures based on 50032: Jake Ryan, Hero Explorer (sculpted by Bobby Jackson) and the Victorian Lord from the set 50326: Victorian Lord & Dame (sculpted by Bob Ridolfi); and 77409, Flara, Elf Heroine (sculpted by Werner Klocke). WIP thread here.
  2. Sophie was taken

    02823: Rasia w/ Spiked Chain

    Time to start painting again. Figured I'd pick up where I left off, and that is with (the old) Learn to Paint Kit #5. The dwarf is painted, but I never got around to the paladin before moving cross-country. So here she is, bare: And primed: I thought posting a WIP would help me track my progress a bit better, and force me to not chicken out of finishing her up. I'm still a beginner, after all.
  3. My GM needed a party of NPCs fast for a game of Exalted set in the World of Darkness (think fantasy characters popping up in a modern day world, more or less). There was no time to order anything, but we had the handy new Bones III core and Mythos sets. These are the Bones minis 77322, Kassandra of the Blade (sculpted by Werner Klocke); 77405, Aeris, Female Elf Ranger (sculpted by Julie Guthrie); as-yet unnumbered Mythos figures based on 50032: Jake Ryan, Hero Explorer (sculpted by Bobby Jackson) and the Victorian Lord from the set 50326: Victorian Lord & Dame (sculpted by Bob Ridolfi); and as a free bonus 77409, Flara, Elf Heroine (sculpted by Werner Klocke), who was simply a "Vale Swordsman Elf Grunt" in metal (she was the first character picked for the one represented by Kassandra of the Blade, and I painted her up anyway as an extra and useful figure). I painted these really fast -- for me -- in two afternoons, one to prime and paint faces and one to paint the rest of them. It's not quite my one-hour robot speed paint, but for me it was super fast and the results are more tabletop-quality than my usual run. First I washed and primed all the Bones with Reaper's Brown Liner. I did not clean flash up as much as normal owing to the tight deadline. Skin work, using simple mixes of earth pigments plus white: Burnt Umber (for the darker skin tones), Burnt Sienna (for the pinker, lighter skin tones), Red Iron Oxide (for really pink skin) ,and Yellow Ochre plus Titanium White. Hair was laid in with the same palette plus Carbon Black. Rough shading with ruddy Burnt Sienna-Titanium White shadows and greyer Burnt Umber-Titanium White shadows. This character, a former Fae, has dramatic blue-streaked hair. This is a classic mix of Phthalocyanine Blue and enough Titanium White to make it opaque.
  4. A piece I did today in between working on a commission piece I have going. Excluding the priming, she has about 2-3 hours in her. My wife picked the colors to represent one of her characters from WarHammer Fantasy. She's a female Runecaster. This is also one of my favorite models. I tried to catch the expression in her face. The hammer and chisel are magic; hammer being cold steel, and the chisel being mithril. As always, C&C is welcomed! Thanks and enjoy! CAH
  5. A buddy of mine played his first ever session of D&D a few weeks back. He's talked about it at work (by buddy I mean one my bosses) quite a bit, and is really excited about playing again. At his first session, there were some experienced players that all had minis. He asked them where they were from, and from I could gather, they were mostly Pathfinder and D&D prepainted minis. Since Christmas is right around the corner, and he's been a great boss - and friend - I decided to paint something up for him. His character, an Elven Ranger, uses a special bow. I had this piece on my bench, primed and ready to go, so it seemed fitting. He was ecstatic when I delivered the piece to him today. Hope you like it! As always, C&C is welcomed. CAH
  6. Guindyloo

    77203: Alastriel

    Alright, so I started this little lady in one of my classes at Reapercon - Brice Cocanour gave her to us to practice on and I decided to finish her up when I got home. This was my first serious attempt at NMM on the sword and my first attempt at painting a crystal, as well as just putting into practice the blending and proper highlighting that I learned in class. I could have spent the rest of my life working on refining her, but it was time to call her done and move on. Thank you to everyone who gave me suggestions in her WIP thread (which is here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/71503-77203-alastriel/ ) I really appreciate the comments and help. Although I'm calling her done, please don't hesitate to give any additional C&C - it'll help me to keep improving!
  7. canuckotter

    77091: Nienna, Female Elf Ranger

    Another one I spent time on playing with the greyscale + glazing technique. A little bit better with the shadows and highlights compared with Mason Thornwarden, but still not perfect. I also got ticked off with the attempt at brass - it ended up being too thin to be useful in some places and also completely overwhelming the highlights & shadows and then I gave up on the sword, but since I'd already done a semi-NMM on the blade I decided that was good enough. Beautiful pose, would love to try her again at some point when I have more patience.
  8. Final pics of my most recent commission piece "Daylor Incandenza" the Elf fighter to be used by a friend of the client who commissioned me in their upcoming pathfinder game. I was given some guidelines and requests to be more customized: 1) Fall Color scheme 2) Basing as dungeon 3) Tabletop+ for use at the table and display when not played with 4) Seal nicely (sealed 3x) 5) Swap dagger for a longsword Figure: Elladan, Elf Manufacturer: Reaper SKU #02543 Material: Metal Sculptor: Werner Klocke WIP Thread Anyhow, here we go. C&C are welcomed and appreciated!
  9. canuckotter

    77046: Bat Swarm

    Finished this one other than the base a few weeks back, finally got it finished up enough to post it up. So here you go! I'm pretty sure I speed-painted this one during a Hangout session one night... By those standards, it's pretty good, I think.
  10. This is Ingrid, the female viking from Reaper Miniatures. I bought one years ago which after sitting unpainted for to long I finally sold last year. But this year I had a change of heart and had to buy a new one. And now she's finished. Rather pleased with the result, especially with her leather "neck guard". I had some ideas for a symbol on her shield but I didn't dare to try any of them out. So I left it plain for now.
  11. I just finished this figure up over the weekend as a commission piece. Did some freehand and a weapon swap for his offhand that went from a dagger to a longsword. I was asked to do an autumn color palette with a dungeon base. Anyhow, here are the WIP pics. I'll post up final show-off pics in a couple days when my client gets it in their hands!
  12. CoolAliasHere

    Raegan, Female Dwarven Rogue

    Zakfir walks through the streets of Middenheim as if he were Emperor. His robes, clean and flawless. On either side his bodyguards keep a watchful eye, hands resting upon their crossbows. The group passes a small shop, known for their elixirs and alchemical remedies, turns right and proceeds towards the grant park in the center of the city. Zakfir prides himself as being one of the people, though most seem has a merely flaunting his wealth; a trait not looked upon favorably by the shadow stalking the three. As the pass the alley near The Slaughtered Lamb Tavern, something catches the bodyguards eye; a human draped in dark clothes and a hooded cloak. They urge the benefactor forward, quickening his pace. As they move into the crowd, the draw closer to him, forming a protective barrier. Zakfir stumbles slightly. "Watch yourselves fools!". His anger is obvious. "Alms for the Church Ulric good sir?" an acolyte states as he presses an ornate box forward. Zakfir reaches into his cloak, yet his hand finds no purchase. "Robbed! I've been robbed!" The three look around wildly expecting to see someone running through the crowd... there is nothing. "I told you that distraction would work." Raegan said grinning and tossing a few coins on the table for their drinks. "I saw that human from three blocks back. He's got nothing on me. Barkeep, an ale for my friend and I!" This piece was inspired by one of my wife's characters in our Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay games. Raegan is a quick, light-hearted dwarf, with light fingers. I'm not sure how I am going to base this piece. Other than the base, I started her tonight. She is a quick paint, using a few new techniques I picked up from some videos floating around out there on the interwebs. I think she cam out very well for a 2 and half hour paint job. As a side note, there was no black used in the cloak at all. As always, C&C is welcomed and appreciated! CAH
  13. Ariesondra, or Ari as she is called by friends, learned early on in her life that she had an aptitude for magic. She began her apprenticeship as child, honing her skills through young adulthood. She was a happy go lucky gnome, as most are, until she found the staff. Her mentor had been summoned to resting place of Jarrik, a powerful sorcerer feared for his affinity for raising the dead to do his bidding. She accompanied her mentor in the hopes of leaning more, and witnessing the power he held over the winds of magic. This would prove to be her downfall. The two were set upon by horrible creatures within the tomb, and they became seperated. In a hidden alcove, deep in the darkness of this place, Ari heard a call. As she approached the voice seemed to resonate in her head, calling out for aid. Buried under burned rubble, a wooden staff tipped with a brilliant green gem. As her hand lay upon the cherry wood staff, a searing pain burned through her mind. Her once hazel eyes darkened to orbs the color of the abyss, and a terrible laughter consumed her. Now she fights daily, bound to this wretched staff, but using its dark, necrotic magic, in the hopes of doing some good. Only time will tell. This piece was done in between another project I am working on. She was a fun little bit, and total time in is about 3 hours. I plan on displaying her with her zombie minions at some point, but they still need to be painted. I kind of liked the idea of a not so dark necromancer type character, and she fits the bill perfectly. As always, C&C is welcome. CAH
  14. KytheraOA

    02826 Terezinya and Familiar

    I painted up this set a few years back. They recently took home second place for "Fantasy: Unit" at OrcCon 2016. I'm quite proud of the ghostly faces in the flames on her skirt, but they're a bear to get a good photograph of. :/
  15. Hey everyone, This is a work in progress for a finished piece. I finished her yesterday but couldn't post the work in progress, because it was a valentine gift for my girlfriend and she sometimes roams the forums too. She picked this model a while back when I was ordering and told me right from the start she wanted something golden green. I painted the dryad gold green and was my first real blending on a miniature that small. It turned out pretty well although my shaking hands still bother my painting skills at times. I mixed the green gold with VMC golden olive, VGC yellow olive, VGC glorious gold, VGC polished gold, some glaze medium and water. I started with the yellow olive and glorious gold and mixed in a tiny bit of golden olive for each succesive layer. The last few layer I used the polished gold instead of the glorious gold. http://myalbum.com/photo/1phxrsBjHpuj_RuEoEm/1k0.jpg http://myalbum.com/photo/Vv8pv02XrOL6/1k0.jpg http://myalbum.com/photo/tmHEN1RjJgLG/1k0.jpg For the tree I used VGC charred brown, VMC flat brown and VMC flat earth for the highlights. I used the same colors on the sculpted tree. Her hair was basecoated VGC royal purple, followed by VGC hexed lichen and last VGC warlord purple. same three colors were used for the fingernails and lips. The tree was made with some twisted floristwire and greenstuff. The base was made with supersculpey and when baked painted with a few different browns and some sand colors for the creek bed.. Once dry I first glued on some very fine sand, the white/silver kind used for birdcages. I glued in some small stones and when everything was dry i drybrushed teh stones and painted the sand in the creek bed. Then I glued on a mix of lots of different kinds flock and static grass and some noch foliage leaves too. I have a lot of different lengths of static grass and made some reed/grass bundles by putting some woodglue on my fingertips and rolling a tiny bit of the different lengths of static grass between my fingers. I drilled small holes in teh base and glued the bundles in place. When everything was dry I used thinned woodglue to seal between the creekbed and the plastic rim I made from a plastic juicebottle to get ready for pooring the Vallejo still water.. That stuff sucks bad.. But it was all I had at the time so I went with it. It is horrible stuff, its pretty easy to use, but when it dries it shrinks and it shrinks bad.. About 20% is my guess, so when dry you get this concave watermass.. I poored 3 layers total to get it sort of level. In the end it looks fine but it is a lot of extra work. As a final touch I used some Aquatec Gloss gel to create some small waves on the surface and painted the crests with a bit of diluted white. http://myalbum.com/photo/FIpEgWcln3DB/1k0.jpg http://myalbum.com/photo/BerM7bo5FjKs/1k0.jpg http://myalbum.com/photo/gkf2urEjISXw/1k0.jpg For the pink flowerplants I used some small plastic rods dipped in superglue gel and sprinkled some 1mm static grass on it, once dry I painted them pink. The orange plant/flower I made from some green cardboard and the orange cone was a mishap from the grass bundles I made earlier. I painted it orange and glued it on the base. When that was dry I glued the leaves around it. the trees both got some vines made from green stuff and on the dryad tree I glued some mininatur ivy leaves, also a few in her hair. On the base as a final touch I glued some birch seed leaves. http://myalbum.com/photo/AelHWIaeU9bE/1k0.jpg Hope you all like her as much as my girlfriend did, she was very happy with the finished piece Any C&C is as always much appreciated
  16. SirDibblet

    77396: Olivia, Female Cleric

    Greetings Folks, This is my first posting, for my first bones mini, for the 4th mini I have ever painted. I am particularly pleased with this one as I experimented for the first time with gradation of colors and highlighting and for someone with no real artistic talent I think it came out nicely....except those freaking eyes. I can't paint eyes yet so please forgive me that bit. Comments, Critiques, Complaints, Random utterances are all welcome. Please be gentle though as I am still a novice by every standard. I do also want to point out that I have limited photography capabilities and frankly the piece looks better in person as you can see some of the finer details.
  17. This is the miniature I painted for SGHawkins09 for the Secret Sophie '15 Miniature Exchange. She requested Christmas colors, so I obliged. Conveniently, the same colors as my Koldun Lord. I gave her a decorative base, which started out with some bark someone gave me at ReaperCon, but I think my attempts to put snow and gravel on it made it worse than just the bark painted up as rocks. Not my best face (and of course the super-closeup makes it look worse)... all my army painting recently made it a bit difficult to get back into the groove of painting as nicely as possible.
  18. Mierot

    Monique de Noir (54mm) (30004)

    Monique is my first non-28mm miniature, and she was a wonderful push into new realms of painting. I love having more face to work with, my favorite part of most miniatures. I decided to go full NMM, a technique I seldom have attempted. I learned a lot about light and contrast. I still have lots to learn, especially when it comes to gold. I decided to go with a simple base to complement her supplied base.
  19. Inspired by Dontfear, ub3r, and all the talk about larger scale figures, I started work on my first 54mm figure, Monique De Noir! She is in my favorite medium - metal. I like bones, but metal is still king to me. The casting is wonderful. The most difficult mold line to remove was one within her hair, but, being larger than the usual 28-32mm figures, much easier to work out. I'm sure more mold lines will suddenly spawn as I work on her. Session 1 Progress In my first painting session, I primed using white brush on primer, then started in on the skin. The base tone is a 50% rosy shadow/50% rosy skin mix. I then blocked in the shadows with a 50% rosy shadow/50% chestnut brown mix. I added the deepest shadows with chestnut brown under her nose, beneath the chin, and around her eyes. I'm a big fan of bailey03's work on historical figures, especially his skin tones, so I draw a lot of inspiration from his color choices. To help frame her face, I basecoated her hair first with walnut brown, then with a thinned down brown liner. The contrast should given me a good reference for working on her face. Session 2 Progress Yesterday, I worked on her eyes. Being a larger figure than I'm used to, the eyes are both a plus and a minus. I can actually get a brush stroke in! No more inadvertent texture from dabbing with the brush. The minus (and a plus) - the size demands more detail. Again drawing inspiration from bailey, I started with a medium pink, an ad hoc mixture of deep red and creamy ivory, then lay in linen white, leaving some of the pink in the corners. I decided to go with a dark blue eye color, so I added in an iris using a blue-black mixture created from walnut brown and ultramarine shadow. Next is the hardest part... I colored in the iris with linen white, leaving a thin circle of the blue-black. I then added the pupil using pure black, followed by a layer of ultramarine highlight to pull some blue back into the iris. My phone picture stinks... My biggest mistake was taking a break after first defining the iris using the blue-black to vacuum the house. Don't do that! The exercise and movement was nice...the resulting increase in heartbeat and slight hand vibration killed my fine brush control. I might redo the eyes.
  20. I painted my first "Bailey Silverbell" Reaper miniature in 2012. I painted another version in between projects over the last few months and gave her a Little Red Riding Hood theme. I loved this Reaper mini back then and I still love it now-- only this time I was able to try my hand at a few more techniques I've learned, including some NMM. If you haven't painted a "then & now" miniature, I hope you try it sometime. It's truly rewarding to see your improvement over the years!
  21. Citrine

    Freebooter Mercenary Huntress

    I wanted to paint this mini from the moment I first saw it. She finally made it to the top of my paint queue. I am very happy with how she turned out, and she is my current favorite paint job. Without more ado, here is Werner Klocke's sculpt from his own company Freebooter Miniatures, The Mercenary Huntress:
  22. CoolAliasHere

    Rogue/Ranger character of mine...

    Sebastian was orphaned as a boy in Baldur's Gate when his father was convicted of murder, and sent to the dungeons. The halfbreed son of a human father and elven mother, he never really fit in. He was taken in by a member of The Guild, and educated on the ways of the street. Sebastian proved to be quite the earner. He had an uncanny ability, almost supernatural, of being able to follow a mark virtually invisible. That was until the day he found the wrong mark. Keldrith Riverstride caught the young teen attempting to lift his coin purse. Rather than kill him or turn him in the authorities, he struck up an agreement with young man. Sebastian would work off his debt as a the Ranger's aid. Running errands and keeping his weapons and armor in good repair. Keldrith sensed something special in the young man. Months later, Sebastian would begin his apprenticeship with Keldrith, becoming an expert hunter and tracker. That is a brief, highlighted backstory to the character this model was painted to represent. I chose the green/brown color pallet to reflect the ranger aspect. The sculpt itself shows the rogue aspect. Overall I am happy with the way he came out, though I am not too happy with NMM. I need to work on it more, and get a better understanding of reflected light off of a blade and such. As all always, feel free to comment and critique. I am trying new things, and always learning. (some really great tutorials on the forums) I am not sure how I am going to base him. I am not very good at sculpting, so I may just paint it black, and leave it for now. I need to learn to sculpt some stonework floors or wooden floors. That's further down the road I think. CAH
  23. Bhelidain "Bhela" Kharandok She stood there, hammer at the ready and massive shield strapped to her arm effortlessly. Her father wanted to keep her safe and out of the fray, but she'd have none of it. She was just like him when he was younger, a warrior and a priest to the dwarf gods. Bhela was now adventuring with companions who had "questionable" scruples at best, she felt that she could help the elf lord who she followed and get him to change back to who he used to be... who she first looked up to as a lass... This was her calling, this was the way she had chosen. Figure: Freja Fangbreaker, Dwarf Sergeant (SKU #14085) Manufacturer: Reaper Material: Metal Sculptor: Werner Klocke Modifications: Axe to Hammer swap and shield heavily modified with plasticard and procreate. WIP Thread This figure is to be used at the table for one of my D&D buddies. I'm calling her TableTop + and put about 6 or 7 hours into her all told I'd say. C&C are welcomed and greatly appreciated! Thanks for looking.
  24. Figure: Freja Fangbreaker, Dwarf Sergeant (SKU #14085) Manufacturer: Reaper Material: Metal Since I started working on this one last night, I figured I might as well go ahead and post a WIP thread. This is going to be a PC for one of my D&D players. He sent me a pic of a female dwarf cleric for inspiration. I went looking in Reaper's store and ended up with Freja. Inspiration picture Conversion weapon swap of axe head for hammer and modification of shield are required to fulfill the vision. Hammer was pinned and glued on. The shield, I had to work on a bit harder. It required me snipping off the metal studs on her original shield, filing them down to be smooth, then I worked on the back of the shield and snipped off the raised metal edges and filed them down smooth. After all this, I used ProCreate epoxy putty and super glue to affix a piece of plasticard that I cut to the appropriate size and shape over the shield in her left hand. Left it all to cure overnight and tonight I'll get her primed up and see about filling any gaps that need to be fixed (if there are any). Current WIP pics!
  25. CoolAliasHere

    Faenon Bloodmane - Dwarven Cleric

    Here he is. My dwarven priest Faenon. He will be used tonight, as a matter of fact, in a D&D game. My home game has fallen apart, so I am taking him to an expeditions game. This should be a good time! His hammer is my attempt at a coldsteel hammer. Its darker in color, and more dense (i guess) for slaughtering those pesky undead. another angle booty shot Thanks for looking! CAH