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Found 3 results

  1. Couldn't really think of a fancy title. I've used "a fox paints a busty bust" in other places, but that doesn't quite fit the naming conventions requested here Anyways, for a long while now I've wanted to paint a bust, but couldn't really find one that actually pulled my attention fully. Many were neat, but most of them were also incredibly expensive, with even more expensive shipping on top of that. This is where we introduce Mr Resin Printer, who actually doesn't have a name other than the "Mars 2 Pro" that's written on it's front.. There's just something about this bust, not sure how to put it, but in the end, I wound up choosing her even though others may be more to my style, like White Werewolf Tavern's Minotaur. I still plan on printing and painting him, but Meirsoa actually made it to the printer, so clearly she won that battle. So first up, we have the bust itself, after a bit of wet sanding to clear up some things where I was either too rough with support removal, or where some scuffs had happened. How tall is she? Glad you ask. From left to right we have a Spires Biomancer for Conquest (Para Bellum Games), Pathfinder Red Dragon (Reaper Miniatures), and Sir Captain Fuzzbutt (Bandai Eevee Quick! plastic model kit). And a second height comparison, after being primed in Monument Hobbies' ProAcryl Dark Neutral Grey Primer, which rather quickly has become my new favourite primer. Brush applied because my compressor's dead, but it behaves rather nicely. Three rounds of drybrushing later, here's where we are. First was ProAcryl Dark Ivory, second was Bright Ivory, and third was 3:2 Bright Titanium White to Bright Ivory. While this is technically an attempt to recreate zenithal highlighting with drybrushing, I've done it mainly for two reasons: to bring out the detail, and to make life a lot easier as I'll be painting her in mixed media. Oils where they provide key benefits, like skin, fur, and cloth, and acrylics where starker transitions aren't an issue. So, what are my plans for her? Like usual, I don't really have a set plan, although a few things are here that I know I'd like to do... African Wild Dog (aka "wild spotted doggo") fur pattern as inspiration, orange involved as the primary colour of her fur, alongside something resembling black and cream. Quite possibly a fourth colour in there too, some sort of reddish earthy tone perhaps? purple and blue, aka blurple cloth. some sort of earthy colours for her hair. More than likely this will be either Gamblin Reclaimed Earth colours, or some sort of equivalent from the ProAcryl line. I expect this one to be a bit slow for updates, not just because of the use of oils, but especially since I have like six different projects on my desk, and dance between them all... That and I'm about to start a new 3d printer build as well.
  2. I found myself rather fond of this sculpt when I found out about it, but I wanted to go with basing that was different than what seems to be the usual, or hinted at in her renders. I'm still tempted to do a second rendition of her later on, and I even have an idea for such, but we shall see what comes of it, since I only have so much room to display things. Anyways! After a bunch of thinking, and trying out a few different scenes and angles, I've narrowed things down a fair bit to hopefully tell a good story of things - one of Oleana stepping into an ancient, sacred grove, with Japanese influences. Many things were tried, but some things have been removed or narrowed down in the process to try and keep things less cluttered. Originally I wanted two Inari statues, as such is tradition, however I didn't want to compromise on the water feature, as well as the whole... Oops, it really does conflict with her spear issue. But yes, the water feature (aka sacred grove) is one that I wanted this to be centered around, and preferably with the bonus of the scene being visible AND viable from two different angles. So here we are, at its fourth? incarnation, the second of which has had Play-Doh used to build and shape a temporary base to verify the flow and design of things... Because it's a lot easier to modify this way, and there's very little pressure, so one can experiment a fair bit. So here's where we are now, with the general basics temporarily laid out with Play-Doh. Hoping to actually get started with the air dry clay in the next few days.
  3. I decided to try some more 3d prints. Being the mother of ravens, I tried to keep her dark as I could.
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