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Found 20 results

  1. I like to imagine that this goblin learned to read about 5 or 6 words, he decided that made him a scholar, and then he went into the book-selling business. In looking him over, it occurred to me that the torso and legs are exactly the same as the Halfling Necromancer I posted a while back. I was about to call shenanigans, but my research suggests that MZ4250 actually sculpted both minis.
  2. I really like this mini's design. She's very slim and tall, which gives her an imposing look. I've actually got a little squad based around her that I hope to paint and put together at some point. The only drawback to the mini's sculpt is that there wasn't a lot of detail in the dress. I had to create the majority of the definition with highlights (not sure how well it shows up in pictures, though).
  3. I think he's my favorite of this whole set. He could pass for a heroic fighter in a pinch, but this guy seems to scream "shady thug/mercenary" through and through. As you can see in the side-by-side pic with an unpainted example, the detail on the cape was originally...lacking (it looked like he had a boogie board strapped to his back). I can work with LOW detail, but this cape had NO detail. So, I ended up making a custom cape and was much happier with how it looked. And that's it for the original set of Wildspire townsfolk. Thanks for endulging me during this trip down memory lane. They did do a later version of this set that added about 11 more figures ( kind of a "set 1.5," I guess). I've got that one, so I'll be painting the newer guys at some point.
  4. He's officially called a "priest," but I got more of a monk vibe from him. Not a flashy paint job, but it works for a monk. The pages in the book are decoupage (basically, printed bits covered in layers of thinned-out pva glue). Then, I gave it a slight wash to age the pages a bit.
  5. I like how she turned out. She seems like she'd be haughty, but could also take care of herself in a fight.
  6. Not sure what I'd ever use her for (might be kind of cool as a bright-eyed level 1 adventurer who eventually gets upgraded to a more impressive mini as she levels up). Anyway...definitely not a bad sculpt. Enjoy.
  7. She's officially called the "Proprietress Wizard," but I get more of a rogue/thief vibe from her. I like the model, overall, but I wish her head wasn't so tiny.
  8. So here I am posting yet another WIP thread. I will probably finish this one this time since it is a gift for my SIL. It is the Bookish Dragon from Wildspire Games. I am currently pre-planning colors with an app on my tablet. I am thoroughly stuck though. I want the main color to be a purple. Problem with this is that green is the complementary color and I don't want it to look like Barney or the Joker. I am currently using swatches of MSP Monarch Purple, MSP Amethyst Purple, and a few different browns/tans that I'm not sure I'm happy with. This is where I'm at so far. Any suggestions are welcome. Under the spoiler are uncolored photos of the pieces.
  9. My wife thinks that she looks like a sketchy little character...I'm inclined to agree. I went for a frosted mug effect with her drink...I think it came out okay.
  10. We certainly don't get many (any?) female blacksmith models, so this one was a welcome addition.
  11. I spent a long time experimenting with different color schemes on this guy. I'm pleased with the end result (they may not be super-useful, but plague Doctor minis are always welcome in my collection)
  12. This guy's about as generic as they get, but he reminded me of the classic Dark Tower game piece figures (so I instantly became a fan of him). His head is waaaay too small, though. For his color scheme, I was inspired by Dirk the Daring from Dragon's Lair (the freehand design on the shield is meant to be kind of an abstract representation of Dirk's backpack, since this mini didn't have a pack of his own).
  13. I like the sculpt of this figure, but I totally pooched the apron (kept trying to fix it and eventually just got to the point where I could tolerate it enough to call it done). Bonus points to anyone who can identify my source of inspiration for the figure's paint job.
  14. I see this guy as a sleazy, unsavory type who somehow manages to get himself invited to all the nicest social events (whereupon he spends the evening quietly picking people's pockets clean). Not sure if it's visible, but I went for some subtle striping in the fur.
  15. I like the way this one came out. I tried to match realistic fox coloration as much as possible. I went for a Romani-inspired wardrobe. I wanted the verticle green stripes in her skirt to be subtle, but I think they actually ended up being a bit TOO subtle (you can barely see them). I guess it's just an old, faded garment. 🙂
  16. This one is a good example of the variety that Wildspire offers. Where else are you gonna find a tiefling barkeep mini?
  17. Thrill as the devious spy demonstrates his expertise at camouflage. Just try and spot him...and don't pay any attention to that bush that's walking away. Another whimsical one from Wildspire.
  18. I thought I'd post some minis I painted a few years ago from Wildspire's "Heroic Townsfolk" set. I'm more proud of some than of others, of course. First up is this pair of goblins...obviously trying to sneak into an R-rated play.
  19. I love this guy's design...from the wonky big eye to the stylish top hat. He's got a lot of character. Looking back, I wish I'd gone further highlighting the black coat (just to give it more life). One of these days, I need to get around to building him a little stall/storefront.
  20. I've been a fan of Wildspire miniatures for a while, now. They're not always the most detailed sculpts, but they feature a ton of whimsy (which I enjoy). Their last Kickstarter was also full of fun, light hearted characters...and this metal AF Arch Devil from out of the blue! I instantly fell in love with his design - the belt of heads, the big mouth/teeth in his stomach, his pissed-off face...they really outdid themselves. With him being so big, my plan was to start the skin tone at Ratskin Flesh and gradually work my highlights up to a straight orange. I mathed out all my mixtures using every bit of information I learned about fractions and ratios in the 7th grade (in order to get the smoothest possible transitions without doing something like wet blending). In the end, though, I only got do get through about 5 of my 9 planned layers before I just ran out of space to put paint. If I had it to do over again, I'd have sacrificed some of the gradualness of the layering in favor of a lighter results on the highlights. Oh well. The heads on his belt were sculpted with their eyes closed, but I elected to give them an open-eyed, zombie-like appearance. In my head, these are enemies that he had a particularly strong hate for. He keeps their heads in this state of living death so that he can torture them indefinitely by having them watch all of the horrible stuff he does. The only thing I don't really like about the finished product is the colors I chose for those slits in his chest. I was going for an "inner furnace" look, but I just don't think there's enough contrast between the slits and his skin. If I had it to do over again, I'd have toyed with making them black. Also, big thanks to Wildspire. My Arch Devil originally arrived with some damage. After I contacted them, they got this replacement right out to me (and I still have the damaged one to use for custom stuff). Anyway...here he is.
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