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Found 34 results

  1. djizomdjinn

    77266: Fairy Queen

    Some of you may know that I love interference colors. Obviously, something as magical and ethereal as a fairy demands that I use all of them. It really is quite a treat rolling her in the light and watching it play off her wings and dress. Also interference colors work well for sheer, gauzy cloth dresses. A thin coat over a flesh-colored base, and painting in the skin highlights where it hugs her body. Also, it appears that the Bones version of this sculpt at least molds both wings as one sprue, so there was a pretty ugly slot where the wings joined. A bit of GS to cover it up and resculpt the hair and I think it looks fine now.
  2. Hey All! Just finished the Faerie, and want to show her off. (Work in progress here) This was my first attempt at doing some wet blending, I tried it on her skin after doing the base coat and a highlight. This is where I normally leave a figure, but I tried to push myself a little and did 3 or 4 coats with a wet palette adding white to my Elf Flesh. I may later tint the wings if I find the right color. C&C welcome! Thanks for looking! George
  3. Had this fellow finished for some time. Hard to take decent photos of it since it's so big: I used this blue and purple snake as my inspiration for the color scheme:
  4. Jaws

    Urban War miniatures

    These will be Spyrers in my Necromunda campaigns. :)
  5. Keianna

    92847 Angel of Protection

    Yay, my 1st Bones 2 mini is finished! My mother asked me to paint something for my Grandmother and this is what I chose. Mom loves it, but I haven't heard about Grandma yet. There are a lot of things that I like about how she turned out, and some I don't. Her face had an awful mold line down the middle and I should have removed the wings to clean and paint it. It looks ok from straight on which is acceptable because Grandma will put it on a shelf and not look at it sideways. Oh well. Lesson learned.
  6. Jaws

    02096: Angel Of Death

    This is a miniature I've had for a long time. Painted it when I was young. :) Still love the model. So much personality.
  7. fanguad

    Relic Knights - Amelial

    I finished up Amelial from Relic Knights yesterday. The sculpt has some weirdness, but was enjoyable to paint. Some parts are fine, but some parts lack detail (the face in particular has none). Out of the package she has a flying base that attaches to both of her feet and perches her on some cloud thing. I was not a fan, plus I have been using the bases to distinguish factions - Amelial is "Void," so I wanted a base that seems dead or dying. I used a lot of desaturated colors on her, in order to make the saturated parts pop out more - also, again with the "void" aspect, she kind of sucks the life/color out of things. I was going to paint her entirely in desaturated colors, but then I discovered the fantastic saturated purple that the Vallejo Game Ink Violet gave me (it's less blue than it looks in the pictures). I enhanced this saturation by going over the inked spots with gloss coat at the very end. Gloss coat + NMM probably wouldn't score me any points in a competition, but it only looks weird if you think about it. Speaking of NMM, I am very happy with most of it, the tops of the wings and the sword being the exceptions. The blending is fine on the top of the wings, but something is off about the placement. The sword isn't right either, but it looks much better than my first attempt (which can be seen on my blog, if you're interested). As far as the game goes, Amelial is a fantastic unit, so I'm looking forward to adding her to my cadre. C&C is welcome.
  8. Metalchaos

    02788, Leorelex the Dragon Lion

    Hi everyone, it's a great pleasure for me to show you the model I've been working on since three week. 02788, Leorelex the Dragon Lion was sculpted by Geoff Valley. I hope you'll enjoy it. C&C welcome. I've been documenting my experimentation with Realistic water effect on the base, here's the link to the WIP.
  9. Tranquil Ape

    Archangel 28SF0043 - Scibor

    So I decided on my next project...a mini from scibor that I had to have as soon as I saw it... mostly.. the product can be found here but i can tell you now there is no way I'm painting it to look like that. I mean the paint job is really good quality but way to much goldy gold for me. Not sure how hell turn out yet, as you can see I am in the process of stripping my attempt at pearlescent armor and the primer off. I've also included the accompanying wings, base and head. (sorry for the depth of field issues...i'm using a close up filter and still getting the hang of it) Here you can see the wings that came with, but, and i mean no disrespect to the sculptor, the wings don't look that great to me... I might try to find a pair that look more anatomically correct like these for example. Really don't think the included ones will make it onto the final piece. I love this base but for some reason it doesn't strike me as a good match for the mini... I am going to try to scratch build something (wish me luck, it will be a first) And here we have the poor schmuck who stood in the way of my kickstarter pledge manager :) I will try to take photos periodically between sessions. but I plan to take this one slowly...