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Found 5 results

  1. Just finished this one last night, I painted her up for Thrym to use as a main NPC in his game as Ravana. I did some glowing and OSL effects as well as a bit of a mod with the belt where I added a skull in on top of what was the snowflake on her belt. Figure: Glacia the Winter Witch (SKU 10052) Manufacturer: Bombshell Miniatures Sculptor: Patrick Keith
  2. This is 10052 - Glacia the Winter Witch from Bombshell Miniatures. I'm doing this figure not as a winter witch, but rather as an Islander pirate shapeshifter sorceress for a friend as a thank you for doing me a huge personal favor. First off I've added a skull to her belt instead of the snowflake that was there previously. Then I added some green stuff to fill out the belt itself and give it more bulk as well as fill the gaps between the skull and the metal. The base is the uneven planks happy seppuku stamp in sculpey. Inspiration picture- Going to try to get this done over the next few days.
  3. Hey all! Just figured I'd post the current mini that I'm working on: Reaper's 60149: Winter Witch. I think I picked her up at last year's ReaperCon, and she's been sitting around waiting to be painted. I figured it'd be a good opportunity to get some practice in as well as experiment with ice bases for all of those Space Wolves I'm supposed to be painting. Anyways, enjoy! -K
  4. Yay Ub3r got my mini! When his package arrive I thought it was hilarious we'd been assigned each other!! So, here are the finished pics. Below I'll go through a quick WIP on how I did it if that's ok in the showoff forum. If not, I'll move it to a WIP thread. But there aren't too many pics. I had a lot of fun with this one. It gave me an excuse to play with a wintery theme. I tried to paint an ermine, but with them being all white, I'm not sure the contrast works. there's a touch of freehand on the dress and on the crystals. I dullcoated her Ub3r, but she's not sealed, so when you game with her, just be cautious. the snow is baking soda. I used brilliant blue, snow shadow, leather white, pure white, deep ocean, deep twilight, nightshade purple, fair skin and porcelain rose. I was trying to make the crystals look like a spell effect, but in hindsight I'd probably add something swirly around the staff to connect next time. Here's a quick step-by-etc-etc: Sort of how I approach eyes and shading. I like to block in some of the colors. It took me awhile to decide what color to do the border of the skirt. sorry for the focus. here's a quick way to approach gems. she's got these little circles on her belt begging for something shiny. I shade the belt first, then do the gems because I think it's easier. remember they're light at the bottom and dark at the top, with a little hotspot in the center of the dark area. so here's the base: I used a combination of sculpey for the bottom crystals and actual crystals for the long ones. I bought the crystals in bulk (about 300 or so) from a girl on ebay. you can get them cheap. I also sometimes make them out of bones sprue. I baked the sculpey after positioning the crystals, but I took them off for the bake. the tree is twisted wire with greenstuff on top. I tend to paint up the base then attach the tree later because it's easier for me to paint. For crystals, the base is whiter and the tips more colored due to where the imperfections form. The edges are light to illustrate reflection. each plane acts as a unique surface. it's fun to try to get contrast between the planes, but still give the illusion of a solid form. I use the edge of my brush run along the edge of the crystal to get the thin line. Enjoy! C&C and questions always welcome!! I can try to explain more if you want! What I love most about this mini is trying to figure out exactly how to attach that staff arm: where exactly is it supposed to point?!!!
  5. So probably technically still an "oldie", even though not too old. Last night when I put it on its base it showed if I remember correctly 2003 on the bottom. This is one of the Arcana Unearthed figures from Ral Partha sculpted I think by a gentleman named John Winter(s).. I started working on this two weekends ago along with the two demons I just finished in my whirlwind weekend painting marathon that never got quite as far as I wanted it to, but finally it's done. I wanted whites and greys and the only real regret I have is that I didn't do any eye shadow/mascara on the witch, but after I finished the eyes, I was happy enough with them that I didn't want to tempt fate with some blue washes so close to the eyes. I should have actually done them before I put the white and the irises on the eyes, but oh well, live and learn. Anyway enjoy. The snow is baking power/soda (the one that comes in the can with the flat lip to even off the spoon), stuck on with super glue. For the front view I took two photos. Which one do you guys prefer?
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