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  1. So I've been secretly painting a little, and not updating. I'm planning on doing a little bit more of both going forward. Currently I'm working on 2/3 of a pack of extra zombies for zombicide, a lot of undead from bones 2 (mostly skeletons, and some ghasts which are just waiting to get varnished at this point. and a few other items I haven't yet decided on - hopefully shelf of shame stuff so I can clear it off, and maybe a few modern pc types. 77159 ghast (#1 yellow cloth) a few WIP photos sometime this weekend.
  2. Ok, time to attempt another WIP. As you can tell from the title I plan to paint up Bonesylvania Chibi Morty and Cal. Along the way I plan to paint up my remainder Bone 1 and Bones 2 skeletons. All these hopefully by the end of July. Where I stand with my Figures at the beginning of July. Morty: Cal: 1 of my 3 Bones 1 skeleton archers: My Bones 2 skeletons:
  3. Continued from here Focusing on finishing Ulfred. Some highlights on the face and hands. Perhaps also the vague hint of eyes? I really hate painting eyes... >.< Various highlights on the rest of the model. I think he's coming along nicely. Now onto shading.
  4. Because I Seem to progress faster when I make one of these and because I failed getting mine out on time I thought I post to show that I am pretty far along on my Exchange mini. Here is where he stands [Hiding behind spoiler tags in case Generic fighter still wants to be surprised]
  5. I posted an orc barbarian a few days back that I was working on. He's one of the characters in the Fantasy AGE campaign I'm running. I bought other models for the other characters but couldn't find anything quite right, so I got as close as I could and figured I'd modify them later. Apparently tonight's the night to start that work... I'd already put brown liner on them before deciding I really was going to modify the figures, in case you're wondering what's going on with them. (Sorry for crummy pictures, I was experimenting with using my webcam... Man I really need to find that digicam t
  6. Been working on the old metal Kirai crew box and not quite sure what to do next. Needs a spot of some contrasting color, I think, but not sure what or where.
  7. I decided it was time to upgrade the shelving system: Those aren't finished, I plan on getting one more sand shelf. The old storage for these has been put to use for board games:
  8. Taking a break from my other WIP thread of the huge Reaper order to work on something I picked up from eBay the other day. Origen Art's The Final Battle, a lovely (and insanely detailed) almost Spartan like female elf https://thecursedmonkeys.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/elfablancanegro450.jpg- offical image of her I'll be doing her more as a wood elf, as she's for a specific character called Elisven that'll be introduced into the RP I write with Komplex in the nearish future Anyway, onto the model She arrived very well protected, in a hard plastic case Started out by cle
  9. Continued from here Robert of Carlistle Wall roughtly basecoated. Buidling highlights on the armor. Some shading on the top tabbard. Highlight on the coat. Ready for the floor polish dip! And here he is in the Show Off forum
  10. Similar to my Dain Deepaxe, this is an old paint job that I re-based and lined recently. My desire to clean her up more is battling with my desire to move on, but there are some pretty gaping holes and my recent lining was a bit sloppy. So, since I'll likely spend more time on her - I'll consider her a WIP. Front Back
  11. Been itching to paint up a human mini. I had this figure primed up, so I decided to start up this figure. I got the flesh base coated and the face painted up. Looking at it right, now I think I need to fix the eyes (Sigh). I think I'll keep going and finish up the skin tone and hair and see how I looks. Here is where she is at the start:
  12. Spamming more WIPs... I've been busy... I did this paint job a while back and just decided to base him. I went back in and did some lining, which helped, but now I'll need to clean up a bit.... hoping I didn't open a can of worms. front: back:
  13. Ok. So I wouldn't say I'm stuck here, but I think I need a little inspiration to finish so I'm posting her. At this point I am open to any and all suggestions. TODO list: sword, metal shading and edge highlight sword, gem skin, belly scars skin, face coloration lips and cheeks skin, purple vein highlights on mutated arm hair, something? take some better photos. ha! EDIT: Somewhat improved photos
  14. So, I'm pretty happy with the paint job so far. The darker skin needs some highlighting and the hair needs attention. However, it is the base that I'm dragging on. I've just been throwing excess greenstuff at it after I base other minis and I have no direction. Maybe a lava stream in front of him? Water? Suggestions appreciated. :) Front: Back:
  15. So my mass upload of current projects continues. I have to admit, I don't really like this figure (for painting), but it was chosen by a player in my Pathfinder group to represent his druid. I think the hawk turned out well, but I need to detail his medallion and wand as well as clean up and highlight his under clothes. front: back:
  16. The onslaught of WIPs continues... I know that KS3 deliveries are naught but a distant dream, but I'm sitting on a good number of unpainted minis and want to clear the backlog before I am swamped forever. Story with this mini: Was going to use him as a PC in an upcoming game, decided to switch classes... motivation to finish will be hard to come by. Front: Back:
  17. While I'm fussing about with the basing of the Frost Wyrm (http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/62594-gcb-paints-77183-frost-wyrm/?p=1163070), I decided to start a few more projects, which I'll post as I make progress on them. The Faceless Horror will be interesting practice, to be sure, since it has (as I've heard) about 140 eyes. I'm painting it green, instead of the usual flesh color -- the more toxic looking, the better. I was going to disassemble this and paint it before reassembly, but the top was glued on too well. So I chose to airbrush the outside first and han
  18. Hey all, here's what I'm currently working on. I got a shipment of some more Bones in on Friday before I had to leave town, got back last night and have been painting a bit today. I finally got around to getting some green stuff for filling seams, and I'm trying it out on my Jabberwock. I'm also going to try out base coating in a few different colors rather than hitting the whole mini with a coat of plain black first. I painted Feiya plain black everywhere there wasn't exposed skin or hair. I'll be base coating those later, probably in dirty bone since that's about the only off-white color I c
  19. I'm going to try to paint this guy over the next week: It's going to be interesting, because I'll be painting something mostly blueish-white for the first time. It might be a challenge to keep pale colors without losing contrast or completely blowing out the highlights. To start with, I primed it with a thin coat of FolkArt Multi-Surface Ocean Blue, followed by a base coat of MSP Blue Flame, with a little MSP Dragon Blue added to enhance the color. Then... Well, I know I want it to be white and ice blue, with hint of blues and purples mixed in. After that, I dunno. Maybe m
  20. I decided to do some additional work to my Hydra, which is the first miniature I tried painting about a month ago. The first picture is the initial paint scheme. Additional photos are updated paint. I lightened up the "banded" scales on the legs and underneath, since it's a different texture than the sort of triangular scales on the back and sides and reapplied a brown ink wash. Also did a darker brown ink wash on the tongues and crevices of the mouth (a mouthwash?), and I think that really helped with the kind of monotone look the mouth interiors originally had. I also attached t
  21. So I'm currently working on this awesome sculpt of one of the Pathfinder iconics for a Pathfinder game that I'm playing in starting next week. I'd like some feedback/suggestions on where to go from here. I'm somewhat happy with the progress I've made, but I'd like to add some more detail. I'm also not quite sure if I like the robe robe color on the gauntlet/bracer parts. Any tips on painting fire would be appreciated. I tried going with a red base coat, orange first highlight, and yellow final highlight but it didn't quite turn out how I had it in my head. Also, advice on painting light ha
  22. I thought that I try my hands on another WIP thread to tackle my (triumphantly shrinking!) collection of unpainted miniatures. One of the reasons is that I want somewhere to proudly proclaim "Done!" when the whole thing is painted but it might also be usedful to pick up some tricks and suggestions :) So firstly I'll present what I'm up against: The shelf of metal minis. The two shelves of Bones, Plastic and some metal. I also have a plastic box of RBG miniatures (most of my aelfar and dvergr minis + some of the minis from the first kickstarter), a box of some Darksword Mini
  23. Right! May is here! While I am working on a dragon (no, not that dragon...,) in the meantime I have an idea for the upcoming horror theme of next year's Reapercon. Time for a new thread. I'll link the old ones here in a bit. But, my plan is to recreate Odalisque by Ingres (linked due to nudity) but with a gruesome twist. I'm looking for the perfect miniature for her. Has anyone seen something like it somewhere? I'm willing to do a bit of converting, but my searching so far has been unhelpful. Thanks in advance!!! More soon! I'll get up photos of my Narthrax in progress when I
  24. So after failing to complete Cthulhu last year when I was coloring him with dry pigments, I'm trying again though this time using regular paint (air and regular brush). While working with the pigments I got the flu and... coughing and sneezing while working with super-thin powder is certainly not ideal. And while I was happy with the how he was turning out, after getting some of the wrong pigment on the wrong part of the body, I had a hell of time trying to correct it. While mulling solutions over, our Lord and Master Cthulhu got relegated to the shelf. I will try the pigment approac
  25. I'm waiting as patiently as I can for my Bones order to get here... In the meantime, I'm practising with a bunch of minis I have kicking around from a brief (and very ungood) attempt at painting minis back in 2009/2010. I was digging around in my stash last night and found some barely-started Black Ark Corsairs. I've included two of them. The one on the right of the picture is untouched, exactly as I left it 5.5 years ago. (By my standards of the day, the bits that are painted are actually very well done....) The one on the left of the picture has seen a bit of a touch-up. I put a basic gr
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