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  1. BRUJA from I-Lovecraft. 3d printed on my Elegoo Mars Scenic Base from Microartstudios. She will be part of my Vampire Coast Pirates / Pirate Army https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/97971-vampire-coast-army-and-other-pirates/
  2. Hello all, Here are photos of a 30103 Bones USA "Cynthia, The Wicked Witch" I completed recently. Thank you for looking. Happy Halloween!
  3. Here's another cool Etsy find. A green skinned purple witch on a broom. One of my Halloween minis for the month.
  4. Halloween is coming and I gotta keep up on this pace. Trick or treat!
  5. Hi. I'm prepping some minis to (hopefully) soon be painted. I just noticed that Tianalise, Bog Witch from Bones USA has a rune on the back side of her base. Anyone know what that is all about? Just curious. Cheers! ~Z
  6. You didn't come here to read my ramblings, you came here for the girls! So, without further ado: All Hallow's Eves! Now, I'm going to yammer for a bit. The girls were originally intended to be companion pieces to the Halloween Knights I did earlier this year. Unfortunately I hit a creative wall while working on them. The Black and white was originally intended to be a bit less stark. All the white washes her out. I was originally going to use more black and grey. I should have stuck to that. You can't really see it in the picture, but her "overskirt" employs Sparkling Snow and Sophie Silver for some shininess. Her washed out flesh is the Vampiric Flesh triad. The "underskirt" and top are Pure Black with some Midnight Blue for a bit of highlight. If I had it to do again, her dress would be more grey. That would help her flesh stand out a bit better, and she would look less like she belonged in Star Wars... I also need to thin my Pure White. It's a bit gloopy and that made things a little more difficult than it needed to be. Ms. Purple-Orange-Green is, IMO, the better of the two. I did lose some detail because I ended up redoing her purse and tassle multiple times (and I'm a "bit" heavy-handed with the paint, anwyay). I also got a bit frustrated with it all. The little details are great, but can take a bit to paint. Overall, I thought the details were a bit shallow. But these really are more "display" than I am accustomed to working with. The brooms were easy enough to attach (Ms. Monochrome is a bit off, though), but I had a bit of difficulty with the right arms. One arm had to be glued three or four times. One thing I learned (too late) is that there's a little crease by her right hip that is where the sickle nestles into her skirts. Using that would have helped my place her right arms, and given a bit more sturdiness. Thanks for dropping by!
  7. Just a set of Halloween fun. Gotta keep going with Spooktober! Vlad "Pull my finger" the Flatulator...less well known, but just as deviant as his cousin the impaler. Tessa the "Crone" Vivian MickJager aka The Lips
  8. 3D Printed on my Elegoo Mars Design: Great Grimoire - Shaman Design of the base: Asgard Rising - Conifere Base added some leaves. In my Children of the Night she's the or one of the Witches of the Western Woods. Calling upon foul creatures of the Dark Woods and the spirits of those who found their demise there she will join the Evil Crusade against Men. WIP here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/79298-children-of-the-night-by-glitterwolf/page/24/
  9. Hi all! How do you do? My latest painted character: This sorceress lady will be used someday in the future for games of Frostgrave. Here she is with the rest of her warband:
  10. Some sorcerous support for the ghoul pack I'm working on... With blu tak modesty belt.
  11. Been awhile since I shared something here. Here's a night hag I painted up a few months back. More Photos below the Spoiler I'd love to see some of your favorite examples of OSL so feel free to drop them below! Also, what's your favorite D&D hag, or favorite witch from pop culture. - I guess they're not technically hags, but I love the Fates from Disney's Hercules. They always creeped me out and I love running witches like them.
  12. I'm a bit behind on my show-offs. Here's one from July. From Reapercon 2020..... I wanted to give this fairy tale classic a modern twist, thus the tie-dyed shawl and the green apple. Granny might also have some other "organic" produce and specialty home made items behind the counter.
  13. There is something strange going on in the village lately. People hear footsteps like those of a child, things tends to be in a different place then where they left them. Children have nightmares and seem to be afraid of their toys even. And it's getting worse, it started with a few missing pets, but now Old Lady Harrington is missing, nowhere to be found. Could it have something to do with that new girl living at the edge of the village? Her name is Lilith, and she is so friendly, she gave every child in the village one of her handcrafted dolls for free. But still, there's something strange about it all. Constable Burton decided to have a look at her place. So one night he walked to the edge of the village, he saw lights shining through Lilith's windows. He could be wrong of course, such a nice girl, but he had a hunch and he really wanted to know. So he opened the door. The moment he did he knew he shouldn't have... Lilith and the Creepy Dolls are 3d printed on my Elegoo Mars. Design from Dragon Trapper's Lodge. Bookcases are from Minimonster Studios and Reaper Bones. Table and benches fom Reaper Bones. Floor was made with a GreenstuffWorld Rollerpin. Wall is a plasticcard base. Hope you like it
  14. I'm very happy with how the skin tone turned out on this mini.
  15. Hey everyone, I got another one of these cuties. I went for the classic witch color this time around. This is a 03535, Halloween Mousling sculpted by Gene Van Horne.
  16. Showcasing more old-paintjobs from one of my former adventuring parties. This time we look at Willow the Eladrin Warlock, represented by Feiya, Iconic Witch. I enjoyed playing with colors with her, though in retrospect, I wish I had used some more magentas and purples. I believe the leaves on the base were painted oregano. Reverse side under the spoiler: Willow is an Eladrin of the Feywild. When her world started to freeze over, she was sent by her patron to cross over into the material world and discover the source of the cold. A stranger to Frostrun and an outsider to this World, Willow must rely on her new friends to help her save her own realm. Check out the rest of the Frostrun project HERE.
  17. This is Reaper's Elise the Witch. SKU. 02863 ( Metal Figure) Once she was part of a big Halloween Diorama but that didn't survive the move. I was able to save the minis though. I rebased her, gave her some highlights/ repainted parts. She's back in action now, ready to turn you into a frog or a willing servant. Part of my Undead/Demon/Witchhunters Project https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/79298-children-of-the-night-by-glitterwolf/
  18. Presenting Veteran Hemlocke, she's part of the Morticians Guild from the game Guild Ball by Steamforged Games. Originally part of the Union, she managed to escape it's destruction and, being what passes for a magic user in the Guild Ball world, found a home with the spirit summoners of the Morticians. Overall I'm happy with this one, but she is a bit rough in places, painting that snake was a big pain in the bum! As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
  19. ...and the last long term resident of the desk has reached Show Off. Reaper's Krissy Modern Witch. I didn't include the stuffed animal familer that came with her as I have plans to use that in another project. I painted her orb as a magic 8ball, and between that and the dice, I'm thinking she might have a bit of a gambling problem. (which would also explain her lack of clothing, she's been having a bad run...) I attempted to give the stockings the impression of being sheer, and from a distance it works well enough.
  20. ...and another long term resident of the Shelf of Incompletion reaches Show Off... I decided on a traditional "Salem-like" color scheme for her, both to ground the steampunk elements, and to tie her in with the Witch Hunters I've been working on. The sealer apparently wasn't fully dry when I took this picture. Arg. But at least she's done.
  21. ...and whilst gathering Firewood of an evening, I chanced to see a glow from a clearing a-nearby and hear sounds as of Chanting; taking it upon myfelf to enquire further, and creeping to the edge of yon Clearing I beheld Gooddame Wembley and Goodwife Jessup comporting themfelves oddly round a curious ring of stones; likewise with them was an uncanny Moppet malign of afpect, conftructed of string and rags, and also Effigies of wood and bracken made, which same did appear to move of their own Accord as though they had Volition, and did consort with thofe worthies... ...Prefently there appeared from out the Foreft a Hierophant, chasubled and mantled with vainglorious trappings akin to any robed Prieft of ROME, with a Ram's skull to mask therewith, and brandishing an Axe with Divelish cries and ensorcellments moft terrible to hear, which Cacophony was join'd by the other two and likewife a black Cat which wove in and out from between their legs... ...Anon came forth a monstrous Fiend, in shape like a Man from the Belly upwards and like unto a Goat below, crook-legged, hoov'd, and hairy, unclad, and similarly with a Countenance like that of a Ram's from shoulders upwards, the skull being without Skin or Flesh, yet do I atteft this was in no wise any mask, but its veritable Head undisguif'd; and the three of them did make obeisance to the Thing and venerated it abandon'dly with blafphemous Rites more Hellish and vile than thofe of the unregenerate Heathen, and the wooden Effigies did dance the while, and the Moppet also... ...whereupon with clean Conscience I could endure to see no more, and fled. Thif I do atteft before God and before the Affembly to be a full and complete Account of my Experience in the wood that night, and affix my Hand thereunto, the same being --MILES WIGGLESWORTH his mark X. Another from Crooked Dice! I've posted Dita (80006) and Estra (60198) last Fall in the Early Modern Monster Hunters series, but Crooked Dice's Wasteland Cultist and Goatman are new. (There's an almost identical mini to the Cultist in the 'Children of the Fields' line, but I like the more tattered version here.) The Goatman is just straight-up creepy in a way that many more overtly brutal or vicious sculpts are not. No demon genitals are visible on the model but I have placed the full frontal view in a spoiler just in case.
  22. Rhasia has been on my paint desk for a long time. I love the dynamic sculpt. Had some problems seeing all the tiny details, and keeping her skin from being blotchy. This is one I would paint again someday if my skills improved.
  23. For my upcoming Ravenloft campaign.
  24. I am churning out the Bones 4 core set PC-types just to get them out of the way before I can get stuck in with the more interesting monsters and creatures. Now with sharper images! #19: Young Witch Tiffany 25mm base
  25. After well over a year of the Shelf of Incompleteness she is done! Part of the reason she hung around there that long is because she was the first figure in a long while that I wanted to extend higher than my usual tabletop level into display level and part of the way thru I hit a wall. In doing so I learned where my current limits are. This was also my first attempt at painting sheer clothing. Her hair came out better than expected considering this turned into a speed paint when I got back to her. The Witch of November mayhap? Save a Broom, Ride a Pumpkin! One of the best faces I've done, although the flash makes it hard to see the subtle contrasts in the skin/lips. Which tends to be my main difficulty in painting pale skin is finding the right amount of contrast.
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