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Found 21 results

  1. I almost didn't bother posting these, but I went ahead and did so. Just some quick rats and spiders. The rats are from the D&D Castle Ravenloft board game, the spiders are from the Legend of Drizzt board game. To mix it up, I alternated colors between brown/dark gray/light gray. They came out a bit dark, but I guess that's okay for rats and spiders. Nothing spectacular, but they actually get used quite a bit (on the rare occasions when my group actually gets to play).
  2. A quick and easy paintjob! Still enjoyed it! 😄
  3. Wizards of the Coast D&D metal model. From the year Two-Thou-sand (you have to say it like Conan O'Brien) Rescued from the Island of Lost Pewture, (aka my friends rpg storage shed) and painted up. I love his goggles, I don't think you see enough of those on wizard minis. I can see a fireball coming.
  4. The current center-piece of my Demonic Army, a Balrog "Balor." This is "Errtu, Balor" from the Legend of Drizzt D&D Board Game. I painted him up about a year ago and he was one of the first huge minis I ever attempted. There's a lot that I wish I'd done better looking back on it, but you have to make mistakes to get better! More Photos Below Spoiler: Check out the rest of my Blood War project HERE.
  5. Hellborn Troll from WizKids' Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures I stopped at AC Moore today and picked up one of the FolkArt Pickling Washes I didn't have while my wife was shopping for school play costume materials. Nearby I found FolkArt Ultra Dyes and picked up two colors to check out; Purple Rain and Pucker Up (a yellow). I have enjoyed using the Glass Enamels with the long cure time before and thought these might work similarly. I decided to wash my troll with the Purple Rain to see how it comes out and goes on. It's fairly thick out of the bottle but I might not have shaken it enough. It was taking forever to dry so I hit it with some Testors Dullcote to speed the process and reduce the shine. It's glossy like inks. Next, I used Reaper Blood Red to give him the Hellborn look I wanted. Then I pulled out Reaper Violet Shadow to get his hair, teeth and claws darkened. I then went back over the boney bits with the FolkArt Ultra Dye. It'll put the glossy touch to the claws and teeth. I am quite happy with him so far. Stay tuned and Enjoy!
  6. Some partly modified Nolzur's Myconid Adults, plus a WotC Manes demon I got in a random box. I had no need of flabby little demons, and I do have need of spore servants, so I took drill and sewing pins to them as described in this thread: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/85573-putting-the-fun-in-fungal-infestation/ Behold Mushroom Buddy 1! He's inspired by Boletus subvelutipes, Boletus bicolor, and other more flashy boletes. And here's Mushroom Buddy 2, modded up with pins. More of a Boletus edulis / B. pinophilus look to him, with enokitake/ Flammulina velutipes sprouts. More of a waxy-cap or psilocybe color to the little sprouts though; all pale would be boring. And here's Cletus the spore servant. I figure in life he was a very fat goblin. I made these mushroom stems a very subtle purple (Slaanesh grey + Reaper Vampiric Flesh). And here's a group shot!
  7. Hey all, I've begun the process of re-basing some old WOTC Star Wars metal characters that I painted a while back. I've added a little height to each base, and now they will be more consistent with the new Star Wars Legion models. I hope you enjoy them. The first is the Cerean Jedi. This guy was my character in the Living Force campaign for many years. Next up is the Human Male Fringer. Last, for now, is a Warhammer 40K model that I painted up do be a human soldier.
  8. This is a re-paint of one of Wizards of the Coast's pre-painted plastic D&D miniatures. According to the information moulded under the base, it's a Lich Necromancer. I tried to get his cloak looking like a fairly freshly flayed skin, though with fairly limited success. WotC's pre-painted miniatures are extremely variable in quality, both in sculpting and in painting. This isn't one of their best in either respect, but neither is it one of their worst.
  9. Wizards of the Coast's Dungeons & Dragons Fire Giant Stalking the Steps This 25mm scale Fire Giant isn't humongous by today's miniature line standards but he has a lot of character. The sculptors, Chaz Elliot and then apprentice, Jason Wiebe, put a lot of great detail into this fellow. I personally love the knowing grin on his face. However, partly because of the scale and the sculpted position of the giant, I felt he wasn't set up right. So he was reposed a smidge. When I first looked him over at the work table, I held him on a slab of slate and tried to visualize him on a game board. It's fairly obvious that he was originally meant to be looking down at the puny humans before him but against the more prolific 28-32mm scale miniatures I own, he was looking at their chests or groins. So after playing around with slate pieces such, I finally figure him out. He needed his sword level. Well his arms were tight to his chest so repositioning the weapon that way would require practically resculpting him. But ... if I cut apart the integral base and and changed the elevation of his feet he looked like he was slinking up some stairs. Thus the step and repose. You can check out his painting WIP. The repositioning and base construction was done a long time ago before I was doing WIP posts. Enjoy. Added to Thrym's General Show Off List
  10. Did some painting this weekend and I was pleasently surprised that I managed to finish my latest purchases, All are speedpaints with a heavy dose of Army Painters Strong Tone wash to finish them. A few gnolls (Gnolls, Gnoll Slaver and Gnoll Warriors) Two grimlocks Two kobold guards Three kuo-toas (one archpriest and two regular) Two lizardman fighters One roper. I'm really pleased with how this one turned out.
  11. Couple experiments were done on this one this morning, one ongoing on the paint's durability. Just dropping it off here because Grumpy Cave Bear seemed interested in the WIP thread.
  12. This cute little fella is a Crested Felldrake made by WoTc for their Chainmail line of figures. I painted him up during the paint binge. You can't tell from the pictures (and I took a ton trying to get some decent ones) but his eyes are painted. C&C is welcome.
  13. Angry female ogre..nuff said. This miniature was entirely painted, as all my figures are with a Round #1 brush from Reaper and Reaper MSP. I've dedicated myself to steadily improving my glazing practices throughout the year and this is making me feel like I'm getting somewhere. As with all my painting, none of the shading or highlighting you see is a result of photography. The paints I used: Ultramarine shadow, blue liner, tanned leather, auburn shadow, burgundy wine (a new favorite), misty grey, dark elf skin, woodstain brown, earth brown, blackened brown, brains pink, driftwood brown, fresh blood, vampiric shadow, splintered bone, dirty bone, ruddy leather. Since I'm terrible at WIP threads I thought I would include a synopsis of the painting of the skin: The ogre got a base-coat of ultramarine shadow Wash of blue liner, emphasis on the "darker" areas 2 glazes of a color combo of (2 brains pink: 3 driftwood brown) Blue liner wash 1 glaze of burgundy wine 1 highlighting glaze of (1 brains pink: 1 driftwood brown...6 drops of water added to that mix) 1 highlighting glaze of the above with burgundy wine added to blend 1 glaze of the above with fresh blood and brains pink added 1 glaze of the above with vampiric shadow added 1 glaze of (1 brains pink: 1 splintered bone) 2 glazes of 1:1:1 of brains pink, burgundy wine, driftwood brown I hope you like what I've done but I'm always open to C&C and any thoughts on improvement.
  14. This is a re-paint of a pre-paint of a Deep Dragon. I had two WotC plastic Deep Dragons, but no Green Dragon, so I figured I might as well give one of them a make-over. As well as painting it, I ripped it off its original plastic base and re-based it on a large panel-washer with some epoxy putty and a bit of flocking — the flock does tend to gather dust, but it covers a host of evils when it comes to basing. This, incidentally, is the original factory paint-job. It's pretty underwhelming. I very seldom use dragons in my game. I was traumatized by a session in which the dragon was supposed to be a massive boss-fight, but which turned into complete farce when the dragon was taken out by a single lucky hit from aSword of Sharpness before the fight had even really got started. We were using a pretty vicious critical-hits system back then, so it was really my own fault.
  15. This is the Chainmail Mordengard Dwarf Fighter from Wizards of the Coast. I am painting my Mordengard Dwarves with an alternate color scheme to represent a planetouched dwarven subrace. This dwarven subrace all have grey skin, all black eyes, and metallic hair.
  16. Another mini from the long-held stash (don't know the sculptor, unfortunately): Wrong color green for a troglodyte, I suppose. Anyway, I finally got some washes (from Reaper), so I tried washing this guy wth the brown. I can't tell if it worked or not. I did a little bit of lining after it. And highlighting. I'm not sure what the wash accomplished. Meh. I'm pleased with how it came out, all in all, though I'm sure there are lessons to be learned, here. Please, tell me what they are.
  17. Heya guys, just got an email that Paizo are having a sale on selected stock over on their web-store until December 1st: http://paizo.com/store/sale/theGreatGolem2013Sale A lot of content from other publishers and a lot of their older stuff. Some cheap adventure path stock here: http://paizo.com/store/sale/theGreatGolem2013Sale/roleplayingGames/paizoPublishingLLC/pathfinderAP Cheap dungeon tles: http://paizo.com/store/sale/theGreatGolem2013Sale/maps
  18. Ok after last months dismal performance I need to get cracking and finish some miniatures this month! Comments on the minis are always welcome. Finished: (20 of 20) Reaper: Bones Ghost GW: Sam Gamgee WotC: Tiefling Warlock GW: Empire Spearman (6th Ed) GW: Empire Canon Crew (6th Ed) (3) GW: Mordheim Knight Reaper: 02681: Tolzar, Cleric Reaper: 14335: Sielendria, Spell Sister Reaper: 03409: Nadia of the Blade Reaper: 02870: Familiar Pack V (Mouse) WotC: DnD Halfling Monk Reaper: 14311: Kassandra of the Blade AEG: Clan War "Lion's Pride" x4 AEG: Clan War Unicorn Strider x1 Reaper: Bones Gargoyle
  19. We use a lot of draconians, and there's never any that look just right. For this character we needed a 10' tall gold draconian. Having used up all the awesome reptus guys from reaper, and not having found anything bigger and cooler looking, we were at our wits end for him. Then one day I was looking at the shelf above my desk and said "Sweetie, what if we used this sivak draconian for Kezeran?" (that's the character's name). He's bigger than the others, he's cool looking, and best of all, he's made of plastic! The plan is to repose his arms so that he's weaponless, and use green stuff to sculpt cool looking claws on him. Here he is after I took out his weapon. I tried boiling him like a bones mini to repose his arms but that didn't work. I also tried soaking him in Simple Green to take the paint off but all that did was make him stink of licorice. I hate the smell of licorice.
  20. I commented in Dracolich - First painting attempt and as this mini isn't finished I thought I'd put up a WIP thread for it so that I could explain things. Colours Used So Far: 09116 Brilliant Blue 09037 Pure Black 29824 Maiden Flesh 09255 Black Wash Base Colours: Maiden Flesh for the bones. Brilliant Blue for the flesh. Wash after the base colours are dry I applied a thinned wash of Black Wash over the entire miniature. Once the thinned wash is dried I applied Black Wash again this time specifically targeting the deep recesses of the model, such as the tail and similar areas. Next Step: At this point I painted over the bones of the model with thinned Maiden Flesh. When I say "thinned" I mean I dip my brush into water (collecting enough water to wet the brush not loading it with water) and then picked up paint (from a drop) and mixed the two on my pallet so that the brush was not over loaded with paint. This paint is then applied lightly to the miniature building thin coats. Contrasted with the black of the wash this makes the Maiden Flesh look white. In places I built some layers up of this colour, usually on high points or areas where the colour should be strongly white (because in the things I still have to do is apply a mix of Maiden Flesh & Pure White for highlights and Pure white for extreme highlights). At this point I "black lined" the mini. Using Pure Black I carefully painted over the deep joints and other areas that I wanted specifically black and then along where the white bone is adjacent to the blue. I also touched up a few of the deep shadows on the blue as well. (I still need to revisit the inside of the mouth I noticed.) To bring the mini to the stage in the photo I thin thinned (as described above for the Maiden Flesh) Brilliant Blue and painted over the blue areas. On the body I focused on the high surfaces and other areas that will build to highlights. On the wings I painted over the whole surface right up to the bones (yes this covers the previously established black line). This completes the miniature up to its current state, which (aside from the base needing painting and fixing the mouth) would be perfect for the game table to be honest (maybe a little more highlight on the blue). Where From Here; The next step is to work the blue up to highlights more and eventually to come through and paint black veins in the wings (where the small groves are in the model). Its a big impressive model and I expect to use it in games other than Ravenloft. I am still considering removing it from the plain base and remounting it on a scenic one, though obviously the more painted it gets the harder that becomes to do.
  21. Well my project to paint all of my Castle Ravenloft miniatures finally came to an end this morning when I finished the Dracolich. Now these are all speed painted to tabletop standard so nothing fancy. The basic technique was to paint the base colours, wash with black and then paint the highpoints back in the midtone, maybe add some highlights a shade or two higher. The only exception is the Dracolich, which is only slightly more detailed in painting with a bit more highlighting - most of its extra work is in the wings. So here we go; Closer Pictures; Solo picture of the Dracolich; If people want pictures of the individual models I'm happy to share those as well, but I figured we were already getting a little picture intensive.
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