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Found 8 results

  1. A day in the Marine Corps is like a day on the farm! Every meal is a banquet. Every paycheck a forture. Every formation a parade! I love the corps. So, I've been hitting these a little at a time since the game was released. I haven't played the game (as I mostly want to recreate the old Leading Edge Games game), but I'm sure I will eventually. On with the show: These are from images I posted over in Off Topic. I just realized last night that I'd finished (or nearly so) over half the box! The eggs and facehuggers were done in batches. I could have done them all the same, but I wanted there to be slight differences. I wasn't able to find a lot of information on the actual prop eggs used, so I kind of winged it based on what others were doing. The eggs were Forest Green, Grass Green, and Jade Green--according to my notes. I think that I started with Pure Black on the bases and drybrushed the Forest Green and Grass Green. The fleshy bits were done in Golden Shadow, Golden Skin, and Golden Highlight for three closed and one open egg and one facehugger. The other set of eggs and facehugger were done with Tanned Skin, Tanned Highlight, and Fair Shadow. I am finding that I'm starting with a triad and then "bumping" it up (or down) to keep the colors "together" but add some variety. The first batch of crates are Stormy Grey, Cloudy Grey, and Misty Grey. Second batch of crates is Chestnut Gold, Palamino Gold, and Buckskin Pale. I am really pleased with the dirty look they have. The sealer was still drying on them, so they were still on the caps when I took the picture. The Weyland-Yutani logo is Pure White and Sunlight Yellow over Pure Black. Still six crates to go (2 will be red, 4 in blue or green). I've already made up some sort of weird rules to allow me to justify using multiple (non-grey) colors, also six computer terminals, and two sentry guns. Those have already been started, so will be quick to finish (hopefully). I've seen some folks do some great things with the terminal screens, but that won't be me.
  2. I'm 3 hours early, but.... Happy Burst Day! @Guindyloo
  3. Finished the last model in my Tyranid army for now. All hail the King and Queen. :)
  4. Did this Hive Tyrant yesterday/today. He is magnetized to be able to switch between legs and wings. The 'not alien' head is from Epoch Studioz. Overall, I am really happy with this one. Edit: Updating the post with the based miniature. It has some drool, now, too! Alternate version, with all magnetized parts switched out:
  5. Latest addition to the family. Still waiting for my 60mm bases.:
  6. This mini is based on a forum joke that occurred in the Randomness thread over the holidays, when someone playfully referred to forum member Guindyloo as "Little Guindyloo Who" (from The Grinch Who Stole Christmas)... If you're not familiar with her, Guindyloo has an Alien xenomorph for an avatar. I sculpted and painted it myself, and Guindyloo is receiving the mini as I post this. And now, without further ado, May I introduce to you... Little Guindyloo Who, who was no more than two... ...centimeters tall, that is. In fact this figure's only 15mm tall. And yes, she really is clutching a stuffed facehugger, lol... I'm actually shocked the painting came out as well as it did, since it's really the first time I've ever tried painting highly reflective surfaces (head shell and ornament)... The unpainted pics are up in the sculpting forum. (side note: that Groucho-Marx-moustache-looking dark spot in some of the pics is something caused by the lighting and not nearly that visible on the actual mini...) And a slightly higher angle...
  7. I started sculpting rocks and things for my bases about eight years ago, but didn't have any real tools or magnification at the time. So for quite awhile my stuff was pretty limited as to what I could do. Eventually, I picked up some real tools and started doing a lot more with my scenery and making a few small animals - some of you might have seen pictures of the bits I've been tossing in the Box o' Goodwill - as well as doing some fairly massive sculpting conversions, even to the point where the original mini was basically just a sculpting dolly that I'd almost completely covered over or converted. I've even gotten so far as to have several (nearly) half-completed figures sitting in purgatory on my table. However, this is the first humanoid figure I've brought from bare armature all the way to paint. This miniature is based on a forum joke that occurred in the Randomness thread. Just before Christmas, someone playfully referred to forum member Guindyloo as "Little Guindyloo Who" (ref. The Grinch Who Stole Christmas)... Guindyloo uses a xenomorph from the Aliens series as an avatar. This gave me the idea to do a little xenomorph child dressed as Little Cindy Lou Who and clutching a stuffed facehugger. (There are reasons they call me Mad, lol) So I used this reference picture... And I bent some wire into sort of a smooshed question mark shape and started sculpting. The final figure ended up being 15mm tall. Twice during this project I had to stop sculpting and pause to make myself new sculpting tools because the ones I had were too big. I started out with the standard set of tools, and then ground out smaller versions of a couple of them from paper clips and another even smaller set from the tiny pins I use for pinning small things like hands onto arms, using my Dremel underneath my magnifier. It was then that I realized I needed more magnification, so after puttering around a bit and not coming up with any better solutions I ended up just laying another magnifying glass directly on top of the one I was using, lol. I then ground out another tool with an even smaller tip on it for the really fine detail work on it. The dorsal plates on the tail were done by adding a solid ridge of putty along the entire tail and then using the snapped-off end of a jeweler's saw blade with about seven teeth on it to file notches in it by hand. If you look closely at the individual parts on each side and compare them, you can really see where in the process I finally figured out how to do what I was trying to do and where I began using each smaller set of tools and better magnification. THis whole thing was one long learning curve from start to finish. I'm not entirely happy with my blending and especially with the way the teeth turned out (I really should have put them inside the head instead of on the front), but I'm reluctantly forced to concede that I've reached the physical limits of my current tools and magnification... And possibly my own dexterity as well. In any event... Without further ado, may I present to you Little Guidyloo Who, who was no more than two... ...centimeters tall, that is. Here's the link to the Show Off thread... Little Guindyloo Who Criticisms welcome.
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