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Found 2 results

  1. Though this is very late, as it is already March, I wanted to post my yearly hobby progress (2023). Overall it wasn't a bad year but there were also some real hobby breaks that went on for far too long. That however is a subject for another time, so lets get to the miniatures. First up are my Imperial Guard Scouts. This was an idea I had for awhile and after stumbling upon a "cheap" set of figures in a bits bin I finally did it. Next up is the Kick board game which I managed to finish. As a bonus here is the gratifying shot of them in the game box. I also painted up some cheap knight toys as a simple test. Finding another cheap Tau figure in a bits bin I also added a Michelangelo to my Teenage Mutant Ninja Tau group. I also finished everything I had on hand from the Box of Goodwill. I added more to my 15mm Ion Age Prydian force and even started a Yordan force so I could start teaching the game. At least that was the original intention. Buying heavily into the multiple Ion Age games I also painted the 28mm figures I received in a starter set. Wanting to get into Majestic 13 I built and painted a team for the game. As usual my desk had started accumulating a lot of random miniatures, so I worked through that small backlog. Lastly I started working through the backlog of Game of Thrones Battlelore figures I have on hand. Here is a shot of everything from the year. Final numbers: 207- Figures/Small Terrain 1- Christmas ornament TOTAL: 208 Not too bad all things considered and I did paint a few more things compared to last year. I believe this year has shown that painting without any actual playing really effects my output. This is something I'm looking to remedy this year but we'll just have to wait and see if playing reignites my passion for painting. *Note though some models may not in fact be the actual models from this year I did my best. It's hard to pull the exact model when dealing with so many, especially it they all look the same. **An additional note this year there were a few small terrain pieces that were not included in the pictures. This was simply because I didn't want to dig through all my terrain to find them.
  2. Though I am very late this year I still wanted to post last year's painting progress. Though I may not have gotten everything finished that I wanted to, especially that board game, I did manage to knock out a few big projects. I'm especially proud of the fact that I finally finished a project I started back in 2020. First up was the remainder of my Ghost Archipelago project. Next I completed what I had of my Warhammer Imperium subscription before I came to my senses and canceled it. I also managed to clear my desk of all the random miniatures that had accrued on it. Buying into a small historical wargame this year I really impressed the wife by painting it immediately. My Robotech box was finally finished after two years of waiting for me to actually figure out how to paint them. In the end I didn't exactly get them how I wanted them but roughly painted is still better than just primed. I also created my first three cars for Gaslands. I started a joke squad of Teenage Mutant Ninja Tau. Taking the joke further I even painted some Foot Clan proxies. I even got around to painting my Ion Age miniatures which renewed my interest in the system so much that I'll be buying into the games this year. All together it's not my most massive horde but I'm still impressed. It honestly didn't feel like I painted that many miniatures this year. Final numbers: 180- Figures/Vehicles 1- Christmas ornament TOTAL: 181 Only seven figures down from last year, I'm certainly surprised by that. I didn't hit my stated goal of three hundred this year but it's okay, I focused more on the project's I wanted to paint. I also didn't get stuck painting too many batch projects either which was nice. *Note though some models may not in fact be the actual models from this year I did my best. It's hard to pull the exact model when dealing with so many, especially it they all look the same.
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