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Found 12 results

  1. I recently discovered that I really liked listening to D&D games being played while painting. I watched/listened to a few videos with Matt Mercer DMing some really cool games. What podcasts/videos do you all like to watch/listen to?
  2. Hey guys I put up a rust texture tutorial video on youtube. I'd appreciate if you have a little time to watch it and comment here or there about what you liked and what you didn't like and about what kind of content you would like to see. Thanks.
  3. My son and I just found this series on YouTube: Man at Arms: Reforged Great series where a team of people at Baltimore Knife and Sword make various weapons from video games, comics, books and movies (among other things) and occasionally historical weapons, and show you how they make them.
  4. I found myself surfing YouTube for old British Pathe newsreels this morning, and came across these great toy soldier clips, and thought you all might enjoy them. Just another night at the wargame club... Toy soldier manufacturing: You can find a bunch more by simply going to YouTube and searching "Pathe toy soldiers"
  5. *Edit* I took some of your suggestions and created a quick video about Legendary Encounters. I have been trying to start up a miniature review thing on Youtube and I have had some positive feedback but mostly it's been tough getting feedback. I now have a cheap setup with 2 lights and a HD camcorder. If anyone has anything to say about the videos please let me know. https://youtu.be/LpOPT2hm1XU EDIT - I linked the same video twice. https://youtu.be/2vpP1sZACuY
  6. So Kuro is recording video! So cool. In his WIP thread, a side discussion about shooting video came up, so I thought it might be nice to have a thread on the topic. Recording, equipment, software, setups; there is a lot that goes into making videos! I did find a thread on software from a couple years back, so there's a starter on that part of the process, but it would be nice to have the different technical aspects in one spot.
  7. This stuff is probably WAY beneath the skill level of most people here, but I decided to put up a series of basic YouTube videos about getting minis tabletop-ready. I'm still fiddling with the best format and setup to use. The first couple are online now: Episode 1
  8. I'll just leave this here. Enjoy.
  9. Alright, since people in other topics have been mildly interested, figured I might as well post up the finished figure. I've been trying to write a number of "How-I-Paint" articles for Cool Mini or Not, which morphed into making YouTube videos of the entire painting process. So, should you wish, you can follow my entire paint job ( ). Below you see Elliwyn Heatherlark, Gnome. As a metal figure, I used her as a stand-in for the Kickstarter Bones' version of her. I limited myself to the first paint set that was offered up as an add-on, so there were only 12 paints for me to choose, resulting in a simple paint scheme. The camo backpack is possibly a little out of place, but I've got plans to pair her with Sara Blitzer, IMEF Marine, as a un-stasised (is that a word?) soldier in a future world-in-ruins type setting, which explains where she gets the backpack. Sadly, I've been very slow in painting, so it's taken two months painting off and on again to get her completed.
  10. A student at UNT had to do a 4 minute video using no words and convey the process of manufacturing something. She chose Reaper Miniatures. Above is the result!
  11. Just made a Youtube channel specifically for miniatures and uploaded . I know it's kind of a lame start, but I hope to upload some more stuff soon. :) If you're on Youtube give me a sub. :) I may end up redoing the werewolf vid. Kinda a lame video. :P Anyway thanks for reading. :)
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