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Found 6 results

  1. I'm a huge fan of green sculpted miniatures because I often feel like they have more character than digital miniatures. I think Boris Woloszyn might be the best green stuff sculptor out there and I have so much of his stuff. If it has too many eyes or teeth, I'm always in. 3D printed base One of my all time favorite sculpts. I normally struggle to come up with paint schemes but the second I saw this one I knew I how I wanted to paint it. It turned out exactly how I imaged (which is also rare). I love the NMM on the helmet but the sword could definitely use some work. An easy paint job with dry brushing but I'm still very happy with the belt on the big guy The face looks a little out of focus, but I'm pretty happy with NMM and gem. Trying for the OSL effect here. It doesn't look great in person; it looks a lot better in the photo.
  2. She feared little in life. After all, death was going to come at some point. And before it came to take her, she would be sure to live life to its best. And for Kickfeather, at its best was one where she would be part of stories full of great and honorable battles where her fury and skill never wavered protecting her tribe, their values, and the People's homelands. My second Zealot Miniatures minotaur representing another WoW character of mine from back in the day, Kickfeather of the Blackhide, a Tauren warrior. Fury specced, even before it was cool, thus the dual wielding. It's this particular model that made me buy a bunch of these Zealots because I immediately saw her in it. Played around with a lot of rough blends of contrasting colors because that's become a favorite thing of mine to do. Also, I can't remember the last time I used so many colors in one mini outside of Ma'al Drakar. Maybe I went a bit crazy with this one.
  3. These days he was trusted to protect that which was most precious to the tribe. He never strayed far from the village. As the day went on, others went about their daily business while Mishkwaki spent much of his day at rest, sitting in the warmth of the sun. But no one in the tribe doubted his abilities. He was respected for his age and honored for his deeds. There weren't many who had fought as many battles as he had and lived as many years. And when his eyes were closed, one would wonder if he was really asleep. Because they knew at a moment's notice, this seemingly gentle giant in peaceful repose would rise up and cleave through any who threatened the lives of his tribe's children. Oh yeah. These minotaur inspire me to tell stories. Or retell them, I suppose. They remind me of my WoW days when I was for many years a part of an RP server and created interactive stories alongside many as a leader of an all Tauren guild. I've already attributed names to most of them based off of characters from the guild. These figures elicit lots of fond memories and that's probably why I have patience to put a little extra love as I'll be painting each of them. This is the first.
  4. I LOVE MINOTAURS! Beastmen, in general. Things like Dark Sword's Anthropomorphic Animals helps feed this love as well. But, especially after 10+ years of playing practically nothing but Tauren in World of Warcraft, I've grown very attached to minotaurs. When I saw a bunch of these beautiful bovine people created by Zealot Miniatures (and one in particular that reminded me of one of my WoW characters), I snatched up a bunch of them and I needed to paint at least one right now. Originally, I wasn't going to do a WIP thread. But as much as my husband loves the end products of my hobby, he is far less enthusiastic than I am about the details of every step. And I'm having so much fun with the process, I feel the need to share. First, I primed in gray. Then, this morning, I blocked all the areas with base coats. Then in the afternoon, I started on the skin. Since it's a smooth skinned mini, but I wanted a fur texture, I decided to try something I haven't done on a mini before, pointillism. These are the colors I'm using - Started with bringing up the skin color with a layer of Burgundy Wine mixed with a touch of Burnt Red over about 90% of the skin. You can just see the difference of the back vs. the arm and leg. After that, I started the pointillism, going up slowly in tone with successive blends of the other colors. Not quite just dots of color, but tiny little lines with the tip of a #1 brush. The lines generally start out in a certain direction, but then go a little more wild the lighter the color. Went back and forth with all the colors to get the texture and shading I liked and this is the result. So that's what I'll be doing for a little while.
  5. Quickly knocked this one out for my dungeons.
  6. I wanted to paint a bigger terrain piece, so ... tada. I added skull piles at the torches, because they are simply too easy to break (which is what happened to the left) to not support properly.
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