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Found 116 results

  1. EvilJames

    77053: Zombie

    A reall simple paint job for this guy, but he painted up real quick and easy which was nice did him in one sitting from start to finish. He's un based for now. I will likely base him in some fashion in the future If I decide to make a Necropolis army, but for now he stands up fine on his own and fits better on the shelf this way. Questions, comments critiques? Hmm his eyes don't look as distinctive in the photo. I really need to figure this photo stuff out.
  2. I just want to show off the non player minis I painted for my Dungeons & Dragons club over the past year. Today: everything undead Starting with zombies, I got me some that could fit in a fantasy setting: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/zombie/sku-down/06135 http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/zombie/sku-down/03598 http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/03601/sku-down/03601 next up are skeletal warriors. I love these figures, they remind me so much of the old Ray Harryhausen movies. http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/06133/sku-down/06133 Then we got Dragoth, the defiler http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/02056/sku-down/02056 The ghost king http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/02991/sku-down/02991 And the whispering tyrant who - being quite a snap taller than average human - makes a pretty good level boss http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/60060/sku-down/60060 ...hope you like them
  3. Hi all! I'm new to this forum, but not to fantasy miniature painting. I don't really know what to say right now so I'll let a couple pieces of my wok speak for themselves: 77002: Orc Archers (Bones) 02566: Fiona, Female Druid
  4. I've hit abit of a painting slump lately and a even deeper "posting pics of what I've painted" slump. Now I plan to make a mends for at least one of those short commings in the shape of a few bones (II). All are speed paints (the zombie took a little bit longer). Ogre Zombie (I used this tutorial as a base for the skin) Skeletons Bone Demon
  5. First up my first sculpt, a green slime I made out of excess green stuff. I added a skull I had laying around on the suggestion of my husband. I also recently finished the last Bones zombie (77054) I had not yet painted, plus one of the ghasts (77159) for gaming use. I had a paint disaster earlier in the year where I spilled a bunch of metallic paint, so Mangu Timur (77148) was the recipient of some of that excess: Happy New Year everyone! Edited to add Figure SKU in the tags
  6. 'bout half an hour was spent on these, in desperation that I would not finish the RPChallenge in time otherwise. The zombie in particular was a failed experiment, where I attempted to use a dark red (of some sort, I cannot recall) as a base layer for the shaded basecoating instead of a very dark purple. I haven't painted true metallics in a while and thought I should try with the drow gate! It was nice to finally put that clockwork brass to use. Barrel's a barrel.
  7. Here we have the hungry, hungry zed called the Fatty (their name, not mine!) from Season 1 of Zombicide. Skin and shirt were Ginger Cookie based, I love this paint! Various shades were Intense Brown down into Chestnut and Muddy Soil (my current favorite dark brown). Highs were a Ginger Cookie/Bloodless Skin mix to cool things off and lend him a bit more undeathly feel. A little bit of violet red glazed into the shadows for further unhealth. The shirt subbed in Linen for Bloodless Skin, to give a little contrast to the skin highlights. Coveralls were Chestnut Brown shaded with Chestnut+Muddy. Highs were Carrot Top and Highlight Orange. Another fun Zombicide sculpt! I think I've painted more Zombicide minis at this point than anything but Reaper!
  8. Loim

    Tabletop Zed

  9. I finished this guy in May, just getting around to pics... This is a pedestrian zombie aka Walker from Season 1 of Zombicide. I hadn't really intended on such a limited palette with him, but as I was painting the skin I started roughing in the shirt and liked where it was going. The greens are Olive Shadow through the Undead Skin triad with some white mixed into the top end. Hair and pants were Red Shadow highlighted with some of the greens and deepest shaded with a touch of Walnut. Here's a shot of him next to a warmer example to highlight the limit of his palette. Really fun projects!
  10. Teskal

    Z War One

    End of May will be a new cooperative Zombie Board Game Kickstarter. Z War One
  11. Custom Made Minis, Necromancer 1, Zombie 1, and Zombie 2 Painted these three during the first week of May. The Necromancer's staff head will not stay glued. I'm thinking of putting a skull on his staff instead. I need a skull though.
  12. One more from my Undead Regiment, http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/60959-undead-regiment-in-a-swamp-mixed-manufacturers/ The Barbarian Zombie, Made by Grenadier.
  13. Jaws

    Enigma Zombie

    This zombie comes from Enigma miniatures, Zombie horde (5):
  14. The Command Group. Carrying the Battle Banner. Mummy Captain, Ghoul Drummer and Zombie Banner Bearer.
  15. Again two more ( tired yet of this Undead invasion?). Ghost is from Harlequin, Zombie from Grenadier.
  16. The Champion and some of his warriors ( I think I posted one of them already separately.)
  17. Two more. A Skeleton and a Zombie both wielding two handed weapons.
  18. I wanted to share this mini. It's among my top ten favorite miniatures that I have gotten. Just so morbid and horrible. In the style of the Braindead movie. :) Linked offsite due to a nipple showing. See it here.
  19. So I finished the Undead Regiment. Background story.. the Vampire Queen lost a big battle, fled to a swamp/jungle area. Subdued the swampfolk and now faces a rebellion. Some swamp creatures follow her, others oppose her. Here is the full regiment. Mixed Manufacturers. Mixed types of Undead. I will post them separatly or in smaller groups for better pics of them all. I will try not to flood the forum, so today the regiment and the first solo/smaller groups. The rest will follow shortly. The Vampire Queens heraldry is red and purple so all the Undead have this colours somewhere. Also as a sign she is mistress of the swamp, her heraldry has a snake in it, variations are found on the shields and banner. Now the horde:
  20. And this is my regiment of Undead I'm working on. This is the Vampire Queen ( or maybe just her sister I haven't decided yet). She conquered a swamp, so she got an army of Undead and all kinds of swamp creatures. Right now she has to deal with an uprising of some of the swamp dwellers. Here she ( or sis) leads her regiment of mixed undead warriors to battle. All in her heraldry of reds and purples, with the snake symbol to show she owns the swamp.
  21. About 3 or 4 weeks ago I remember that there were some new models available on the bones page, some of which I took a particular liking to: there were two fat zombie creatures which I can only think of comparing to Warhammer 40k's Nurgle Great Unclean One (only much much smaller). Among these models which vanished was the Dragon's Don't Share set, which has reappeared. I was just wondering if anyone knew why these models were removed or when they will return and be available for purchase?
  22. I was debating posting this since there was already a zombie done for the V-Day challenge, but you can never have too many zombies, right? I figure somebody should represent the bah-humbug crowd for this holiday, lol, so since the other zombie was cute, I figured I'd be a contrary so-and-so and do this one more gruesome... Thus, a zombie ripping his own heart out of his chest to give to you... ::D: I call it "To Hell With From Hell With Love", lol... Better pics possibly forthcoming. (You can't really see the nice blood spatter dripping from the hole, lol. On the other hand, the filmed-over eyes came out better than I thought they would.) Here's a better angle of the heart in his right hand. This is also my first mini for the Resolutionary Painting Challenge for Feb. It's a WizKids Pathfinder zombie from the Undead Horde set I picked up on an impulse to check out the quality of the sculpts for the set. I wasn't impressed - the paid professional who made this guy's chainmail just poked random holes in the surface. Which my completely amateur self did almost just as well on as he did when I rebuilt the shoulders from brownstuff... So about half the "links" in the mail are painted on. (I just put alternating bright swishes and black dots inbetween the existing holes.) Conversion-wise, I lopped off both of the guy's arms, shaved off a fair amount of their area where they conected to the shoulder and pinned them in a new position, sculpted a new set of shoulders for him, then lopped off the left hand and rotated it so it was palm-up. I also sliced off all of the weapons sticking out of the guy, which looked ridiculous. I then drilled the hole in his chest and sculpted the reasonably realistic-looking human heart in his hand. Considering I'd never done one of those before, it came out fairly accurate.
  23. Continuing on with the Febuary challenge goals I set myself, (painting at least one of each from the following categories: Reaper Bones, Oathsworn, All Quiet of the Martian Front, Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40.000, Kings of War, Deadzone, DreadBall, Mars Attacks, Shadows of Brimstone, Sedition Wars, Drake, Grendel Productions something or other, and to finish something that currently stands around half-done on the shelf of shame), I have done a few minis over the weekend, As per the resolutionary painting challenge guidelines, I will post them here, and link in my post in the challenge thread. Here goes for Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster Strain Phase 1. Basically your space zombie mutant thing, Your former colleague or friend, Changing before your eyes and coming at you Doom-style. It is part machine, part necrotic tissue, all terrifying mutant monster! Painted in much the same way as the Space Hurps
  24. As part of the Resolutionary Challenge I had a bit of fun and grabbed a bones zombie from my vampire box and created "Undying Love". He will be given to my husband with his Valentine's Day card as a surprise. I assembled(or chopped may be the more appropriate word), painted and based him last night while my husband was out. He certainly isn't anything pretty but I think he is cute and will hopefully get a few chuckles. I tried to get a photo of the two intertwined hearts on his gravestone but as difficult as they were to paint (yes I decided to add them after everything was done) they proved harder to photograph. Oh and finally I joined the club of Hanger 18 backdrops so I picked one with red for the occasion. Hopefully this little guy will make someone smile.
  25. I decided to take a break after completing my Secret Sophie project and paint something quick... ??and cute?? (so to speak) As I was turning around to select a mini I bumped my painting table and was immediatly attacked by a small crazed Zombie with an oversized head! Bart leaped off the shelf of "I will get to you someday ness" , dodged the paint bottles and the cleaning water on the desk, rolled over and off the desk and attacked viciously... landing on my foot! After showing such intiative I decided he earned a quick table top paint job.. so here he is. 01535 Bart sculpted by Bob Ridolfi
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