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Found 3 results

  1. Okay, my whole world's gone blonde! Seriously though, Kaya's pretty much done! There's not much more I can do now at this level. I think she's my best work to date, although you guys will have to be the judge of that. Let me post pics first, then comment along the way: Okay, it should be stated that the pics and the base were giving me fits tonight. I took an entire series of photographs first until I notice that she had a bit of space between her foot and the rock. I think I mentioned my problems with this in the WIP, although I'm not sure. At any rate, I pulled her, clipped her wire, re-glued her, and reshot the shoot. I thought I saved a pic to show the difference, but the photographs got all jumbled up in the process and I deleted the originals. The last shoot looks a bit darker than the first, but you get the idea. Here's a more dynamic close up: Here's one with a green background. I'm not sure which I like best. Hmmm... Overall I'm satisfied! I think I've improved in painting in some regard on Kaya, especially in the leathers department. She's got more leather than a Wilson's store at an outlet mall! I got some more practice with fur as well, which I haven't really played around with since the first mini I ever painted: the Barrow Rat. There were a few firsts in this one: 1. First time basing in snow - Honestly it drove me nuts! I practiced using medium texture paste, but I think I should've waited until I found light texture paste. If you look closely, you can see that the medium paste cracked in a few places as it dried out. I don't think it's a total loss, but I may go back with some baking soda or synthetic snow to try to cover up the cracks some. Either that, or I can just pretend that snow does that when it melts... does it? The only snow we get down here in the south turns to slush puppy the instant it hits the ground! 2. First time working with lead weights to counterbalance the dynamic pose of a miniature. - It would have been much easier just to mount Kaya directly to the diorama. However, I wanted to be able to remove her for an occasional round of Munchkin, especially when someone feels like intimidating all the other players with that giant spearhead and the overall height of the piece. Even so, she's not perfectly balanced. She was pretty close until the felt bottom was added. That threw a few things off. Still, I wish I could've put more weight in the bottom, although you're pretty limited in what you can add to an 1.25" checker piece. Hmmmm.... 3. First Tattoo!!! - Yes, it's green and blue. Yes, it could have a bit more highlighting and skin tone over it. Yes, it could have a stronger outline. Yes, it was supposed to be a wolf's head, but ended up being a birdman/guy/thing. BUT! It was my first tattoo, and the only way to go from here is up! That, and Kaya loves it. It fits her wanting to leap off of a cliff to fight... Anyhoo, Kaya's out of my hair and in the display cabinet! Now I can focus on the Fall Exchange, a Hasslefree mini contest, finishing the rest of the YOTG diorama, and anything else I'll be painting for Christmas. It'll be a busy holiday season, that's for sure! Well, that's about it. Comments, compliments, and suggestions are greatly appreciated and encouraged! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and look at my little corner of the 'net! -K P.S.: Here's a sneak peak into Kaya's ultimate role in the "Year of the Giants" contest, Giant T.B.A.:
  2. Okay! It is fantastic to be getting back to people and critters after the SciFi contest. I figured I need to get started on The Year of the Giants or else I may get engrossed in the Fall Exchange and run outta time like I did last.. er... time. To start with, I'm doing the normal sized person in my diorama first. My goal is to make her detachable as a game piece as well, so we'll have to see how that turns out. I've started with Kaya the Reaper (14600) because, well, I was ready to paint a lady. My inspiration for Kaya came from Lagertha from History Channel's Vikings show. I had a thing for blondes when I was a kid so, I guess this came naturally Anyway, I'm still kicking around ideas for the diorama but I'm pretty sure I know which direction I'm going. Using Kaya has forced me to research snow, thus my post earlier yesterday. Anyhoo, here's the paint progression over the past day or so. I had to keep starting and stopping due to various things, but I think she's progressing nicely. Note that all of these pics are taken with the camera set to low res to save on size. I only use high res for my fancy finished photo set up. Primed! There were several spots of flashing I missed, so I tried to remove as much as possible in progress. There are several spots I found impossible to get to with files or hobby knife. Has anyone used a dremel with a round burr to remove flashing in crazy places? It seems like that would be the only thing that would work... Hmmm.... Orangy! This is a mixture of MSP Golden Shadow and Fair Skin Shadow. I like Golden Skin, but figured since it's winter, I'd throw in some fair skin to lighten it up. I really don't remember the progression for the hair. I started with Blonde Shadow, then added several washes with colors like Ruddy Leather, Walnut Brown, etc. to get the dark recesses I wanted. This is just Blonde Shadow... I think.... Starting to get somewhere... And we called it quitsies for tonight! To save from too many photos, this is my only 360 series. I'm liking where she's going. So that's it for tonight! I've decided that I'm a pretty spastic painter in that there really is no rhyme or reason to what I paint when. Her eyes did give me fits as they're small for the size of the figure, but then again, eyes always give me fit. Thanks for checking out my WIP! I'll try to post more tomorrow. At this rate she may be finished by Monday or so, depending on how the snow experiment goes... -K P.S.: Can somebody tell me why on earth Kaya is so friggin' big? Compared to a normal Reaper mini, she's huge! She's not giant-sized (I think) but she's a full head taller than most human sized minis. Again, I don't game so are the barbarians bigger than the normal people? Just curious! She's a beautiful sculpt, but she's a big girl!
  3. Okay! The topic here is snow! I'm about to start working on a new diorama, and was curious as to various methods of creating snow effects. I know there are lots of products out there, and I'm curious as to everyone's experience with them. I've seen baking soda, flour, white sand, crushed glass, etc. So what's the sitch with snow? Keep in mind I live in the deep south so I don't know what real snow looks like. Any snow we get turns into an Icee type substance as soon as it hits the ground... Ideas? Thank you! -K
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