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Found 2 results

  1. Okay Ladies and Gents... It's time for Year of the Giants: Part Deaux, in which we finally give Kaya a place to hang her spear... or throw it, rather. At any rate, this is where I left off in October when I finished Kaya: And here's a post as to where I'm kind of at tonight. I've basically started hacking at the cork, staining my base (I can't help it, I love the look of stain. I do paint some bases black, but something about stain just finishes a lot of projects off for me, if it matches), and figuring out exactly where to put the beasty. I'm just going to put a teaser pic up now as it's late and I don't feel like editing a lot of pics. Here ya go: Anyhoo, I'll probably be posting to this thread occasionally as I work out the kinks and figure out exactly what I'm doing. Thanks for checking it out! -K
  2. Okay! This is a partial WIP write-up for my 12th miniature of all-time! I don't know how I get myself into these things.... I don't have a ton of pics for the Stonehaven Dwarf Rogue as I didn't post a WIP due to the nature of the Exchange. I'm going to post a few pics and just comment on them as I post them. The final outcome of this project can be seen here. This apparently extremely large photograph (didn't know it was so big! LOL!) shows the painting at some point in the line of completion. It was a time when I was experimenting with various shades of metallic on the daggers. The problem I was having was with the design of the daggers. Instead of having a non-sharpened spine, the daggers were made with an edge, but curved in shape. This for some reason gave me fits. I went back and forth on the daggers until I finally ended up with a simpler version. I found the edges on the mini to be too rounded to highlight effectively, up until the end. At any rate, this is one of the few production pics I have as I wasn't doing a formal WIP. The paints are a combination of Reaper MSP, Vallejo, and Scale 75. This pic shows the base at an early stage. The base is, quite simply, a cork stopper. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do for a base as Aard had requested a 1" base that she uses in gaming. I knew I wanted something dynamic (I can't keep it simple), so I came up with the concept of doing a wall, column, or something. What I ended up was with a large rock column that may have once upon a time been something dramatic. Essentially, I took a pair of needle nose pliers to the cork and started ripping pieces out of it. I managed to stab myself in the palm during the process, but thankfully shed no blood! LOL! At this point the cork was covered in white gesso to seal it and prep for the rock effects to be applied. The disk in the foreground is a wooden checker that was purchased from Michael's in a bag with other for pretty cheap. It was sanded, prepped with stain prep, then stained. I'm really liking the look of stained bases for my minis. It is a tad over an inch (sorry Aard!) but the cork fit nicely into it. I tapped the center of the checker with a wire cut from a paper clip to skewer the cork on along with some super glue to hold it in place. I should've taken more pics of this for future reference, but I digress! I do have a few pics of the cork being painted, but you can see the results in the show off. One thing I did do extra on this mini was to add a felt bottom to the piece. I hadn't done one before, and I really hope to find a 1" hole punch for cloth as this was the size I needed. As it was, I ended up just tracing a circle on the felt and started hacking away with scissors until I approximated a round shape. I think it came out pretty good, and it make a satisfying sound when setting the mini down on a hard surface. More like a "clunk" than a "click!" This was probably overkill, but I wanted to see if I could pull it off. Let's see... What else? The tufts are Army Painter Swamp Tufts... I think. The flowers are Silflor MiniNatur. I managed to sign and date the bottom rim with a Faber Castell PITT Pen. It's not very legible, but it's there. LOL! At any rate, I had a ton of fun working up this mini, and I hope the effort paid off! Thanks for viewing, and if you have any questions/concerns/suggestions, please let me know! -K P.S.: If you missed the link to the show off because I write too much, it's here as well!
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