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Found 1 result

  1. One of my DMs has been planning to run Curse of Strahd for a while, so I worked on some swarms for him to use. Bats, of course, are the iconic, and so right before Reapercon, I painted up a bunch of these flappy friends! I really like the bat swarm mini... it has a lot of heft to it, and it's visually intimidating compared to some other bat swarms I've seen (looking at you, 02668...) I will say, pick up the number of bat swarms you want, and do them all at once - don't grab one to do and plan on more. Once you have dealt with one of these and it's fiddly little gaps, you will never want to do one again. Better to just get it all over with at once. That said... a bat swarm is on the tougher end of CR 1/4, but it's still CR 1/4. The 2d4 attack can be rough as a 1st level party or 2nd level wizard, but beyond that, it's gonna be a non-entity, so even just 2 or three of these is probably enough for me... Mostly just used for summoners and vampires. These guys got basecoated in Walnut Brown and highlighted up in Ruddy Leather and a orange-brown Sample paint. Then I washed them a bunch in Army Painter Dark and hit them with a bit more Ruddy Leather and highlight along the front edges to really pick out the individual bats. I've painted these in Bones, too, and while the Bones ones have a good bit less detail, I'd really say they're just as solid to paint, and the flexibility makes them a little easier to paint, as long as you really wash them first... the metal ones are really chunky, and pretty heavy too. That said, they'll just fit in my Feldherr large bases foam, which is nice... The giant bats are adorable. There, I said it. I painted these up in much the same way as the swarms, and they're really, really cute... I'm not sure what stat block these guys are supposed to represent, however. Both Dire and Giant bats are Large-sized... Not that it should make too much of a difference; I'm not overly picky about that, and they're going to be flying most of the time anyways. 10/10 recommend these guys as your tougher bat option. Last but not least, and only tangentially related to the CoS game, some dire boars! A wonderful mini, these guys are large and in charge - they're as tall as a human mini, and have a really solid heft to them. Conveniently, there are two different boar statblocks that are Large-sized, the Giant and Dire boars, at CR 2 and 4, which gives these a lot of potential to see table use as both mid-tier enemies in forests and Druidic wildshapes at mid-high levels... I kept these basic - I picked three shades of brown (Ruddy Leather, Nut Brown, and the Sample from the bats) and did the bodies, and the manes in Walnut Brown. Then I washed the whole thing in Army Painter Soft, and picked out the eyes and horns, and painted the mouth interior in a purpley brown... I'm pleased with them, for a faster job. The mini really stands on its own - it's a truly phenomenal sculpt.
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