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Found 3 results

  1. Heeeeeey. Been away for a while. Back with different minis, same bad painting. First up is Matt Gubser's Dalyn Talas, Elven Sword Mage. Though this mini was cool (if a little silly) when I saw it; kind of was bummed about the lack of hair detail when I got it in hand. But a lot of that's just my being a bad painter. He was still fun to do up. Trying out a new background for these. Hopefully makes the pictures a little less awful. Thanks for looking.
  2. The Encounter at the Ruins Willen looked around, the area overgrown with plants, the once great elven city had fallen into ruin, forgotten beyond all memory. As he approached, glowing blue runes flared to life and upon the landing above the crumbling stairs he saw something gleaming... He moved past the broken column and noticed the brackish water to his right stir. Slowly, he pulled forth his razor sharp blade and climbed up the first two steps when suddenly the surface of the water erupted with an eyestalk, green in color and the eye a baleful yellow and red... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Here we go! These are pics Willen took of his exchange figure at my place after we exchanged gifts. I ran them through GIMP for white balance and cropped them tonight. Figure: Dayln Talas, Elven Sword Mage Manufacturer: Reaper (SKU #03597) Material: Pewter Sculptor: Matt Gubser Basing: Scratch built from Secret Weapon broken columns, Hirst Arts vase/urn (from Bonwirn), creature eyestalk from Reaper Creature Parts pack, Cork, and Vallejo Red Oxide Paste. WIP Thread is found here. C&C are welcomed and appreciated, thanks for looking! ETA: New pics taken by Willen!
  3. So with Willen on his way to Vegas right now as I write this to vacation, we talked about a painted figure exchange. For his, he wanted something to represent his old TTRPG/D&D type character "Willen" and told me the story of how he was from Rivendell, an outcast who was good with the sword and with magic (both lightning and ice being his preferences). I found Dayln Talas, Elven Sword Mage on the Reaper Site, which we both thought was perfect. I did an alteration to the sword since the PC had a longsword instead of a curved blade, used some files and got it straightened out. Starting out, I went with the base first and I'm currently working on the figure. We meet up on Sunday to hang out, paint, and talk, so I'll probably be able to finish him up by Saturday night. It's all about that base... that base... that base! (WARNING: Picture heavy!) First off, I took a piece of 2 inch x 2 inch wood to use as the base, then I took some plasticard and cut to size over it. Next, I used some Secret Weapon broken columns and placed them on the base, then I used cork to build some old stairs. Between the columns, I used some small rocks and PVA glue to put them in to look like broken rubble between the column base and what broke off. The red/pink stuff is Vallejo Red Oxide Paste, it's basically a very finely ground pumice paste, I used it to give more texture to the base. You can see here I took more plasticard and cut out some Elven Runes to place on the side. Here you can see I've got it mostly primed up and then used a few secret weapon washes to get some definition to show. Skipping ahead a bit, I've painted it and stained it with washes to get it to look like what I wanted it to. Inspiration struck me in the middle of this, and I added even more rubble to the area at the bottom of the top stair. I also added a Hirst Arts piece that Bonwirn sent my way a while back, it's the urn/vase at the top. The figure will be on the 2nd set up, approaching the urn.. I decided that I wanted a creature to be in the center, but not a whole creature. I have some creature parts and decided to make it submerged in brackish water. This is just realistic water with secret weapon washes Dark Sepia mixed with Dark Green. I used a bit of silicone to make it so that the realistic water wouldn't leak out around the area I wanted. Skipping ahead a little bit more, we have the nearly finished base. I've added OSL to the runes, hit the base with some more staining. Then after the pics, I added more water effects since the stuff likes to shrink and added some more color and texture (not shown yet) by putting in some tufts of grass and flowers, to give it the feel that this ruin has been overtaken by nature. C&C are welcomed and appreciated!
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