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Found 2 results

  1. Hey all. I've decided to try my hand at running a pbp here using the 13th Age system. I'm not sure how many of you have actually played it, but hopefully some of you will be willing to give it a try. If you happen to be a 3E/Pathfinder fanatic, Jonathan Tweet explains why you should set his old system aside for a moment and try his new one. The good news: If you don't own the core book, the publisher has made the rules available as a free pdf here. The bad news: They don't want the free edition to be so nice that you don't buy the book. Not only have all the pretties been removed, so has some of the formatting. It reads like an old netbook (but with hyperlinking). It also does not include the six classes from 13 True Ways. Of course I can help clear up any confusion and you can always acquire the full edition (legally from the publisher of course). Players: 4-6 Classes: All* Races: All* Alignment: No evil Stats: Standard point buy (28) Level: 1st Dice: Polyhedral * No 3rd party, just Fire Opal. Legal: 13th Age 1st edition c 2013 Fire Opal Media; published by Pelgrane Press Ltd. Now for the fun stuff. “A short distance down the coast from the mighty city of Horizon, the town of Eldolan has its own problems. Students of the town’s three rival wizard schools constantly feud and create trouble for the town guard, the Silver Shields, who must clean up the wizards’ messes. The Council of Mages—who truly rule the town—involve themselves with stints of political one-upmanship that keeps any true political progress from moving forward. And rumors of people going missing have been on the rise, keeping the common folk close to the magically lighted streets when they go out at night. But a darkness has been growing in Eldolan, and those who seek old power have set plans in motion to remind everyone what true fear is. “ Shadows of Eldolan is an introductory adventure that features investigation, roleplaying, and a good chunk of combat. It is an entirely urban adventure, so any talent/spell/feat that is only useful in the wilderness is better not taken. This in no way precludes rangers and such; you just want to avoid certain options If we end up with more than 6 applicants, I'll do the usual and create a queue. Potential Players: SparksMurphy - Kadu Evilhalfling - Rizzel Kangaroorex - Ruth Blubbernaught (?)
  2. This is the game thread for the adventure Shadows of Eldolan by Cal Moore. Please try to keep this thread IC and all OOC discussions/questions to the recruitment thread. ©2014 Pelgrane Press Ltd. Aside from holding the all important copyright information, this first post will serve as a repository for select information obtained during the adventure. I know out in the real world a lot of groups have someone to recap the last session or something similar, but in the real world a single scene rarely stretches out over weeks either. Hopefully it'll help everything run smoother. At the very least keeping it up to date should keep me on track. Player Characters: SparksMurphy - Kadu Evilhalfling - Rizzel Kangaroorex - Ruth What the PCs know:* Important NPCs: Factions: Maps: Hawker's Square - *Just because they know it doesn't make it true.
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