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Found 2 results

  1. Here he is. My dwarven priest Faenon. He will be used tonight, as a matter of fact, in a D&D game. My home game has fallen apart, so I am taking him to an expeditions game. This should be a good time! His hammer is my attempt at a coldsteel hammer. Its darker in color, and more dense (i guess) for slaughtering those pesky undead. another angle booty shot Thanks for looking! CAH
  2. I had mentioned in a previous post asking if people had a specific process or steps they used when painting models. One of the themes I noticed from several was working from the smallest part out, and even from the face out. It was mentioned that it makes the model more "alive" to start with the face. So, today I did just that. I have to say, I feel like I know where I am going now with this piece. Almost like the little guy is talking to me. I am painting this one as a character for my D&D game, and seeing his face is helping me visualize more easily where I want the finished product to be. Faenon Bloodmane - WIP One of the effects I am going to attempt with this model is glowing. I have the eyes solid green, with pale green iris. Its hard to see in this picture, but the end result is going to be the various runes glowing similar green, as if he is casting a spell. After a quick hit with a clear coat, I am going to try to wash in some lighter green around the eyes to give it a cascade effect. Any suggestions would be helpful! Thanks! CAH
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