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Found 1 result

  1. Okay, to clarify, when I say "fail", I mean it didn't work out how I intended it to, and while it came out quite interesting, I doubt I'll use the same technique again. One of my players, who I've offered some of my spare Bones CAVs to (hey, I've got to have an opponent) was interesting in seeing what digital camo would look like. I found a tutorial and we agreed that while it didn't look like actual digital camo (which would be much finer size on a figure at CAV scale), it was certainly a pleasing effect. These are the steps we followed. Firstly, the mini got a coat in tanned leather. Once that was dry, pieces of masking tape cut to 90 degree angled patterns were stuck over it. This was where I began having my doubts, which is why I didn't end up following along with the arms (that, and the fact that I'd used up the masking tape I'd cut so far and didn't want to cut more just then). As you can see, the masking tape wasn't sticking very well in several spots, such as the outside of that left leg. Still, I pushed it down as best I could and soldiered on. With the tape down, the model got a mostly complete coat of grass green. And once that was done, another round of masking tape shapes, in different positions. More tape sticking problems. Well, it's a prototype, right? So I might as well finish it and see what happens. A coat of yellowed bone went on next, then more tape, then a coat of peacock green. By this point, I was having serious doubts about how effective this was going to be, as you can probably tell by the arms in the background there which have picked up a partial coating of peacock green without undergoing any of the arduous tape+coat+tape+coat+tape+coat business. Maybe I needed stickier masking tape. Once the peacock green was dry, it was time to carefully take the plastic surgery bandages masking tape off and see how it went. Huh. Well, it's not really... digital. It's completely missing most of the sharp, crisp edges and 90 degree corners that define a digital camo pattern. What seems to have happened is that the masking tape has wicked (past tense of wick, not adjective meaning evil) the liquid paint underneath, which wouldn't have been a problem in the tutorial since they were using an airbrush. Unfortunately, my airbrush is about a thousand kilometres away, and tends to disperse quite a lot over that distance. But the effect is still somewhat nice, even though it was something I could have basically done in half the time with a little patience and a fine brush. Which is what I did on the arms, in the end. I've added some fine black edges to some of the borders between colour splotches. Metallics are a blend of black, stone grey, and Vallejo Gunmetal Blue. Next stop, a little clean up on the lettering, some sealing for the paints (including some gloss varnish on the canopy) and a mixed sand and grass base. But yeah. Even though it turned out nice in the end, I'm not planning to do this again the same way.
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