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Found 4 results

  1. Had to get it done! Featuring the Nolzur's Vardo, the bones War Dog (77422) as Schubert duVere; Ardellen the Ranger (03512) as Friedrich Johannes; Torin the Stealthy (02045) as Norvil Rogers; Original Recipe Seoni (60034) as Theophany Black; and Hosilla (60172) as Valima Dincalli. The Saturday Morning Commedia presents: "Schubert duVere and the Riddling Engine." "'Tis said by the magistrate that the common folk report the manor be haunted by spectres!" "Come then, comrades, let us venture forth severally, in search of clews!" "JESU! 'Tis chronicled here that a mountebank from this town devised an art to produce the likenesses of shades! By use of a magic lantern and smoke of a curious nature..." "Egads! A hidden door; certes no harm will befall from rushing in." "Z-z-zounds! I fear to venture in, Schubert, and yet we must! ...Would'st do it for a Schubert Scrap? ...Would'st do it for two?!" "RUH-ROH!" *catchy chase music plays* "Doubtless here provides a place to snare the fiend with a subtle trap!" *montage* "ZOUNDS!" "Ruh-roh!" "" *further montage* "And now, friends, to unmask this scurrilous varlet! Let us see who the spectre really is!" "Jesu! Venerable JENKINS?!" "Ay, I aimed to frighten off the simple--and sell their land to a corn engrosser! At great profit! And HAD, were't not for ye meddlesome simpletons!" "We'll take Jenkins before the magistrate, youths. The barony thanks you for your assistance." "Well done all; another riddle solved! Twere Venerable Jenkins and his magic-lantern, coupled with masks and stilts." "Zounds! But--but what of the... the..." "RAR-Rulf?!" "Witless Norvil, the Wer-wulf is but a peasant superstition!" *ending music plays*
  2. Floyd Ryan

    60034 Seoni

    So here is my take on the famous Pathfinder Sorceress Seoni. I mostly kept to the original color scheme but wanted to find out how a green dress would look.
  3. Painting is taking me longer and longer now, I remember when it only took an evening up to a week . Now two weeks to finish a model. Not sure why I am getting slower. Currently painting Miniatures for the Pathfinder Adventure card game to use in place of their picture cards on the table. I hope this character gets picked and I did not just paint her to sit in a box. lol. Anyway hope you enjoy my version of Seoni. :)
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