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Found 7 results

  1. Froggy the Great

    Smaug the Golden

    Smaug the Golden, 6mm scale, needlepoint mesh / granny-grating, here shown about to burninate the dwarves of Erebor:
  2. Edit September 4, 2016: The completed armies of Isengard: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/70304-froggys-6mm-granny-grating-project/?p=1431118 So I decided to try to embark upon a 6mm Ancients/Myth project, cutting all my figures from 3mm black plastic mesh, or "Granny Grating" as it is elsewhere referred to. Progress so far: The grating, a few strips of soldiers cut out, and the "Bling On A Roll" stuff I'm using for the shields. I need to give each one of these guys an overhead thrusting spear. Any ideas how? Quick and easy is good, and I don't relish the thought of gluing on 672 individual spears. Edit: I have to credit Arthur Charles, author of the "Granny Grating Armies" game, with a lot of the inspiration for this project. https://www.facebook.com/groups/GrannyGratingArmies/ is the facebook group if anyone's interested.
  3. Edsterdoom

    Painting 6mm infantry.

    Here is the first set of 20 bases to be painted for my Rach and Terran armies for CAV and or Horizon Wars. These models were bought from Vanguard Miniatures. There are a few choices of models within the UK and these were picked up on a bit of a whim to see what they are like. Not sure the best way to paint these, but I decided to base them all first, the bases have 5 slots for the models to fit which is very helpful. I then added sand and sealed them with glue. This was left to dry and then the earth colour was painted. This is as far as I have got before the photo was taken. As always comments welcome.
  4. Edsterdoom

    6mm Infantry for CAV or Horizon Wars

    Here is a quick selection of models to be used as infantry for CAV or Horizon wars the models look very nice next to the CAV vehicles. I have painted them very similar to my last Rach models. As always comments welcome
  5. Froggy the Great

    Converted Scorpion CAVs

    6mm Sisterhood "Angelus" CHQ mecha, variants A and B. Models are converted Reaper Miniatures "Scorpion" CAVs. The infantry are 6mm Sisterhood from Onslaught Miniatures.
  6. Update 12/16: Check the latest post for pics of Dwarves, Sheep, and Pack Mules. So tiny! So, I'm not so good at updating things, but here's a thread for my random progress reports as I feel the need to post them. What got me started on this is my recent acquisition of some 6mm figures (from Baccus 6mm in the UK). Here's a pic of some of them primed, sitting on one of my many HA in-progress pieces. The 6mm figs are from the Dwarves line by Baccus, the lower large figure is Reaper's Mad Scientist (Female), the upper large figure is Darksword's Female Mage on Stairs (they are included for scale comparison). Further updates eventually. -Dave
  7. fodder


    OK so I have a bunch of rules (CAV 1.0 being near the top of the list) that I want play on a more regular basis with people other than myself. (solowargaming has taken its toll) I got the to build some generic armies in 6mm to play with. How well does CAV 1 or 2 translate to 6mm. I know that it's designed for 10mm, but I got the microarmor bug and decided to just run with it.