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Found 11 results

  1. I tried using a new method in pushing as many purples as i could. This worked really well for the color scheme. I had some trouble with getting the color of the scroll down. Was really debating putting some writing on there, but decided to stop now while I felt like he was in a good spot. I've been pushing my luck lately on a few of my projects and end up totally screwing them up. I've been trying to find my point of no return and stopping before I cross it. Seems like this guy was good where he's at. Things I learned: 1. Tried black lining on the back of the cape and recesses of the robe with black acrylic ink - WIN! 2. Tried using a wash on the top of the hat and back of robe with Nuln Oil - Fail. Had to go over and redo. Finding I'm getting lack luster results with washes. I've started adding flow aid to them for better results, but I just can't seem to wash like I see other people doing. Weird? 3. Kept to a single color palette over the whole scheme - purple. Win. 4. Didn't get too carried away with flesh tones. Just did a barbarian AP skin tone and hit it with a thinned Agrax Earthshade - win. I'm happy with the results thus far, but I may go back later to further improve him. Not now though...
  2. I painted 2 minis for @Jasper_the_2nd for the spring exchange. I had an idea for awhile to paint a little vignette based on a funny cartoon. When I was given Jasper as my exchange partner and read his survey, I knew he was the right recipient! I painted Galladon (one of my favorite minis, don't ask me why) as a grumpy wizard who has set out to summon a demon. He carefully prepares the spell and casts his incantation....there is smoke and a "poof"! He is so excited to see what evil he has called forth. He peers into the smoke. He sees piercing eyes staring back at him. The smoke starts to clear, his excitement builds! What the..... He grabs the scroll to see what went wrong....
  3. Another Bones figure. I'm not entirely sure where the color scheme came from. I just started and it kind of grew. This is a very annoying figure to paint. The hat brim is very wide and there's detail under it that is almost impossible to get to. The same is true of the beard. But the semi-random color scheme turned into something way outside what I usually paint, but in a good way. Bones are great for experiments, because I don't feel like I have to obsess about every detail like I would for a competition piece. And I think my quality is going up as a result.
  4. I noticed this model bears striking resemblance to the wizard from my favorite childhood LEGO set. The scroll was done by a friend using a .25mm micron pen.
  5. I am a big fan of the HeroQuest board game, which I played with my dad and brother in the 90s. Lots of happy memories. Well, now I am the dad and my kids have gotten into my old game of HeroQuest! There were only two problems. First, we were missing the dwarf figure. Second, the heroes are all male, which didn't seem very fair to my daughter. So I decided to solve both problems with help from my collection of unpainted bones. First, the barbarian. My daughter requested a purple dress and blue hair. So how could I resist? She also asked for either a heart or flower pattern on the shield, so I decided to make a flower out of hearts. My son chose the dwarf, and wanted him kept fairly close to the box art. So I kept him in reds and browns, with a white beard. He made the base out of sculpey with a little help from me. He wanted lots of bones and stuff on the base, so I gave him an old skeleton mini and let him cut it up and glue the bits onto the base. The elf I had already painted, but my daughter thought she was "the most beautiful" so I just touched her up a bit and attached her to a new base. Unfortunately she went on just a little crooked. The wizard was also already painted, and just got a touch up and a new base. My son requested a bit of scroll on the base, and I'm happy with the way it turned out. All the bases were done in sculpey and painted to look like squares from the HeroQuest game board. I can't wait to play our first game with the new party! Comments and criticism appreciated :).
  6. Hello all! As usual, I have spurts of activity that lasts 3-4 days every 4-6 months. That might not sound like a lot (and lets be honest, its not), but it does let me finish 2-4 minutes each time. This time around I actually got off my but and painted the rest of the mini's for my current pathfinder party! Funny enough, that's not what this topic is about however (might do another one for that group). This topic is for what I feel is still my best mini to date from a technical standpoint. One where I actually (attempted) to manually blend and layer in shadows and highlights. I had even gotten brave at one point and had tried pulling off Object Source Lighting (from the glowing text on the scroll onto his hat and his robe/beard), it failed terribly, and looked like I was terrible with a paint bush (slopping paint on the wrong parts). OSL is something I will work on in the future I guess. This mistake (and undo function) can be seen in his arm still, how the color doesn't quite match the rest of the robe. I actually showed this guy off a bit a while back in another topic, but felt that that with my new "photobooth" setup, which works rather well (despite looking like a mess), that he deserved his own topic. The initial goal of this mini was to have my very own "Janky Wizard". Red Hat, Purple Robe, Green Shoes, that sort of high-fantasy thing. It actually worked out MUCH better than I had planned it. Take a look for yourself! This is the Male Wizard Galladon (77054)! He is a proud spell caster! Or a very very bad fighter, one of the two. Here are some more pictures! Wow... You really can see EVERY single mistake you made under these lighting conditions. Well then. Yep, looks like I got purple on the base at some point and totally did not notice. Also the transition in blending in the shadows looks so much rougher in these pictures than it does IRL. You know what? Here's a worse quality picture that shows the mini in the gaming room lighting conditions: While not the best picture, you can see how it looks when you see it in person. I mean, I feel I did a pretty good job overall? The mini was sealed in two coats of Krylon Crystal Clear spray varnish, and then a coat (or three? Varies per model, depending on how shiny they are) of Testors Dullcote. I find this results in the strongest finish, while keeping a mostly matte appearance. I've realized recently that in my time on this forum (since I started painting mini's) back in March of 2013, I've really only painted somewhere between 18-30 minis (depends on how you count doing a bunch of individual rats I suppose). I think I was at around 15 minis when I did this Wizard? Before getting into miniatures, I had 0 painting experience, 0 drawing experience, and in general pretty much no art experience outside of Digital/3D rendering, and a bit of Photography. I'd like to think I've come a pretty long way. All the while working very, very slowly on my Storm Giant. So what do you guys think? How do you think it turned out? Do you have any tips/suggestions to share? I would love some examples/suggestions on getting into Object Source Lighting. Whenever I see examples posted here with OSL, they always blow me away every time. I know it's got to involve insane amounts of layers/blending, thats for sure. Anyway, I'm open to your comments!
  7. Hello all! I've been wanting to paint these Bones Rats ever since I saw the reference picture for them like a year ago. The other day I finally sat down and did it! (All in one sitting to boot!) (Also pictured: 77054: Galladon, Male Wizard and 77049: Arthrand Nightblade, Elf Ranger, of whom I may do their own topic, as their my first mini's of 2016, and I'm quite happy with them! BUT I had more fun playing with the Rats!!) Since I did it all in one night, there was no point in a WIP topic, so if you wanted to see the WIP, click on the Spoiler: And on to the finished rats! We have some Albino rats, some black rats, some plain brown ones, and even some infected rats! Much of the basic style goes once again to the reference image from the Reaper store page. I feel they turned out pretty well! Normally for my tabletop playable miniatures, I'll finish them in a gloss varnish, then go over that with a matte varnish, to give them the best blend of protection and finished style. In this instance however, I opted to just go with a single coat of the matte (brushed on via Liquitex Matte). I know, not as protective, but it should do the trick. Plus even the first coat on 12 rats was surprisingly tricky. I'm glad I'm not a Warhammer player, I do not envy having to paint whole armies! Anyway, time for some fun! And thats the rats! Thoughts, comments?
  8. Here is Galladon that I finally finished up. His WIP is here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/64680-77054-galladon-bones/?hl=galladon He was missing a hand when I received him so a little searching through a friend's bits box provided a replacement. He is supposed to look like the runes are magically appearing on the scroll as he chants. Not sure I pulled it off but I like it anyway. This was my first attempt at OSL. I placed him on a larger base and used greenstuff to make a stone floor. It was a little empty looking so I made some more scrolls and sheets of paper. My husband has claimed him. If he ever wants a familiar, there is still enough room to add one to the base. This figure would have benefited from a light box perhaps as it is hard to see his face under that hat. He does have a face, with eyes...that I painted while I said really bad words! C&C welcome! Thanks for looking!
  9. This is Galladon the wizard. When he was shipped to me, he was missing the left hand with staff so I dug through a friend's bits box and found a left hand. Galladon gets to be a guinea pig. For the foreseeable future, all minis are going to be guinea pigs as I try out different techniques and skills on them. This lucky guy gets 2 brush blending, spell effect with lighting effect, and "magic writing". Oh, I am also planning a galaxy effect on his robe and hat. (Afterall, Reaper replaced him since he was handless so I have a second one as well!) The two brush blending isn't showing super well yet in the pictures. Probably most noticeable at the moment on his beard. I have only been working on the shadowing of the rest of him and have not started adding the brighter highlight colors yet. His eyes were a .... well, a bad word to try and get right. Tiny little squinty crazy eyes underneath a hat. Grrr! So, here he is. I didn't take any pictures up to this point as I started him at "paint day" which wasn't at my house so he had to wait til we got home.
  10. First up my first sculpt, a green slime I made out of excess green stuff. I added a skull I had laying around on the suggestion of my husband. I also recently finished the last Bones zombie (77054) I had not yet painted, plus one of the ghasts (77159) for gaming use. I had a paint disaster earlier in the year where I spilled a bunch of metallic paint, so Mangu Timur (77148) was the recipient of some of that excess: Happy New Year everyone! Edited to add Figure SKU in the tags
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