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Found 14 results

  1. Some expansions for the pack... (no my output of ghouls has no relation to the traditional onset of cannibalism in midwinter....) and in their natural environment...
  2. Still needs some basing, but he's off to a good start. Interesting how this worked out. I did dry brushing on the first two layers of greens. Then went back in with regular brush and layers, but didn't think it was loud enough. What this? A huge stock pile of BCA pink? Better put it to use. I mixed that into the alien green and base, then touched it up with pink to add some warmth (i mean as warm as aghast should be #dead) in the highlights. Pink and green were a fun combo. I'm not totally into the tattered shirt colors the more i look at it. I may need to use a wash over it, which i try to avoid, to add some dirt/grime look to it. It's too clean and vibrant. But hey, i did layer nicely. Win. I wasn't sure about the facial features. I ended up just touching it up with a little green yellow for discoloration around the mouth, but seems like he still needs something. Next thing i need to do is make a fun base for him. Something Halloween feeling for sure. Thanks @Reaper_Jonfor the ghoulie bags and free minis. Putting them to good use.
  3. Since I got a bunch of Bones Ghasts from Bones 2... or was it 3? Bones 4? Whatever. But I wanted to do something to make them all a little different. So a few simple cuts, and a couple of drops of glue... and I've got some variety in my Ghasts. Now to paint them!
  4. Here is a conversion I did using a Bones Ghast. I like to use Nothics as spies, infiltrators and recurring villains in my DND game. I used copper wire as a starting point for spiky prominences on his back, added some spikes on his elbows and lastly, sculpted a central eye to cover the top of the ghast's face. I'm happy with the result, despite having to use painting skills to cover up the sub-par sculpting skills.
  5. I tried taking a Zen of Bones approach to this bunch (Thanks Buglips!). These are part of my 4 year olds "Toy Box" minis. I only took lage flash off and pretty much pretended that tne mold lines don't exist. They got a zenithal prime and the 4 year old painted the bodies. I painted faces, clothes and bases. These were treated with Army Painters mid tone quickshade (first time using it). I then played with my static flock generator which worked fine on the mummy bases (which I didn't catch in the photos), but was sad on the Ghast bases. either way they look good enough IRL. Photos are poor as I didn't put much effort in them either. Enjoy! And before the quick shade.
  6. A couple of multibases for Kings of War (one horde and one troop), including a more practical use for big K (he's just too big for wargaming with). Lots of shots. I had originally only intended to paint up the horde, but found I was running out of room on the base for the original number of minis I wanted to paint, so I added a few more and made the troop to go with it. Thanks for looking!
  7. I got these four guys in the last Reaper Kickstarter. They're ghasts — a sort of uber-ghoul, for those who don't know D&D monsters. Retail price now is about $2.50 each. I just wanted mooks, so I painted them up as quickly and simply as I could bear: black primer followed by white zenithal spray followed by white wet-brush highlighting followed by greeny ink-wash followed by ivory dry-brush followed by undiluted inks for clothes and ground, and that's it. Actual painting time, not including waiting for things to dry, was about twenty minutes I guess. This is definitely what I'd call very basic tabletop quality, but they'll do nicely for that purpose. I might revisit them and give each its own colour accents, just to ease identification in my GMing notes, but it's not a high priority. The only thing I don't like about Bones figures is the mould lines. They're a real pain to get rid of.
  8. This is a recreation of our last session. The party was investigating an underground storage facility and ran across some toxic zombies. I heavily modified 80009 Rex Dark Future Hero, including a head swap from 50008 and a hand sculpted cross.
  9. Last night I decided to slap some paint, and seeing as it was Halloween, I grabbed for a vampire! It was already primed... though I don't remember exactly what color I used. I used Imperial purple for the cloak, vampire shadow for the skin, and gore red for the shirt. The red spilled, so I snagged the ghast to mop it up. Both of these guys are destined for speed paint tabletop quality rather than anything snazzy. However I may spend some time on the vampire's face to see if I can apply some of what I learned at ReaperCon. We'll see...
  10. I converted and painted these guys up for Inarah's paint binge this weekend. I tried giving them each a different skin color; I also decided to gore 'em up a bit; they are in order from clean to 'CW, you are a sicko', so you can skip the last few if you want to. Please let me know what you think. Clean ghast---swapped his base for one from Secret Weapon From the looks of those bones, he hasn't eaten in a while. You may want to run... Drooling ghast---swapped his head with a GW zombie head. Bloody handed ghast---I added some clothing to this one Gore hound ghast---I re-positioned his right arm, added some guts, and put a dismembered arm in his left hand Spoilered for the squeamish. >sigh< and I missed few mold lines
  11. This is just an old ghast from Bones 1 that I have finally gotten around to. I used him as a paint scheme tester for his brothers from Bones 2, which I'll be converting and painting shortly. I like how he looks overall, but I kinda think his skin tone is a little off; I think he looks too 'alive'. What do you think? Blood and gore were done with a hair, superglue, Tamiya clear red, and Tamiya smoke. I'll go into the process in detail if anyone's interested. C&C welcome.
  12. The finished batch of vermin, mummies, ghasts 77259: Fly Demon 77144: Mummy x 6 77146: Mummy Warrior 77126: Vermin: Spider x5 77046: Bat Swarm 77032: Oxidation Beast x2 (one with hat conversion) 77159: Ghast x4 77025: Giant Spider 77360: Mr. Bones ?????: Chronoscope Tick thing
  13. First up my first sculpt, a green slime I made out of excess green stuff. I added a skull I had laying around on the suggestion of my husband. I also recently finished the last Bones zombie (77054) I had not yet painted, plus one of the ghasts (77159) for gaming use. I had a paint disaster earlier in the year where I spilled a bunch of metallic paint, so Mangu Timur (77148) was the recipient of some of that excess: Happy New Year everyone! Edited to add Figure SKU in the tags
  14. Hello. This is my second topic post. Yesterday I posted my beginner metal minis, and now I am posting the Bones I have painted. I missed the first kickstarter but my friend went in on it, so he bought me a Kaladrax as a gift (never knowing I would discover it only cost him $10) and also handed me a pile of minis he never intended to paint, including some really nice ones I would have paid for. I pledged to the second kickstarter with that same friend, so shortly I will be getting a boatload of new stuff and at the rate I paint I will never need more. My partner has already told me I'm not allowed to buy into Bones 3 but we will disuss that again if and when Bones 3 is anounced. Anyway, without further ado... This was my first Bones, fittingly. I added static grass but it was all one shade so it doesn't show up well, even in person. However I am quite happy with the layered highlights on the back of his cloak as it was the first blending that went this well. This was my second attempt. I got new static grass so it shows up better on the base. I tried to make her skirt look more patchwork with different colors but I only have a couple browns and by the time it had been washed and highlighted a little all the contrast had disappeared. This is an orc marauder. I followed the paint scheme on the website because I like red. On the sword I used some corrosion made by GW. Next time I will use less of it because when I tried to do a clean silver edge it picked up the grit and looked bad. I really like the work I did on his skin that is too subtle for this picture, although you can see some of the darkest folds between muscles. There is a nice subtle yellowish tint on the highest highs that is extremely well blended, not even sure how I managed that. This sculpt is an assassin but his studded leather and dual wielding said "ranger" to me, so that's the way I went. Unfortunately I can't claim credit for the paint because I only did the basecoat, the details were all done by a friend. The base, on the other hand, was all me. I love the "log" that was just a twig I found outside. Amazing effect with the peeling bark makes it look like a fallen log. I guess I can't claim credit for that either, that was Nature's doing. Not so happy with this one. Not enough shading, I wasn't happy with the wash I did. I used some more of the corrosion and added the GW rust effect too. That I kind of liked. This one didn't really turn out great either. I have several different browns but they all kind of faded together in the end. I also tried to do the stones under his feet like sandstone I had watched a youtube demo on but it didn't turn out right. Oh well, I have plenty of goblins to practice on. Well thank you everyone for going all the way through this long post. C&C are welcome. These two posts represent the entirety of my painting experience. I won't need to make such long posts in the future because I will do them one mini at a time.
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