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Found 3 results

  1. Here we go again! Round two for today. BATTLE REPORT!!! Taking the last ape I did and trying to add something new to it, I think I did a decent job. This time taking a bit more into the details and going lighter on the drybrushed hair. I wanted this to be more of a silverback, than just a killer ape. Wins: * Using the grey tones to lighten up the area on the back, shoulders, and hiney - it worked well. * Using the Brown, purple ink, and BCA pink to make the mouth pop works great. Gonna keep going with this one until I find an alternate I like more. @Inarah I've been using BCA pink for all the tongues I can since I have 3 bottles of this stuff. You got other uses for it? * I used a very light brown after laying down the chest's grey color to make it warmer in appearance. Not much, but enough * I really put fine detail into adding small hairs around the skin area to show that it's not such a stark transition. Granted from a far you can't really tell, but zoom in on the photo - I think it's pretty cool. * I really spent a lot of time on the mouth. I even did a layer for the gum line, plaque, grit, and finally lightened tips. Very happy. * Edge highlighting around face worked great. Misses: * The hair could have used a different color to drybrush and highlight. Anyone have a suggestion here? Darker grey? Maybe use a brown? Open to ideas. I suck at working with black. * I forgot to add the details to the feet. Whoops. * Would doing the nails on his feet make a huge differece? If yes, what color? * I accidently went heavy handed with the hair drybrushing and had to reset 3 different places. No bueno. * I have absolutely no idea what to do for base. I didn't like my last ape's base, so I need an idea and I'm stark out. This was an improvement to my last ape, so I feel pretty good about this week and continuing to make good progress. Hooray! Now if could just learn how @drfaust176 does hair like he does...
  2. I haven't posted in a while. Still been painting and all, but just haven't had time to do updates. It's a shame because I learn so much from the group when I get input on areas I struggle with. I decided to put some time away to do a summary and get back into the swing of things. Gotta get ready for that Bones 5 delivery! Battle Report! I have been looking at all 4 of the giant apes from Bones 4 and just had no idea what to do with them. I have issues with just painting things that are supposed to be black. It doesn't leave me a lot of room to go anywhere, but I know it's possible. I watched an artist I hadn't come across before on YouTube named House of Paint 203, who happened to do another style of ape and I loved it! It gave me the ammo I needed to put the paint on one of them and test it out. Results were good. Wins: * Black with Volcano Brown combo for a black/grey-brown was solid. * The mix I saw him do with using a purple ink to saturate the areas of the mouth like a wash, but kept some of the lively hues was awesome. Love it! * The color scheme was pretty simple and straight forward making this a fairly fast paint. * I used a HUGE brush to cover the model in black first, and it was a major time saver. * I also used the same huge makeup brush to the the drybrushing, which admittedly still is weak area for me, but this brush worked like a charm. Some fine tuning needed, but felt improved. * The teeth came out super well and I'm very happy with having done the gradient for them. Opportunity: * The eyes. I tried doing a black with white glimmer, but it ended up looking like a pupil so I had to just make it bigger and went with it. Meh. * Drybrush, as stated above, was not super good. I went too high, too fast with the grey color, when I think going with the volcano brown first or some very, very light dusting of a deep blue would have been good - then lighten it up. As always - open to feedback and any basing ideas or inspiration any of you may have.
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