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Found 1 result

  1. Here is my version of the Imbrian Arts, Blacksands Orc by Jody Siegel. I Googled hundreds of orc photos, and poured through my monster manuals (etc.) to come up with a skin tone that would satisfy me with respect to this orc. I've never been too much of a fan or the purple-skinned orcs, and I'm also not a fan of the bright green skin either. To satisfy my own taste as an artist I ended up with a skin tone heavily influenced by olive, brown and deep tones of purple to darken him up. I literally wanted him to look as though he'd been surviving in a desolate area, all alone, bounty hunting, preying on the weak and surviving at all costs. Jody's sculpt did an amazing job of capturing a visage that literally spoke to me that this was the face of a killer without a conscience. Much like a Tre' Manor sculpt, this figure comes with an amazing amount of tiny detail, and very small eyes. Assembly was a bit tough, but green stuff always saves my day! The colors I used on this figure include only Reaper MSP: Grass Green, Faded Khaki, Imperial Purple, Sun Yellow, Pure Black, MSP Sample (blue-grey shade), Fresh Blood, Blackened Brown, Mahogany Brown, Vampiric Skin, Vampiric Shadow, Blue Liner, Dark Elf Shadow, Nightshade Purple, Misty Grey, Black Green, Jungle Moss, Gory Red, Spattered Crimson, and Dusky Skin Highlight. I hope you like him. C&C always welcome. Per the flavor text of the Orc on his Kickstarter: An Orc of the Blacksands- The embodiment of a perfect warrior. Trained at brutal combat from birth and taught to survive in the most inhospitable climate on the planet.
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