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Found 2 results

  1. I've been working on Cersei for over two weeks. I decided to kick up my basing skills a notch, and so I selected this Tom Meirer Sculpt, and decided to give her a fitting base, and hone the painting skills a bit further. She is 25mm (one inch tall), and an incredible piece of art. I avoided the base she came with and dreamed up my own, and made it from scratch. I pulled out a couple of old skills, and built a balcony for her. I have totally enjoyed painting and basing her. As always your comments and criticism are welcome, and desired. Let me know what you think of Cersei Lannister. Jay
  2. I thought after I posted the finished Cersei Lannister that I really should show how I created the base, and put the final touches on her. It was an amazing amount of work, since I was really clueless about what I was doing. I just knew that I wanted to show her off in the best possible light. So.. here is what I did to get her based. I used the following: 1 1 inch square plastic base. 1 1 Inch square wooden block. Cork board in various sizes. Green stuff for rocks and the top of the balcony. 1 joker from a deck of cards with a black and white pattern. Midnight black paint to fill in between the card backing and around the rocks. I printed out a banner from a medieval history website, and used a bamboo toothpick as the banner staff painted white, with a gold top crown. I also pinned Cersei so I could place her where I wanted.. Here are some photos.
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