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Found 2 results

  1. TaleSpinner

    50309: Coraline Thaddington

    Well, here I go again. With my tight schedule, there was no way I was going to get the Hakuna Matata diorama sculpted and painted. So I am going to paint my Coraline Thaddington sculpt. I have been wanting to paint her ever since I sculpted her. This will still be a challenge, since though the volume of modeling and painting is lower, the paint job I have in mind for her is considerably more complex than anything I have attempted before. I originally sculpted her because I was very inspired by the works of artist Sarah Ellerton, specifically, the character Anya from The Phoenix Requiem. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it as it is very good. I was also heavily inspired by Jane Austin, my wife, and a burgeoning love of steampunk. The sculpt was actually derived from over 40 different sources, so I have a lot of inspiration to choose from for a paint job. That said, I want to pay homage to Anya from TPR first as that is where I first fell in love with the period. I plan on painting her with a derivation of this artwork by Sarah Ellerton from TPR: I de-flashed and polished her last night. I just primed her and took my initial shots. When I am painting for a show like this, I always take photos of the mini with forward zenithal lighting after priming. These I make black and white and use then throughout the painting process to check my highlight and shadow placement. I will also print a couple out and use them to test color combinations. They also let me check to see if any areas need additional polishing, smoothing, and filling. By the pictures, I need to work on her right cheek and right side a bit more. Hopefully, paint will happen tomorrow night. Andy
  2. Hey, folks! Those of you who attended Reapercon in 2013 may recognize this miniature, which was sold there, but has not yet been released for general purchase. It was sculpted by my good friend, Andy Pieper, who very kindly sent me one of them to paint. I have a WIP going in my blog, but these boards will give it more visibility. It is a truly beautiful figure that I want to share. You can read more about how Andy sculpted Coraline Thadington, Victorian Lady on his website. I wanted the base to fit the Victorian era of the mini, so I thought a formal garden path would work. The block will eventually be painted all black. The brick is plasticard, and the border is a piece of a coffee stirrer. The flowers are premade basing materials from my box o' stuff. I polished the mini using my Dremel with a brass-bristle brush. This saved me a lot of work with sandpaper, and didn't damage the fine details at all. I still had to do some hand filing of a couple mold lines and sanding of a rough patch on her face, but overall it was a very clean casting. The arm was difficult to pin, but not the worst I've ever had to do. I started by basecoating the dress with a very pale blue, then shading with navy and rust brown. I worked on the blues some more, using a mix of Clear Blue, a rust brown, and black for the shading, and a mix of white and True Blue for highlights. I also painted the bricks, because I didn't like looking at them unpainted. :-) I smoothed out the blues some more, using a minty greenish paint Reaper sent me as a free MSP sample with my last order of brush-on primer. I mixed that with white, and blended in the highlights, using some straight from the bottle to smooth down do the truer blue, then working the shadows with my previous shade mix. I started on her skin, using shades of pink, khaki/white, and pure white, and painted her hair chestnut brown, shaded with brown liner. I also painted the lace with khaki/white and pure white. I haven't decided what to do with the fan yet. What you see is just experimental coloring. I'm exploring some freehand ideas for the dress as well, though I might paint the eyes first.