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Found 7 results

  1. Scorpionfish

    Infinity: Panoceana to Full

    Well, now that we've reached 300 points in Nomads, the Icestorm Panoceana might need a little help! Cue the reenforcements! And here they are! From left to right: Crusader Brethren with an HMG, Crusader Brethren with a Combi-Rifle, Hexa Sniper, Fusilier Indigo Bipandra, Fusilier Angus. First up will be the Hexa!
  2. SKU: CVB280183 First time attempting to paint glass and I think it came out . . . okish. Not great, but not bad for a first effort. Need to work on the blending, but have gotten some tips to help with that. As always C&C are most welcomed as I am always looking for ways to improve on my skills since currently about the best I can hope for is table top quality (and I even occasionally succeed ;P) Thanks for looking! Gargs
  3. Scorpionfish

    Infinity: Nomads up to Full

    Hello all! After getting the Icestorm set all squared away I did end up filling out my roster to a full ITS capable army for Infinity, and now I need to paint them to completion so I can play! I'm starting with the Nomads first, mainly since one of the models I'm using to fill out the army is an infinity figure I've owned since before the current edition. So here's the gang all together, and from left to right we have: Tomcat Engineer, Zondcat, Tomcat with DEP, Warcor, Reverend Custodier, Lunokhod Sputnik Remote, 2 CrazyKoalas, and a Bandit Hacker. And speaking of the first Infinity figure, that would be the reverend Custodier. Her priming job is the worst I've ever done, and I cleaned it up, so how see how painting her goes, but she's all base coated and first in line.
  4. Hello everyone, here's a project that I've been working on for over a year! I actually got Operation Icestorm, way back when it was released, and now it's done, including the CSU, which I had to hunt down since there was a preorder error that resulted in my order not being treated like a preorder by a distributor. Long story short, I didn't work on it for a while, then took my time getting it done! A special thank you by the way to SGHawkins, who helped me track the CSU mini down. I decided to go very naval military on the Pan-Oceania team, dark blue with a few key accents to match the original designs. For Nomads, seeing as they're just basically Australia 2.0 in space with hackers and punk rock, I went with bright orange, purple, white and fun hair. They've also got gloss on the guns, since I was trying to mimic the original IPod for their weapons, and it will help the two teams stand out since this is a starter box so I could teach the game as well. The Whole Box Nomads Pan-o Fusiliers Auguacles ORC Trooper and Mobile Brigada Akalis and Spektr Nisse and Grenzer Reverend Healer and Father Knight CSU Feel free to ask questions!
  5. CashWiley

    Alguaciles (Cornrow) - Corvus Belli

    Here's the first guy I've painted from the Operation: Icestorm box for Corvus Belli's Infinity skirmish game. He's just a grunt I was working out some color schemes and another attempt to speed things up with tabletop painting. Had a tough time pinning him to the base (a plastic piece from Sedition Wars), required some touch-ups which is why there is a horrid dot of red that needs fixing on his back calf :p
  6. Hiho, while I am waiting for my hoard of Bones miniatures some other projects have to be finished to make room for hundreds of little Fantasy guys. I am working quite sometime on a Field of Glory army. The idea is to depict Hannibal Barkas army in Spain, before he went on to cross the alps and fight in Italy. This means there will be a lot of spanish mercenaries as well as a good number of war elephants. The miniatures are either Corvus Belli or Xyston and I am very pleased how they turned out for 15mm gaming miniatures. I also tried for the first time a proper photo set up with background and matching terrain. I did not photoshop much of the pictures, only added some more blue in the one picture on th left (the background was not big enough, and the wall paper is beige...). The trees are hand made and shall depict pine trees. I understand you guys are more a Fantasy bunch, but maybe someone is also doing historical wargaming. I am looking foward to some conctructive criticism and general remarks. On a warm spring morning spanish mercenary Scutarii cross a small hilltop followed by Liby-Phoenician spearmen. while the Scutarri are accustomed to the rough terrain the spearmen have some problems in keeping up. The small force is sent out to subdue a nearby tribe of Iberians, as they do not recognise the supremacy of Carthage and their general Hannibal. Caetrati, so called because of the small shield, Caetra, they are carrying, support the infantry and the elephants. they will also cause havoc amongst the tribal warriors before they clash with the main force: The Elephants follow on the right flank. These beasts are not as big as Asian or African elephants, as the smaller African Forest Elephant was in use, nor can they carry a tower. These strong animals do not need a tower. The mahout will make them charge the enemy and cause chaos amongst him. The tribe never encountered such animals before and Hannibal is sure that they will have the desired psychological effect. Finally the spearmen and the tribal warriors meet. While the mercenary scutarii hold the right flank, the elephants storm the left flank of the tribal warriors. They are fierce fighters and would rather die than lose their freedom. It is not undheard of that facing defeat they rather commit suicide then bow to anyone. When the dust settles it is a glorious day for Carthage and victory is total. Soon all of Iberia will be under the rule of Carthage or shall we say under the control of Hannibal?
  7. odinsgrandson

    Infinity Nomads and Combine

    Here are some Infinity forces that I painted a little while ago, for a client. He chose the color scheme for the Nomads, but let me pick on the Combine characters (it is based loosely on the studio scheme). Anyway, here they are.