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Found 2 results

  1. Room booked! *dances* I'll be renting a car on Wednesday and driving from Austin to Denton. Return on Monday. I should have space for one other, but since I'll have a wheelchair or walker (depending on which I get), plus my suitcase and supplies, I cannot guarantee more space. I may have that space claimed by a non-forumite, but will have to check with him if he's going. From hotel to the con, I'll likely have more space, but will be first come, first served. At least one lunch run space to Taco Bell is reserved for Buglips since I already promised.
  2. Mmm...hum ta tum... hmm hmm...Mon Dieu! What is this? Is it that the traffic light has turned green? The light is green? Do my eyes deceive me? I must look again. Is this, then, the color men call Green? I should be certain before taking my foot off that which men call Brake. One cannot be too careful, in these uncertain times. Yes, it appears green. But, then, what if that which men call Eyes, that is to say, my eyes, are at fault? What if they have chosen to betray me? Mais non, non, the traffic in the lane NEXT to me is advancing, which I think they would not do if the light was still red. Still, there need not be haste. One should consider such matters at length, rather than make an expensive mistake. Is it, then, if it is truly green, green ENOUGH? Perhaps if I wait, it will grow greener, and thus, more auspicious for acceleration... Sacre merde! Why is this silly man in the automobile which men call Behind Me, honking, and being discourteous and disharmonious, thus disturbing my subtle meditation on the greenness of the traffic light? Fool! Mouton! Your impatience shall be the death of you! Now I must start over... eh? What is this? The light, she is NOT green. She is, 'ow you say,yellow! Ah! So it is not for this time to advance my automobile through the intersection! Plainly, I must wait for a better time. Fortunately, I am in no hurry whatsoever, and perhaps, to the eyes of those outside my vehicle, high as a treeful of monkeys. The man behind me, why has he in his hand the tire iron? And why does he leave his vehicle...?
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