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Found 3 results

  1. Well, this one was an.... Interesting challenge to say the least. It was one of the only models I had that I could even attempt to fingerpaint, as most of my other models my fingers can't even reach a quarter of the details they had... Originally, I had no set plan with this guy, but then I started getting this feeling about how I should make him look like an aaaaaancient guardian of sorts... Probably had something to do with his second colour winding up being a rather medium stone grey colour I suspect :P Anyways, I wound up doing what felt like some crazy colour combinations just to try and get a shade "sort of close" to an idea that had popped in mind (one example being 3 drops of Woodland Brown, 1 drop of Ebony Flesh, 1 drop of Dragon Red, 1 or 2 drops of Marigold Yellow, and 1 or 2 drops of Terran Khaki).. It's definitely a lot harder than it sounds, doubly so if you're wanting to add in only a touch of detail to a spot here or there.... It also tests your patience when you try and do something like a wash and it then takes ten minutes to dry, and you go "screw it, I'm using the exhaust of my graphics card to dry this thing faster". Including a set of slightly underexposed pictures because it's closer to the actual colour. I so need to get a proper light box of sorts (and good image editing software) so I can match things more with what I see ^_^;;;;
  2. Not much to say about this one (sans being late and too lazy to take lightbox pictures) but yeah, fingerpainted this little guy, not as messy as I expected, surprisingly. I put two drops paint in the palm of my offhand, then one drop water, to make it flow, then for the upper layer just did straight paint drybrush with finger.
  3. These two minis are for the February Resolutionary Challenge Bonus Challenge - Fingerpainting... From the RPChallenge thread: "Bonus Challenge: Fingerpainting! Am I completely mad? Maybe. To elaborate: paint one mini without using ANY brush, or application device, only hands. And you may not enlist the help of a smaller person to do the painting for you Hard Mode: Use your hands as your pallet as well." Since I am Mad, this seemed tailor-made for me, lol. Now, since Jack's ego can't resist an opportunity to show how terribly clever he is, Jack put some serious thought into this... First, fingerpainting is essentially crude dry-brushing, which precludes any sort of smoothly blended highlights and shadows. Thus Jack decided to go all-out in the opposite direction and try to do something with stark, well-delineated highlights and shadows. I picked these two minis, 03487: Dragonette and 14266: Selthak the Poisoner for the following two reasons: 1. I could reach every part of them with the tip of my little finger (Selthak is a three-piece figure - cloak, upper body and lower body)... 2. They both were almost entirely made of deeply engraved or sharply raised details, and thus were things I could paint reasonably well entirely by base-coating, washing and drybrushing... Selthak in particular seemed an easy one to do because I could sidestep any need for smooth transitions by creative use of lighting (moonlight for the back, firelight for the front) which would crank up the intensity of the highlights and shadows to the point where they were basically "blown out" and I wouldn't need to blend them at all. Coincidentally, this was my first serious attempt at OSL, if you can call anything involving fingerpainting "serious", lol. The basic process for the dragonette was base-coating with Clear Red, washing a ridiculous number of times with Green Liner, and then "drybrushing" with a mix of clear red and red liner, then again with clear red. and finally once more on the highest points with a mix of clear red and HD Pale Saffron - and I definitely should have gone another level or two higher since it didn't show up very well in the pics. For the assassin, he was base-coated black, then the back of his cloak and hood were "drybrushed" with Nightmare Black, followed by a mix of Ghost White with a tiny bit of Grey Liner, followed by a "controlled (ish)" wash with grey liner and some touch-ups to correct some screw-ups, and finally some of the highest highlights were picked out with straight GW. The front of his body was "drybrushed" with Muddy Brown, then with Marigold Yellow and then some highlights were picked out with HD Pale Saffron. It was at this point, after having painted them both, that I realized they were both forward-heavy as they extended out past the front of the bases I had them on, and had to add putty to their bases to extend them. The base of the assassin is Milliput and the dragonette's plastic base had part of a metal washer glued into the bottom before it was packed with greenstuff, and both rocks were sculpted over steel screw heads I glued on to add more weight. Full Disclosure: I rules-lawered this one a bit, as the fingerpainting challenge was just in reference to the painting... Side note - Just in case anyone was thinking these look too good to have been fingerpainted, they look like this because between the two of them there's about fourteen hours of work put into this challenge including drying and basing times... The Dragonette... Selthak...
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