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Found 2 results

  1. About this project Orcus invites you back! Welcome back to Rappan Athuk, featuring over 100 of Frog God Games' new full color maps, made available as part of the upcoming fifth edition version of Rappan Athuk. These maps are 100% compatible with, and designed to enhance your enjoyment of, the existing Rappan Athuk Swords & Wizardry and Pathfinder releases (and 5e, coming soon!). Several maps from the Rappan Athuk: Expansions supplement are also included! Hail, Rappan Athuk V!!! He is happy to welcome you to his legendary lair! Over 100 Maps for your game! Just a small selection of the map JPEGs The Rappan Athuk VTT Maps Kickstarter offers you over 100 full-color maps, usable with the Rappan Athuk ruleset of your choice. HOWEVER, if you choose not to embrace the Demonlord Orcus as your landlord, you may use any of these maps in your home campaign with only minor modifications (or none!) Truly, we are offering you 100 maps, suitable for any wilderness or dungeon campaign of your own design! Trust Us! Example JPEG Player and GM Maps Wilderness Example Example of prototype wilderness map with hexes, final reward may vary from options and layers shown Example of wilderness player map, final reward may vary from options and layers shown Dungeon Example Example of prototype GM dungeon map, final reward for stretch goal may vary from options and layers shown Example of prototypeplayer dungeon map, final reward for stretch goal may vary from options and layers shown Layered files Want to go a bit deeper down the rabbit hole of creation? Make you own campaigns online? Bought digital maps in the past that you wish were easy to modify? Wanted to have the flexibility of game companies get from professional cartographers? Well then, now you can! All of the reward tiers come with at least 1 full Adobe PSD layered map file (The Mouth of Doom, Level 1C). What are layered files? Layered files are the under-the-hood files that are used to create maps in Adobe Photoshop CC or GIMP (these are the major image applications). These are provided as PSD files which are easily translated into XCF (native GIMP) freeware alternative for exporting into usable formats like PNG or JPG. Easily manipulate the grid scale/type. Hide secret areas or remove unwanted rooms Crop, resize or otherwise adjust the color/size or file export format. Use them to customize Rappan Athuk or make them the starting point for you own creations and campaigns. Label the locations, add your own new ones Add you own twists or extras. Make color adjustments to individual elements (floors, walls, grids). Export player maps from your own non-commercial creations. Make small adjustments to fit the maps into your favorite VTT. Create print ready files for your own use. Export them to the format you need, including making layered PDF files with grid toggles.
  2. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/froggodgames/frog-god-games-starfinder-roleplaying-game-compati?ref=category_newest About this project Space is about to get serious.... Frog God Games is known for its lethal adventures and fantastic places. Our iconic treks have sent vast numbers of players down to face dark adversaries beyond the reach of the sun. Fighting,dying and fighting again they have faced the blackest pits of a Demon's abyss. Well, where else can we find new challenges? May we suggest the first step is looking up? The Starfinder Roleplaying Game Paizo, the powers behind the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, are completing the final system check on the highly anticipated release of The Starfinder Roleplaying Game. Based on the robust, yet familiar The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, The Starfinder Roleplaying Game will be taking fans of The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game forward in time and to the edge of space where familiar races, powers and creatures have been unleashed. Now beyond the bounds of their home world they traverse and expand into the dark reaches. Where cryptic cultures, xenomorphic horrors, and merciless enemies are scattered across alien worlds. New technologies, arcana and untapped alien arcana can be discovered in the vastness of space. Which is where we come in... Science Fantasy Frog God Style Frog God Games is pleased to present to you its Starfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible Line, which, with your help, will release alongside Paizo's highly anticipated Starfinder Roleplaying Game: Core Rulebook ™ (expected August 2017). Frog God Games is pleased to present to you its Starfinder Compatible Line, which, with your help, will release alongside the core Starfinder rules (expected August 2017). We have seen the rules and are very excited to be supporting Paizo's foray into Science Fantasy. The Starfinder Roleplaying Game compatible releases from Frog God Games consists of 2 Full-Color, 8.5 x 11 Hardcover Books: The Planetarium and the Tome of Aliens and a folio of six poster maps all available in both print and PDF format. Planetarium Where to land? Presented in full-color, Frog God's Planetarium contains over a dozen new worlds filled with creatures, cultures and civilizations. Apex lifeforms, post-apocalyptic undead, and extraplanar dragons are found within these pages. All for your use as settings with built-in adventure seeds ready for the Starfinder Roleplaying Game campaigns you will be enjoying soon. Need an ocean world? A high-tech planet? How about unexpected destinations like comets or gas giants? Detailed write ups of those and more are included in the Planetarium. Full color art and cartography for each planet (when appropriate) are provided by the talents of Alyssa Faden, Terry Pavlet, and Colin Chan. Tome of Aliens Space may be cold but no player is going to feel lonely? Not with the Aliens coming from Frog God. This full-color book contains over 120 creatures for the Starfinder Roleplaying Game your alien needs will be satisfied. Each one is designed threaten your party using a similar creature creation philosophy to all of our popular fantasy products (basically, when in doubt lean toward scarier and hungrier). The full color art was commissioned from outstanding artists gauranteeing the production values will be worthy of the quality beasts, sentients and, others dreamed up by our authors. The Tome of Aliens will be out of this world. With your help it can get even better.
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