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Found 1 result

  1. Right. So, I'm not good at 'work in progress', but I opened my mouth somewhere, and I figure I should make good. Or so. I'm still learning the quirks of Reaper's forums, so .. um. Forgive my blunders, as I.. well. Blunder through. ^^; A little background. I started working on this last year, or so, and got interrupted by moving. Kaladrax went into a shoe box, and I sort of left him to languish there while I worked on more important things, like getting the house in order and the like. I fished him out a week or so ago, and... he looked a lot like this, with more shredded paper sticking to him. Ah. Poor 'Drax. I originally started with a dark bluish grey, but when I couldn't find the pots, I said words to the effect of, 'eh, flux it', grabbed a sponge and went after him again with something else. I don't own an airbrush, so the sponge was the next best thing. Worked pretty well, gave an interesting texture. I may try it again for all the rocks on DDS2, when I get around to that. And then I didn't take pictures, because I'm bad like that. Well. No. Not entirely true. I did take one of the base, after I squooshed grey on it a lot. With a sponge. I then forgot to take a LOT of pictures. This is more or less where I'm at. ... I'm trying for an effect reminiscent of frost-rimed. Can I find a tutorial on that? No. So ... er. Help? Nothing has been glued, he's just dry-fitted and scowling at everything. Current material list is a broad range of Reaper paints; Nightmare 'Black', Maggot White, Dirty Bone_. Some P3 stuff (Morrow White went in there somewhere, and a lot of the blue was dragged out with their blue ink. A couple of Citadel greys for the base; Dawnstone and Eshin Grey. I also used - on the skulls - a little of Secret Weapon Washes' 'Drying Blood'. ... that white sheen on wing-talons and all is an acrylic ink I bought .... oh, ages ago. White Pearl is the colour. I'm having some trouble finding a brand, but it's made by Daler-Rowney, somewhere in England.
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