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Found 9 results

  1. Ratmaster2000

    77008 Garrick the Bold AKA Sir Forscale

    So as I mentioned in my Mr. Bones show off, I painted up Garrick AKA ForScale to be a test run for Matte Varnishing (which didn't happen through airbrush, next time I guess), he did get a brush on varnish which went very well, so without further Ado, here is my take on Sir Forscale (overall he came out well, but his yellow shield IMHO sucks, maybe I just don't do well with yellow) C&C always welcome.
  2. DocPiske

    Garrick the Bold, Cancer Warrior

    So here is my slightly converted Garrick the Bold, using Reaper's Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Paint. I have a few bottles to use up. I used Reaper MSP Filigree Silver for the armor and sword. I don't like this paint; it went on way too thick and thinning just made is worse. I know the ribbon is supposed to be pink, but I liked this color scheme better. Oh, and crest on the shield is made from plasticard. So many tiny pieces were lost and had to be re-cut.
  3. Jack Brown

    77008 - Garrick the Bold

    Nothing fancy, just practicing/getting back into the swing of painting.
  4. Taskmaster99

    Garrick the Bold 77008

    Just finished up Garrick the Bold. Painted with Army Painter matte black undercoat, dry brushed Necron Compund then finished off with Reaper HD paints. Basing done with the Army Painter basing kit. Pay no attention to my paint fingers. comments and critiques always welcome.
  5. Finally finished. WIP is here. I know the freehand is meh, but I was rushed at this point to get it done. And going crosseyed. Maybe I'll attempt it again at a later time when I'm not under a deadline.
  6. They're finally done, my two Sir Forscale entries. First one: Sir Justin For$ale. He's in it for the money. Second one: Sir Justin Forscale, Grand Surveyor, complete with reflective strip safety tabard, a 3 inch accurate yard stick (at ½ in precision, who needs Bryangles?) and plumb line.
  7. Auberon

    77008: Garrick the Bold

    Here's a couple quick shots of the Garrick I painted over the weekend. He was initially an experiment in painting white enamel armor, but I didn't like how it looked. It got glazed over with silver, so now he is super shiny Garrick. His shield and tabard are just a basic design that you might have seen someone actually wearing centuries ago.
  8. Gadgetman!

    Garrick the Bold (77008)

    So, I decided to actually finish one of my minis... And Garrick lost the draw... Most of the abuse is already described in my WIP. I gave the armor a bit of a wash, using AP Dark Tone, and a bit of AP Red Tone on the sword. Then I varnished it. I used Vallejo Satin Varnish on the cloth, Vallejo Gloss Varnish on the armor, and AP Anti-shine on the belt and sword handle. The base was assaulted with Vallejo Brown Earth. Mostly to get a feel for it. I could probably have used a stronger wash than I did, and I think the chain mail should have been a darker metal, also.
  9. Marvin

    Garrick the Bold (77008)

    I decided I need a Sir Forscale. The Bones version of Bobby Jackson's Garrick the Bold, AKA a dozen other things. I kept it as simple as I could with him, which, for me, is quite simple. He's retroactively become a candidate for my "first mini to cut off bases after painting to stick to another base" project, though. Don't know if that'll actually happen, in any case. Thanks for looking! Any input you have is welcome.