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Found 25 results

  1. Private Chapman has been in stasis for 1,538 days and awake for two. Private Chapman is wondering where she is, when she is and what her mission is. Private Chapman is also pondering why she hasn't been issued desert pattern armour. Private Chapman has just spotted something up ahead. Private Chapman's life expectancy is four minutes. (Again, sorry about the photos which were taken on my phone.)
  2. Patrik Strom

    Katarina, Hasslefree Miniatures

    A figure I started on november 2018 but never finished. Since I plan to finish way more miniatures in 2019, I thought this was good low hanging fruit. It's a cool sculpt from Hasslefree Miniatures kickstarter.
  3. Disemboweler

    Hasslefree Miniatures, Demon child

    Here is a little demon guy that I painted to use as a quasit for my Dungeons & Dragons campaign. I drilled and pined a set of Reaper Demonic Wings to give him a more demonic look, not to mention to give him the ability to fly. I think it was item #03182. I have never ever tried to drill and pin something so darn tiny.
  4. This is something I have been working on for about a year, thanks to procrastination and being side tracked by other projects, but I finally decided to get it finished up. It was a lot of fun to work on and I'm pleased with the finished result and the little story it tells.
  5. I hurried these two Hasslefree ladies to be ready for starting a new Pathfinder game tommorrow, where Dynamic Lenore (SKU HFH110) is going to be my Half-Orc Summoner and static Lenore (SKU HFH087) will be her eidolon. They are such great sculpts. Edited: Added more tags
  6. Citrine

    Hasslefree Semira Marise

    Semira Marise (SKU HFX023) is another great sculpt from Kev White at Hasslefree Miniatures. When I started painting the Hasslefree Lenores earlier this week, I also started this miniature, so she was finished in record time.
  7. This is the WIP for Lenore, The Enchantress of Evermore from Hasslefree Miniatures (HFMASTER H110 Resin Master - Dynamic Lenore). Anyhow, I was looking at Lenore this weekend and even pulled her out of my collection and set her aside on my desk. I knew I wanted to paint her, but wasn't sure HOW to paint her up. Then today, I am browsing Facebook and this epic picture pops up of what I assume to be a really good cosplayer and BOOM! I know exacly how I want to paint up this figure. Dynamic Lenore Figure: Inspiration Pic: Now I'm not sure if I'm going to attempt to paint this in the white dress as the inspiration picture shows, but I'm definitely going to do the blue hair and white/blue skin tones as those are what got me most excited about this project. I will do a winter/snow themed scenic base for sure, but I'm not yet sure if I'll add more figures to the scene to make it a vignette or diorama. Thanks for looking and joining me on this journey, I hope to get your feedback, comments, critiques, ideas, and advice as I go along!
  8. primeval

    Belit, Queen of the Black Coast

    This is my version of Xanthia from Hasslefree Miniatures, done to represent Belit from the Conan story "Queen of the Black Coast" as she comes ashore to wreak havoc. I got the idea for the base at 3am one morning and had her based before having any paint on her - a reversal of my usual method but I am happy with how it came out. Linked for nudity as the resin master of this (which this is) shows bare breasts as opposed to the metal version which seems to have a disc covering the nipples. Xanthia, front view Xanthia, rear view
  9. This is Hasslefree Sebastian the grey knight (HFH008), a very fun figure to pain. Seemed like he painted himself, it went so fast. I added some minor OSL (Object Source Lighting from the toerch) as well.
  10. Continued from here Focusing on finishing Ulfred. Some highlights on the face and hands. Perhaps also the vague hint of eyes? I really hate painting eyes... >.< Various highlights on the rest of the model. I think he's coming along nicely. Now onto shading.
  11. Continued from here Robert of Carlistle Wall roughtly basecoated. Buidling highlights on the armor. Some shading on the top tabbard. Highlight on the coat. Ready for the floor polish dip! And here he is in the Show Off forum
  12. Patrik Strom

    Lord Ulthrak, Hasslefree Miniatures

    Lord Ulthrak from Hasslefree Miniatures. Suprisingly easy to paint with quite nice results.
  13. fanguad

    HFA069 – Tomoko

    I got Tomoko from Hasslefree Miniatures to use a proxy for a Viper in Relic Knights. Tomoko is pretty obviously based on Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell, and that’s also what Viper is based on (though not nearly as closely). Of course, I had to give her purple hair like Motoko. It also turns out that Motoko’s clothing already matches my Black Diamond color scheme pretty well (neutral grays), though that is more of a happy coincidence than anything intentional. I got Tomoko on Thursday and had her done (except for sealing) by Friday evening. This is very close to my ideal – a good paint job fast. You may notice that she has the SMG that comes with the resin Tomoko but I have the metal part number up above – I ordered a sprue of the sci-fi SMG and did a weapon swap, and it’s a pretty fantastic job if I do say so myself. I started by priming her with VMC German Gray, then airbrushed VMC Basalt Gray and RMS Rainy Gray for the initial shading. I used glazes of RMS Black Wash to create the black clothing, and mixed a little white into Rainy Gray to create a lighter color gray for the bodysuit. I picked out a few edges, laid down some subtle highlights and shadows on the clothing, then painted the skin with RMS Olive Skin triad. The hair is RMS Carnival Purple with some of the Imperial Purple triad for highlights and shadows. Still experimenting the the matte varnish. I think that pushing it through the airbrush is just a bad idea. I don’t mind how it looks in hand (super-matte, but “fuzzyâ€), but I think applying it with a brush I can avoid the fuzzy while keeping the majority of the matte-ness. And the super-closeup of the face which makes it look bad. (but not quite as bad as previous closeups – am I getting better or is the camera just out of focus?) Also... I'm supposed to be working my ReaperCon pieces... but this counts, doesn't it?
  14. fanguad

    HFA043 - Kitty

    Continuing with my twin philosophies of "starting lots of miniatures results in finishing lots of miniatures" and "paint whatever you feel like," I have decided to start on a Hasslefree mini I picked up at ReaperCon last year. I like the HF sculpts, but they are fairly expensive so I've only acquired the one. Apologies for the small picture, but there's not a whole lot to see yet. I've lined the eyes with P3 Coal Black, RMS Fair Skin on the face, arms and midriff, Linen White for the shirt and P3 Wurm Green for the hair. I'm hoping to get some color suggestions from the forum. The shirt, vest, gloves, pants and boots are the main color areas. Most of those areas need to be bright so the hair will match. (She's also wearing a Hello, Kitty backpack which I plan to paint in standard Hello, Kitty colors). The first idea I had was white shirt, red vest, blue jeans, black gloves and boots, but that might not be bright enough. I could use the green from the hair on either the shirt or the vest, or maybe a light yellow. Teal might be a better choice for the paints then. Thoughts?
  15. Traxxis from Hasslefree Miniatures. I really (really, really) struggled to assemble this miniature. When I finally managed to do so the handle of the axe is rather bent. On the bright side the miniature is finished, and that's mostly all that counts :) Other pictures linked for nudity: Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3
  16. This is the dynamic version of Kalee from Hasslefree Miniatures. The miniature comes with a axe which I'm not that fond of, so I cut it off and replaced it with a sword from Tre Manor's Red Box Games (one of the helsvakt weapon sprues).
  17. Patrik Strom

    Village kiddies, Hasslefree Miniatures

    The three Village kiddies from Hasslefree Miniatures.
  18. Patrik Strom

    Luna, Hasslefree Miniatures

    Luna from Hasslefree Miniatures. Not much more to say.
  19. AnneO'Leary

    Will Joe Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?

    I've gotten entirely away from painting High Fantasy and am having a grand time exploring other genres. One of the genres I'm into is zombie survivors and have discovered the work of Kev White who sculpts for Hasslefree Miniatures. His grasp of human anatomy is excellent and his style is immediately recognizable. I painted Joe up last month and am just now getting round to posting him. I made the base myself from Sculpey. Joe looks like he knows how to swing a bat, he's fit and he's got attitude. After plugging his attributes into the official CDC Zombie Survival-ability test, Joe scored an 8 out of 10. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm hanging with Joe when the apocalypse arrives.
  20. Patrik Strom

    Lenore, Hasslefree Miniatures

    This is Lenore from Hasslefree Miniatures. I should thin my paints more since the finish is a bit blotchy but overall I'm quite pleased with the outcome. It's a great miniature that was easy to paint. Linked for nudity: Front Side
  21. Patrik Strom

    Gymnast, Hasslefree Miniatures

    I've used some of the long weekend to work on my backlog of metal miniatures. This one has sat half finished for a few months now. I figured it was time to put the finishing touches and call it done. Here's a link to the front (contains nudity): https://dl.dropbox.com/s/lyfvlgwatkm7goh/fantasyHumans-Gymnast001.JPG
  22. Patrik Strom

    Gina, Hasslefree Miniatures

    Gina from Hasslefree Miniatures. I'm cleaning out some of the backlog. The figure didn't get all of the attention it deserves but I'm still happy with the result.
  23. Patrik Strom

    Rae, Hasslefree Miniatures

    Rae from Hasslefree Miniatures. I'm cleaning out some of the backlog and rushed this one somewhat. It resulted in some sloppy blacklining but overall I'm happy with the result.
  24. Patrik Strom

    Felicity, Hasslefree Miniatures

    Felicity from Hasslefree Miniatures. I'm really happy with how she turned out. If I ever play in a zombie apocalypse game this will be my character. I might have gone abit overboard with the blood on the bat. That could use some more attention.
  25. Nameless

    Tag Team

    Non-reaper this time, but actually they are somehow connected to the whole Bones thing going on... long story... anyway, that's another miniature (well, 2 minis in fact) from my Hall of Shame finally painted and then sent to 2 friends of mine as a big 'thank you' for their help.