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Found 1 result

  1. Thorgrimm Assigned to travel to Eislied and discover why suddenly there is a blockade at the only port of the country of Eisgen Norden. It has been a long journey and the Captain told you to not return until you had an answer. As you arrive at the bustling city you can see why some might be surprised by it. There are walls, but only a few of the guards fit the descriptions of what more civilized folk would expect of guards. To get to the merchant/visitor section you pass a large building with an equally large courtyard. The structure and its walls seem to be carved from pure ice as it gleams in the sun. The symbol of the Frost King , god of water and patron of the north, rests upon the courtyards and the door of the Cathedral. From directions you were given you know the inn most likely to be able to take you in is the Golden Boar. The rumors on the way here have told you that it looks like the Emperor is seeking to add to his empire. Troops are preparing in the harbor and near the only pass into this kingdom. **** Kenobo You arrived in the country only days before the blockade went into place. It appears your flight may have led you straight into trouble and rather large trouble. Or perhaps based on the rose you found yesterday you have been led straight into something wanted of you. The yellow rose with the red trim was an odd find, but so was they symbol of a golden boar near it. As you step int Eislied famed as one of only two cities in the whole country you can see just how rough and tumble it is. The whole city seems to vibrate with life and people are running around. Some you can hear calling out orders for weapons and armor. Preparing to return to their tribes. It seems the north is preparing for war. Stepping in to the cathedral square you can see up close the building that dominates the skyline here. It bears the symbols of the Frost King and seems to be carved from solid ice. Just beyond it to the left you can see the area for foreign visitors a single inn sign swings at just the edge of your ability to see in the sunlight. It glitters golden and seems to be in the form of a boar. **** Giles You received a tip from a very large ranger who had a pack of hounds and a knowing smirk. The man told you to go to the Golden Boar in Eislied. Some allies might be there. As he turned to mount up on what looked like a nightmare and the hounds looked back quietly “After all one needs allies if he will try to take on an army of dead. Or at least mortals need such things.†He then rode off and sounded a horn as if he was calling someone. One of the hounds waited and watched you for a long moment before racing off at incredible speed to catch up to the pack. Now in Eislied you took the gate that led you to the area the Golden Boar was in. You can see what appear to be a gigantic ice building deeper in the city. For now you have found your destination, an inn with a board proclaiming it to be the Golden Boar. ***** Sariel Your feet for some reason have led you to the city of Eislied. The city seems to be bustling as the warriors prepare for a coming war. Walking through a few can be heard roaring with laughter that this Emperor so foolishly thinks he can conquer them. They would garner much honor in the upcoming battle and they welcomed eagerly. The cathedral of the Frost King dominates the city and many reference him as their patron. They swear that like their patron deity they would not be conquered. Like him they would bring the freezing and biting cold down to destroy their enemies. Your feet lead you to stop in front of a single in, The Golden Boar. **** Ciron Your thirst for vengeance has brought you to Eislied. Here you expect to find somebody willing to help with the task of finding your lost mother. After all it is a major trade city. With the coming of war there will be many with that view here. You can see the bustling city is busier than usual as it prepares for the upcoming potential war. You can see the great cathedral of the Frost King and know that where nobody can see they to are preparing for the war. He is not known for being an idle deity. He would not be patron of such a fierce group. He would likely encourage his followers to fight to defend the country. With your knowledge of the country and the advice of your uncle you know the place foreigners tend to gather. The inn is known as a place where people of like minds and missions tend to gather. It is called The Golden Boar. Based on your uncle’s directions it is a very easy place to find. Even more so when you view the sign with a boar painted in gold.
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