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Found 18 results

  1. So, my eldest, who had such fun making the funny and erudite "Shakespeare Summarized" videos in high school, is now in college, and while time is short, has still managed to tackle the Greek classics that she is studying. I am obviously biased, but I think they are fun and educational. , is the longest, at 11 minutes, and is completely hand-drawn owing to there being no suitable available movie footage. *** The "Shakespeare Summarized" series remains on Youtube to educate and amuse.
  2. https://twitter.com/jameslsutter/status/975550946884268032/ James L. Sutter, co-creator of Pathfinder and Starfinder, finds maps of New Orleans highly unlikely and unconvincing. (Warning, some cuss words.)
  3. "Day 1: After observing the strange denizens searching a far-off realm and assisting them in locating their married idols and their pet froghemoth, several have pointed me toward their home as way of thanks, as well as sage advice about not sniffing goblin butt. Whether this is gratitude or a trap, I cannot say. Yet I arrive and remain wary." "Day 2: I have quietly observed the citizens here and they appear to be mostly harmless. It appears that the most respected are the talented and the crazy, both being a powerful combination being in this plane. I ave been decreed to be Newbie, which s
  4. When you find those frequent trips to the gaming store too embarrassing... Funny spoof. My apologies if it has been posted before.
  5. Okay, I admit, sometimes the crap that floats across the interwebs is just that, crap; giant pile of dog poo. But every-once-in-a-while a photo comes along that just makes you giggle and brightens your day. So, I thought we needed a thread for sharing these with the community. Because life needs these little moments. Now, I know this is mostly me. I am prolly a little punchy from having a so-so night of sleep, but this just brightened my entire day for some reason. I present to you, Steve Buscemi Cat: I've shared this to several people and have received mixed rea
  6. So how will all you Sith be celebrating the 5th? No lava baths one hopes! I think I'll take a blaster and practice my 'precision' shooting so I can join the Stormtroopers!
  7. This is Micro Art Studio's 30mm Sam Vimes, a grizzled but goodhearted veteran of the Ankh-Morpork night watch in Terry Pratchett's Discworld series. In Vimes' first book, "Guards! Guards!" after Vimes narrowly escapes a dragon attack he is nursed to health by the goodhearted, lonely and ridiculously aristocratic Lady Sybil Ramkin, a swamp dragon breeder from the poshest of families. Swamp dragons are pathetic little nervous highly-bred things prone to exploding. The city is being menaced by a much vaster and more sinister, almost mythic dragon. When an angry mob decides to take out its
  8. ((Note, I started this a long time ago, and never finished but promised I would. I'm not finished yet, but my mad cackling needs an outlet. If you want to see the original, do a search for "Let the madness begin" with me as the author, or just click here. This is all intended as fun and humor. I hope you enjoy. )) THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW A SCREENPLAY BY JIM SHARMAN AND RICHARD O'BRIEN Adapted from "The Rocky Horror Show" a musical with Book, Music & Lyrics by Richard O'Brien THE REAPER MINI PICTURE SHOW ADAPTATION BY ARYANUN (Note: No minis, forum m
  9. http://www.critical-hits.com/blog/2015/07/07/inside-the-deep-elf-marketing-department/ My gaming group has often wondered how the heck Drow society even holds together, or how Mind Flayer cities can possibly work ...
  10. So I returned from a month long trip in Spain this evening to find a Giant and strange box sitting on my bed. After opening it carefully, thinking it must be a bomb or decapitated head, I was overjoyed to find it was none other than my Bones Kickstarter! REJOICE! After sorting through the sheer rediculous number of miniatures, I realized that I'm going to need some sort of motivation to paint this beastly assortment of minis, and the best way to do that is to showcase my work on the internet as I try to tackle, as quickly as possible, all the Minis I got. The plan is to speed paint them u
  11. I had an idle thought recently: could we come up with a DC roll and modifiers to predict the likelihood of a Kickstarter project delivering during a given month starting on the expected month? The modifiers would be based on various aspects of the company and the Kickstarter project like size of the company, # of backers, and what is shown in the project proposal. The Difficulty Class would be based on the subjective complexity of the project: Easy is 10 Medium is 15 Hard is 20 Then you’d add modifiers to your roll against the DC. Miss the roll on a given month, you get to roll again th
  12. I'm sure most of you have seen those misogynistic "male gamers only!" ads for various online video games such as "Wartune" - clumsy RTS rip offs that pander to the lowest common denominator with their marketing. Or... are they? Perhaps there's a deeper, darker reason they want men only to play their game? Perhaps it's not pandering but... a warning? I got a giggle out of this when it came up on another forum, so I thought I would share (in the manner of our peoples).
  13. This torch song was (rightly) removed as off-topic from a discussion of the shipping of the Bones miniatures from China. I'd like to preserve it here for posterity: Well, there's no verse to this song 'Cause I don't want to wait a moment too long To say that I'd love to get you from a slow boat from China All for to play with Bones To get you to keep you for my many campaigns The dragons, critters, monsters and the zombies with brains Well, out in the portage there's a PVC shortage Leaving my paints alone Well, I'd love to get you from a slow boat from China All f
  14. During today's Shadowrun game, involving attacking an ammo dump: "Guys, guys, the windows are open, we're in a college neighborhood, and it's Kent State Day. Pipe down!"
  15. Tom Meier, legendary founder of Ral Partha and currently running Thunderbolt Mountain Miniatures, does not just sculpt exquisite elves and stunning French and Indian War minis. Oh, no. He has a collection, called "Savage and Sparkle," of extremely eccentric little things which seem to have been designed by a couple of young relatives of his. One such is "Slug Eat Your Face." He is a little over an inch tall. I'm afraid I painted him faster than I would have liked, to be ready for a game with our children. I also did not give him a matte finish, as I felt the shiny look c
  16. My husband printed this one out for me. He knows me so well. http://www.dorktower.com/2013/03/19/trajanic-tragics-dork-tower-19-03-13/
  17. Most players will usually amass entertaining stories and anecdotes about their characters, events that happen in game, etc... and I'm always interested in hearing new ones! If you have anything to share or add, please add a post below. --- One of my most memorable characters was a gnome illusionist. He was an odd gnome, though; being a touch shorter than average, and with a nose actually in proportion to his face, many people often confused him for a halfling. He had 12 names and insisted on using them every time he introduced himself, and I gave him a high-pitched, obnoxious voice. Mo
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