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Found 6 results

  1. OK, I'm officially excited. I posted in another thread that I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of the LTPKs I ordered just before Christmas. Lo and behold, when I went to the Post Office this afternoon, they had arrived. (Many thanks to the American and Australian postal services.) What do I like about them? Nice sturdy carry cases. LTPK1 painting guide includes a copy of the MSPCore and MSPHD paints swatches - very handy! And the first guide (haven't read the second) looks like a nice, logical and step-by-step introduction to minis painting, complete with piccies. 3 Bones minis in each kit, and to my untrained eye it looks like each of them offers different challenges in painting. (Starting with a skelly as a simple introduction is a very good idea.) LTPK1 includes 2 synthetic brushes and LTPK2 has a couple of Kolinsky sable brushes (nice!). Great way to get used to different types and sizes of brush.LTPK1 has round #0 and flat #2; LTPK2 advertised as having round #1 and round #3/0; actually came with 2 x round #0 (which is fine, since Reaper do say in the documentation that there may be substitutions according to stock on hand). I also like the fact that the second kit includes an empty bottle for water - useful when all measurements are in drops. Of course, having raced to open and pore over the contents, and then to post here, I haven't started painting yet, so I can't actually say anything about the paints themselves. Well, soon enough! And the nice surprise for me in all this is that, looking at the website, I thought that the Christmas freebie for that day was a goblin caroler from the 3 pictured. Actually, it was a blister with all 3 minis. Nice bonus!
  2. Here is a selection of Bones I have painted so far. I bought five original ones prior to the bones being shipped to see what they are like. Here is the ghost. Here is the werewolf, I quite like how he came out. My Ogre Chieftain Here is Garrik the Bold Here is Fimbur the Dwarf This is the first lot. More to come as I have now finished some of the Vampire set. If its ok to post directly from the IPhone? Update11/9/13 - I have just posted the right links for the pictures to appear. Also seen some of the pictures aren't great so will replace at some point. Update 2/1/14 - have now combined this as compendium of all the models I have painted.
  3. So, as a Christmas gift I presented a box of minis to a friend, told him to pick one for a character, and I would paint it. I don't have a huge selection, but thanks to three LTPKs and the stocking stuffer, I do have a fair variety. He plays a paladin, so he chose the Anhurian Swordsman from LTPK1. I was kind of hoping he would choose Halbrand (he played a Cleric in a game we did a while back,) but he doesn't play a cleric any longer, so c'est la vie. Besides, the Anhurian is a very easy paint. I did a little bit of work on him on Thursday, but most of him was done on Friday. Yesterday, I finished the base. I haven't sealed him yet, so if anyone sees anything that needs doing, let me know. I thought long and hard about the color scheme, but went with largely blue and white as he is playing a paladin and those are nice "heroic" colors. I did go with a brownish yellow for the pants, on the advice of a color wheel. Comments always welcome! The pictures, as usual, are frickin' huge - I love my new camera.
  4. Hey all, I just started painting again about a month ago. When I was in highschool and a bit younger (too long ago) I tried a little bit - I MAY have primed, and MAY have used more than 1 colour paint... but I'm not sure. I found out about the second kickstarter, and figured I should get some practice in before that. I have the first Learn to Paint kit, and a few mega minis that I grabbed before they closed. There was a lot I found frustrating, and a lot that I picked up along the way. 1) I'm never doing eyes last again. Ever. (They still kill me, even though I've read and watched a lot of tutorials, and I can do it on paper). 2) Taking pictures is a good way to see what you've missed... like painting the pants up under the tunic -whoops -especially when it's not visible unless you look. 3) I noticed mold lines after I started. Some of it I couldn't conceive of removing without damaging the mini. They aren't so visible in person. 4) Some of my paints are waaaaaay runnier than others. I managed to cover up some minor issues but it was a huge hassle 5) I learned when to walk away. I'm doing these for gaming, so they don't need to be perfect. 6) These are much shinier than in person, due to needing flash. Here's a group shot, I took quickly with my phone (all pics with the phone for now) There's something I like about all of these... so I guess that's a success. Now updated with LTPK 1 pics and 02303 Mason Rowan pics When I was painting Rowan, I had planned out a tartan on the kilt. The blue paint ran over everything. I managed to clean it off, but I no longer had any interest in going through my complicated plan. I did a quick fake by just doing a few regularly spaced lines of different colours. It does the job. I had to redo the socks as well, and no matter what I did, I couldn't get rid of the grass stain on his knee.
  5. When I was in highschool, I learned the basics of mini painting. Ordering most of my minis from Wargames & West, and using (what I have now learned are called) craft paints. Before highschool was over, I had gotten out of it, and some time during my college years, I lost all the minis I had painted. This August, I picked up the Learn to Paint Kits #1 and #3. (Try as I might, I could not get #2! What techniques does #2 cover?) I already knew about washes and dry-brushing, but I never had much of an elegant hand for it. I do love it though. I love that the sculptor did so much of the work for me; that if I put the pain of the right consistency down on the mini, the mini almost seems to know what to do with it. Well, at least that's how it seems to me. Anyway, I finished up the town guard dude about a month ago. And I finally got around to working on the big ole' nasty rat. Just in time for Halloween. They're nothing special. I'm aware of many issues, most of them which would be alleviated if I were just a little patient. I made a real mess of the base of the rat, first by not letting the primer dry, then by not letting wash(es) dry. I also missed a fair amount of flash on the rat, and forgot to paint the straps on the guard's shins. Still, I'm not unhappy with them. I was a fun process, and I'm looking forward to doing some more painting, and having a nice collection of minis for playing D&D. Finally, I just want to say. I have to believe the LTPKs are one of the best things Reaper can do for itself. They smash through the barriers to entry for the hobby. I really hope they get Bones LTPKs on shelves. Also, I really would love to see the LTPK2. I wanna know what I'm missing.
  6. I finally got around to teaching myself how to paint with the LTPK's. I've done 4 or 5 mini's "borrowed" from Fanguad, but this is the first one I've done with my paints and minis. I must say I found the Bones a bit easier to paint, as I noticed a few spots that the primer missed as I was painting. I did not post in the LTPK WIP's, since I wanted to concentrate on painting and less on documenting my progress.
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