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Found 4 results

  1. For those of you that know me, I cut my teeth on Tom Meier carvings, and I have made it a habit of painting anything that he has put out that I can get my paws and brush on. I was given Syrio Forel (DSM-5133) before my move. I started painting him this week, along with another two others Meier Sculpts. I will mount him on a created base when I finish painting him. Meier sculpts are ALWAYS a challenge. They are small and intricate, they also, at times, carry a surprise feature buried in a fold or underneath a caparison to paint. So here is where I am on this miniature, a day after I started work on it. I do NOT use colors straight from a bottle, a color wheel is a close friend. Jasonator.
  2. Ok, so I had to move this one to the front of my desk even though I'm working on too many other things right now. This is Dark Sword's new bust: Portrait of a Young Tiefling based on the T. Diterlizzi painting, sculpted by T. Meier. I loves it!! So, I recently took a class on painting realistic skin, and I thought I could use the practice. I grabbed a photo online of Mila Kunis to use as my model, because I wanted to do a bronzed skin. My theory here is to use a red- yellow skin. I'll contrast that with green. I'll also incorporate cream, black and gold. Overall, I'll keep the palette fairly subdued, but not as pastel as the original painting. Here we go! First: Mila. Thanks for posing, Ma'am! So, hints of red, brown and gold in the skin. I may go a bit yellower. I was looking for a good olive and not having much luck. here we are base coated with bronzed skin. I went through my goldeny colors and liked this one best. I went ahead and attached her to the column to have a handle, but I'm waiting to attach the kitty and the horns until I get some of the main bust done. added some pumpkin orange. I think I may just glaze with it later. But it gives me a sense of where I want to go with the skin. ok, I mixed some stuff. Mostly spattered crimson, pumpkin orange and a bit of walnut brown. Might have added a hint of carnage red, but as I went on, I decided I liked the spattered crimson better. I'll be doing the horns in the reddish color. I don't fret too much about neat blending at this stage. i probably could, but I like to paint quick, and I know I'll just go back over it with a dozen glazed layers, so... speed! added the highlights with linen white mixed with the bronzed skin. note my Mila photo has frontal lighting, so I'm putting the highlights in the front. I want to build them up in geometric shapes more or less. At this point I usually get tired of blending and try to knock the eyes out. In a smaller mini, I paint my eyes first and then work outwards, but for this I like to get a sense of the skin. Since the skin will have a lot of red shadows, I'm going to change poor Mila's eyes to green. here's a quick step-by-step of the eyes. lined them in walnut brown. Painted the sclera (whites) with twilight blue. scelera often have a bluish tinge. unless the mini is jaundiced... moving on with shading of the sclera with aircraft gray. Got impatient here and used thicker paint. had to paint over it. Sigh. used palomino gold to start on the iris. I wanted a slightly of-center gaze. added IMEF oilive. skipped through a few steps, sorry. I get caught up sometimes. Anyway- I painted a pupil with pure black, added some pure white dots, and touched up the eyes a bit. I'll go back and blend the sclera later, but it gives her some soul at least. I did add a bit of lined white next to the iris to lighten up the sclera. I went back and did some blending. Added a base coat to the eyebrow. The lips I mixed using bronzed skin, spattered crimson and some linen white. Note- the upper lip is darker since it slopes back. the lower bulges out, so tends to catch the light. And I added in the IMEF olive to get a sense of the color balance. The nice thing about this color scheme is I can use many of the same colors to highlight and shadow my cloth/kitty/hair. This took about 3.5 hrs. i still have a lot of blending to do, But I'm happy with the skin tone. pretty close. I need to glaze in some of my orange and pink up the cheeks, but that will be tomorrow. Now, margarita time!
  3. This Miniature has been a "learner"..since it has been two weeks of an uphill slog with it. If you want to read of my thoughts, its on the WIP page. This is the last of the Thunderbolt Series that my son gave me. I have enjoyed the challenge of these, and there has been plenty on this miniature. As always, Comments and criticism is welcomed and greatly appreciated.
  4. My son gave me a handful of these Noble Oak Guards. I decided that I wanted to get them painted up as a project together. I am going to paint all three up in a theme. Seasons. I did the first one in what I will call Summer a while back. That leaves (yuck yuck) spring, fall, and winter for the three remaining. I have NO intention of repeating that Orange elf I did before....that was awesome and a stand alone moment. So, this is my project for now. Don't know how long it will take, but it won't be a week's work that is for sure. Here are the Elves: I include two photos of the earlier 1 inch tall elf I did.
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